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As Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, Lena Headey quaffs wine and dishes out put-downs with the best of them.

In fact, she earned several spots on out list of Game of Thrones' best insults.

The folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live apparently recognized Lena's unmatched talent for doling out burns between sips from her goblet.

During her appearance on the show last night, she and Jimmy poured some red and went medieval on one another in a GoT-style diss-off.

Lena kicks things off in brutal fashion with, "That's a lovely tie. It's a shame it's around such a worthless neck.

Jimmy counters with, "Well, thank you for coming today. I know you have a busy schedule doing sex with her brother."

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The Game of Thrones' season 4 finale saw Hodor taking up a sword to smash some skeleton monsters and become a hulking badass of few words.

But while he may have a knack for hauling Bran Stark all over Westeros and facing down terrifying foes (when possessed by Bran), the title of Family Feud champion will always be just out of Hodor's grasp.

Sadly, as the above clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live demonstrates, The Feud requires contestants to say more than one word, which puts Hodor at a disadvantage akin to Tyrion Lannister playing in the NBA. 

While he may not win any points for his team, you've gotta admire the persistence with which Hodor sticks with his best guess.

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So... now much went down on the Game of Thrones Season 4 finale, huh?

Only two major deaths, one major escape and one major new direction for a lead character.

We need to start at King's Landing, don't we?

After Cersei destroyed her father's happy family dreams by admitting the truth about her (naked!) relationship with Jaime, the Queen Regent got it on with her brother.

Jon Snow with Mance
Jon Snow and Mance are enemies on the battlefield. But there's a level of respect here.

Perhaps inspired by his lover/sister's strength to finally stand up to their dad, Jaime proceeded to free Tyrion (with the help of Varys), but everyone's favorite little hero couldn't go quietly into the night.

He went into Tywin's bedroom, presumably to kill his dad, only to find Shae there. Talk about a heart-breaking shock.

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The actors' on HBO's most-watched series tend to really disappear into their roles.

So much so, in fact, that many Game of Thrones actors look completely different in real life than they do on the show. 

Of course, most of the folks who currently populate Westeros didn't get their start in the Seven Kingdoms.

For the sake of believability, producers made an effort to avoid mega-famous A-listers when casting GoT but whether you realize it or not, you've seen some of your favorite sers, maesters and Wildlings in previous projects:

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
These days, Peter Dinklage is best known as fan-favorite Tyrion Lannister.

Some GoT actors' previous roles are sure to shock you (Grand Maester Pycelle was in Star Wars?!), while others are common knowledge amongst hardcore fans (The two actresses who appeared in Harry Potter and GoT should both be dubbed Queen of the Fantasy Nerds).

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The last we saw Kit Harington's Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, he was preparing to head off into the lawless North, without even so much as his sword to protect him.

Given how fiercely the Wildlings fought during the battle at the Wall (they had freakin' giants), it's reasonable to assume that Jon might meet his end in Sunday's season finale. 

But in a recent interview with Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers, Harington revealed that (Spoiler Alert!) he's already filming season 5...which of course leads us to the reasonable conclusion that Jon Snow won't end up in an icy grave this week.

"I go off and start filming season 5 in late July," Harington tells Travers. "And you'll have to see where it all ends up."

C'mon, Kit! You can't just assume everyone read the books. Those things are the size of cinder blocks! know nothing, Jon Snow.

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If you haven't seen, Game of Thrones season 4, episode 9, then consider this your spoiler alert. The epic hour-long battle at the wall shocked fans with a confrontation between Jon Snow and Ygritte, during which the redheaded wildling took an arrow through the chest.

If you haven't finished watching the second season of The O.C., Marissa shot Trey Atwood in the finale. You get no spoiler alert because, c'mon...that was ten years ago.

Anyway, what could these two beloved series have in common, other than slavishly devoted fan bases? Well, thanks to one genius YouTube user, the O.C. and GoT now share a common taste in stunner music:

If you're of the right age watching the clip above might give you a flashback to 2004 when you feverishly called your friends after the Marissa-Trey showdown, hoping that someday, someone would invent texting so that you wouldn't have to pick your jaw up off the floor in order to ask WTF just happened.

And if you think that's the only fan-made tribute to everyone's favorite fallen ginger, well, you know nothing, Jon Snow (sorry):

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Despite its jaw-droppingly epic battle sequences, season 4, episode 9 of Game of Thrones likely felt like something of a tease for many viewers.

After all, the episode before it ended on the cliffhanger of cliffhangers, as fan favorite Tyrion Lannister was sentenced to death by his nefarious father, Tywin.

With the possibility of the beloved Imp's demise still looming, we thought it would be a good time to celebrate his lusty life with a run-down of Tyrion's best quotes from nearly four full seasons of GoT:

Tyrion on Drinking:
"It's not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy."

Whether he's cutting down an opponent with an impeccably timed put-down or musing on the nature of life and death in a fashion to bring a tear to your eye, Tyrion's most memorable lines represent some of the best writing modern television has to offer.

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Turns out, Melisandre is right:

The night really is long and full of terrors.

Never was that more evident than on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9, an installment that hearkened back to the classic battle of Blackwater by giving us an hour entirely centered on the battle of Castle Black.

A Giant Issue
This could be a problem for the men of Castle Black. A GIANT problem, one might say.

There was gorgeous cinematography throughout an installment truly impressive in scope, yet not a lot to actually analyze and/or review, considering the singular focus.

So let's rundown "The Watchers on the Wall" by handing out a few weekly awards, shall we?

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It's not hard to see how Game of Thrones became the most-watched show in HBO's history.

The series really has something for everyone: love stories for women (if you can ignore the incest part), uber-gory battles for men (sadistic dudes, in particular)...heck, it even has dragons for young children! (We kid!)

But for all the praise heaped upon author George RR Martin and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the show's casting department has gone woefully unnoticed.

After all, these are the folks who have not only presented us with the one part of the show you can enjoy on pause, they're also responsible for what might be the most intensely debated issue amongst fans: who's the hottest woman in Westeros?!

It's not hard to see what Tyrion sees in Shae. She's a lover in a world full of fighters...and she's good at what she does.

Check out our rankings above and tell us how wrong we are in the comments.

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You may think that there's no way Game of Thrones could top the Oberyn Martell vs. Gregor Clegane battle in terms of jaw-dropping intensity, and you may be right.

Then again, we all thought that after season 3's infamous Red Wedding scene, and look how wrong we were.

GoT has a history of pulling out the big guns for the ninth episode of a given season, and Kit Harington - who plays Jon Snow on the series - says season 4 is no exception and the upcoming throwdown between wildlings and Night's Watchmen will make the Battle of Blackwater Bay look like a Joffrey vs. Tyrion slap fight.

"I think it's as big as Thrones has gone at the moment," says Harington. "I think it's no secret that it's the most expensive episode they've ever made and a lot of that is due to CGI."

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