Their Game of Thrones characters may not have gotten along, but according to some folks who have spotted them out and about together in LA, Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal are in the midst of a romance hot enough to melt the Wall.

If you watch Game of Thrones online like everyone else on the Internet, then you know Lena has been portraying Queen Beeyotch Cersei for four seasons, whereas Pedro enjoyed a (SPOILER ALERT!) sadly short-lived run as fan favorite Oberyn Martell.

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Spoiler alert: Jason Momoa didn't last very long on Game of Thrones, but like Sean Bean - who lost his head as the righteous Ned Stark - the previously unknown actor created one of the series' most memorable and iconic characters, despite not even surviving season one.

Yes, Khal Drogo's run was short but sweet, and it's not hard to see why Momoa desperately wanted the part.

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