If you haven't seen, Game of Thrones season 4, episode 9, then consider this your spoiler alert. The epic hour-long battle at the wall shocked fans with a confrontation between Jon Snow and Ygritte, during which the redheaded wildling took an arrow through the chest.

If you haven't finished watching the second season of The O.C., Marissa shot Trey Atwood in the finale. You get no spoiler alert because, c'mon...that was ten years ago.

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It might make it more difficult to appreciate the subtle insults that help make Game of Thrones great, but for reasons unknown to the rest of u,s some folks prefer to surround themselves with dozens of PBR-swilling hipsters when watching HBO's most popular series.

Of course, while it may seem like a thoroughly obnoxious experience, there are some obvious upsides to watching the GoT at the corner bar: you can save on your cable bill, it gives new meaning to the phrase, "Turn on the Game," and best of all - you can film your friends' reactions to shocking scenes, which is what one clever Chicago bartender did during Sunday's episode:

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The One Who Knocks is also The One Who Gets Buzzed About A Lot on Twitter.

Nielson has released a rundown of the 10 most Tweeted shows in 2013-2014, ranking programs by the number of times they were mentioned on that social media network between September 1, 2013 and May 25, 2014.

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In case you're a GoT fan who somehow hasn't heard by now, Oberyn Martell died in such a grisly fashion on Sunday's episode that he earned a spot near the top of out list of most gruesome Game of Thrones deaths.

But as we try to move on from Oberyn's ugly demise (and it won't be easy), let's celebrate the Red Viper's lavish life, as actor Pedro Pascal imagines the Dornish prince's decadent funeral (we're guessing it'll be a closed casket):

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If you didn't catch last night's Game of Thrones, well, sorry for the spoiler, but Oberyn Martell checked out in pretty much the most gruesome fashion imaginable.

As we told you in our Oberyn vs. Gregor Clegane pre-fight coverage, The Red Viper didn't stand much of a chance against a dude who very much earns the nickname, The Mountain, so it wasn't so much that the revenge-fueled Dornishman got offed that's surprising, but more the way in which it happened (out of respect for the squeamish, we won't rehash the details).

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