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Fantasy author George R.R. Martin gained a slew of new fans when the TV series based on his A Song of Ice and Fire novels became the most-watched show in HBO's history.

Now millions of Game of Thrones fans are dying to find out how the story ends, and, well...hoping that Martin doesn't die before the story ends.

Martin has a reputation for taking his time with the dense, intricately-detailed ASOIAF books (Six years passed between the publication of the fourth and fifth installments.), and with at least two books remaining in the series, many fans are concerned that the 65-year-old GRRM won't live to complete his masterpiece.

Asked about that possibility in a recent interview, Martin replied angrily:

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The next season of Game of Thrones is still about nine months away, and all we have to hold us over until then is a never-ending stream of GoT spoilers and fan-created YouTube mash-ups.

But if the fan vids continue to be this clever, that might actually be okay:

Yes, it was only a matter of time, before someone combined the world of Westeros with Disney's Frozen. Fortunately, the fan who tackled the task didn't take it likely.

Thanks to some impeccable editing and perfectly-integrated season 4 quotes, Game of Frozen earns a spot next to the Game of Thrones-Brady Bunch credits and Hodor on Family Feud as one of the most hilariously unexpected GoT pairings to hit the web.

Naturally, the clip ends with a promise that winter is coming, but the rest of the gags are considerably less obvious:

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Last month, actress Lena Headey posted a Game of Thrones spoiler on her Instagram page that left many fans irate.

Now, it turns out all that rage may have been for nothing as another GoT star made a contradictory reveal during a recent interview (spoilers lie ahead):

Michelle Fairley played Catelyn Stark for three seasons, until her character was offed during the famous Red Wedding scene.

In George R.R. Martin's books upon which GoT is based, Catelyn returns to the land of the living as Lady Stoneheart - a mute zombie-like creature hell-bent on avenging her departed family members.

Fans had hoped the badass undead Lady Stark would make her first appearance at the end of season four. When that didn't happen many felt certain the GoT showrunners would reveal the character early in the fifth season.

In a recent interview, however, Fairley basically crushed fans' hopes of ever getting to see one of the most screwed-over characters in TV history finally enjoy her much-deserved revenge:

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We learned last week that Queen Elizabeth II planned to tour the Game of Thrones set while visiting Belfast, thus making her the most badass monarch since Daenerys Targaryen.

That visit finally took place yesterday, providing us with the unforgettable images of the Queen shaking hands with Jon Snow and scoping out the Iron Throne:

Sadly, Her Majesty didn't take a seat on the Throne, which leads us to believe that either she's heard all the talk about how uncomfortable it is, or she knew that if anyone took a picture it would literally cause the Internet to explode.

Don't worry. The Queen's visit included some awesome moments nonetheless:

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Westeros is about to get a visit from some real-life royalty.

According to her official Twitter page, Queen Elizabeth II is such a fan of HBO's most popular series that she's arranged to visit the Game of Thrones set during the filming of season 5.

  • Queen Elizabeth Picture
  • Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen Image

"As part of the visit to Northern Ireland, The Queen and The Duke will visit the @GameOfThrones set in the Titanic quarter," says the Royal Tweet.

Of course, we're just speculating that Liz II is a fan (because how could anyone not be?!), but we actually have no idea if the 88-year-old monarch has ever seen the series.

We imagine some of the horse-heart-eating, head-smushing shenanigans might but her off her crumpets.

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Let's face it: Game of Thrones is as complex as it is entertaining.

The HBO epic, which wrapped up its latest season on Sunday, features countless characters with complicated names, along with a number of ever-changing locations.

Fortunately, The Wil Wheaton Project is here to help.

The clip show mashed up Game of Thrones with The Brady Bunch last night, helping viewers understand the family dynamics involved with the former, such as who is a product of incest and which character had his penis chopped off.

Prepare to take notes and follow along now...

Looking to relive Game of Thrones Season 4?

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The usually low-key Robert Pattinson has been on a non-stop media blitz this week to promote his new movie The Rover - and we're all better off for it.

Yesterday, Pattinson revealed he wants to be a stripper. Last night, Rob shared his rap name with the world.

And today he's opened up about two obsessions we can definitely support: Jennifer Lawrence and Game of Thrones.

"She's amazing. She's absolutely incredible," said Rob on the topic of J-Law. "But we're also different types of people. She seems like she's super-confident. And I don't have that kind of confidence."

Yes, while the endlessly self-assured Jennifer Lawrences of the world go out and get things done, Rob is making like the rest of us...sitting at home waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones:

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As Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, Lena Headey quaffs wine and dishes out put-downs with the best of them.

In fact, she earned several spots on out list of Game of Thrones' best insults.

The folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live apparently recognized Lena's unmatched talent for doling out burns between sips from her goblet.

During her appearance on the show last night, she and Jimmy poured some red and went medieval on one another in a GoT-style diss-off.

Lena kicks things off in brutal fashion with, "That's a lovely tie. It's a shame it's around such a worthless neck.

Jimmy counters with, "Well, thank you for coming today. I know you have a busy schedule doing sex with her brother."

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The Game of Thrones' season 4 finale saw Hodor taking up a sword to smash some skeleton monsters and become a hulking badass of few words.

But while he may have a knack for hauling Bran Stark all over Westeros and facing down terrifying foes (when possessed by Bran), the title of Family Feud champion will always be just out of Hodor's grasp.

Sadly, as the above clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live demonstrates, The Feud requires contestants to say more than one word, which puts Hodor at a disadvantage akin to Tyrion Lannister playing in the NBA. 

While he may not win any points for his team, you've gotta admire the persistence with which Hodor sticks with his best guess.

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So... now much went down on the Game of Thrones Season 4 finale, huh?

Only two major deaths, one major escape and one major new direction for a lead character.

We need to start at King's Landing, don't we?

After Cersei destroyed her father's happy family dreams by admitting the truth about her (naked!) relationship with Jaime, the Queen Regent got it on with her brother.

Jon Snow with Mance
Jon Snow and Mance are enemies on the battlefield. But there's a level of respect here.

Perhaps inspired by his lover/sister's strength to finally stand up to their dad, Jaime proceeded to free Tyrion (with the help of Varys), but everyone's favorite little hero couldn't go quietly into the night.

He went into Tywin's bedroom, presumably to kill his dad, only to find Shae there. Talk about a heart-breaking shock.

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