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For residents in many parts of the country, winter isn't simply coming. It's already here.

Therefore, what a perfect time for HBO to unveil the very first trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5.

Released on Twitter, the brief footage focuses on Arya and is mostly a promotional tool that asks fans to “follow the three-eyed raven.”

The video calls attention, a site where Game of Thrones viewers can sign up to receive frequent updated from the drama's iconic animals.

Game of Thrones Season 5 won't premiere until the spring of 2015, but here is what we know about new episodes to come:

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Winter is coming.

And the cast members who comprise HBO's Game of Thrones will be able to buy the warmest coats they can find in order to brave falling temperatures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the stars of this epic have all received “huge raises” in exchange for signing on for a seventh season. Those raises will kick in immediately.

Tyrion on Jaime - Season 1
"We have our differences, Jaime and I. He is braver; I am better looking."

Game of Thrones Season 4, of course, only just ended this spring.

But HBO has already picked up the enormous hit for Season 5 and Season 6, with the former shooting on location as we type.

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Spoiler alert: Jason Momoa didn't last very long on Game of Thrones, but like Sean Bean - who lost his head as the righteous Ned Stark - the previously unknown actor created one of the series' most memorable and iconic characters, despite not even surviving season one.

Yes, Khal Drogo's run was short but sweet, and it's not hard to see why Momoa desperately wanted the part.

Despite being brought down by an infected boo-boo, Drogo was arguably the ultimate badass on a show littered with badasses. Plus, he got to see Emilia Clarke naked on multiple occasions.

Not a bad gig. Perhaps that explains why Momoa went full-Dothraki psycho while he was auditioning:

Hmm ... too understated. Can you try that again with some feeling?!

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For a few terrifying days over the summer, it looked as though the highly-anticipated Lena Headey nude scene might be cut from the fifth season of Game of Thrones.

Lena Headey Image

"Why?!" the people shouted. "Lena Dunham is naked on HBO all the time and no one asked for that!"

GoT's King's Landing storylines film in Dubrovnik, Croatia a city where local church authorities apparently rule the land with a Joffrey-like contempt for all things awesome.

The Dubrovnikians nearly put the kibosh on Cersei's naked stroll through town for religious reasons, which would've forced us all to go back and watch 300 again if we wanted to see Lena Headey's boobs.

Fortunately, freedom and happiness prevailed, and producers were somehow able to convince the citizens of Dubrovnik to let the scene happen in a different part of town.

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Today is George R.R. Martin's 66th birthday, and he certainly has a lot to celebrate.

He's one of the world's best-selling authors, there's a wildly successful television series based on his work, and he makes life miserable for millions of people on a regular basis.

Yes, if you're one of the 18 million people who watched Game of Thrones last season, you might hate GRRM even though you've never actually read his work.

And we're right there with you. On countless occasions, Martin has ripped our hearts out and cast them aside like Theon Greyjoy's severed wang:

Bran's Winterfell Fall
When a lovable kid gets paralyzed early in the story, you know the guy telling tale isn't gonna spare your feelings.

But like a handlebar mustache on a hipster's lip, our hate is thoroughly ironic.

We hate George because we so deeply love the world that he's created with his A Song of Ice and Fire books that the death of even a minor character can feel like a real-life tragedy.

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If you haven't seen the Game of Thrones season 4 finale, then be warned - spoilers lie ahead.

Actually, even if you're all caught up there are spoilers ahead, because based on what GoT actor Charles Dance revealed in an interview today, the fifth season may contain some surprises that none of us saw coming:

Viserys Gets Crowned
Viserys was up there with King Joffrey in terms of douchebags we loved to hate. Even so, his death by molten gold is tough to watch.

Dance plays ruthless badass and perennial Worst Dad Ever candidate Tywin Lannister on the series.

He went out in shameful style at the end of last season - getting crossbowed to death by his least favorite son, Tyrion, while sitting on the toilet.

While fans were to happy to see the vicious Tywin finally get what was coming to him, Dance says we can expect to see more of his character in season five:

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Game of Thrones is currently filming in several exotic locations throughout the world, and like ravens sent from Castle Black we keep receiving bits of distressing news from far-off lands.

First we learned that a Croatian church was trying to stop Lena Headey from getting naked for a crucial scene. (That issue has thankfully been resolved.)

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
Clarke plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit series Game of Thrones. The show's fourth season debuts April sixth.

Now, we come to find out that at least one fan-favorite character won't be appearing in season five at all!

Naturally, spoilers lie ahead:

Kristian Nairn - who plays man of few words Hodor on GoT - revealed in an interview with Australian TV station today that his character won't be featured in the upcoming season. And he might not be the only one:

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Winter has come for George R.R. Martin.

The Game of Thrones author took a break from penning the latest novel in this epic over the weekend to film himself accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Declaring "Winter is Coming!" just as the chilly H2O rained down from above, Martin at least have a nice warm pool waiting for him immediately after the wet deed was done.

Watch all the fun, charitable action below:

Other recent celebrities of note to take the Ice Bucket Challenge include Matt Damon, who used toilet water; and Sarah Palin, who actually made us laugh with her version.

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The fifth season of Game of Thrones is currently filming in...well, just about all over the freakin' world, and an unfortunate choice of shooting location might end up denying fans a glimpse of Lena Headey's awesome boobs.

Oh, and it could also force writers to eliminate a crucial scene from the books. Allow us to explain (there be spoilers ahead):

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

GoT's King's Landing storyline is currently filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia. One very important scene involves Lena's Queen Cersei doing a sort of medieval walk of shame  -  completely nude - as penance for her wicked ways. 

You might think that the citizens of Dubrovnik would be pretty psyched about the idea of a gorgeous actress strolling their town completely nude.

But apparently the Dubrovnikians don't enjoy things like boobs or happiness because the local church is doing everything in its power to stop the scene from being filmed:

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J.J. Murphy, a veteran Irish actor best known Stateside for his portrayal of Ser Denys Mallister on Game of Thrones, collapsed and died on Friday.

He was 86 years old.

J.J. Murphy Pic

Murphy portrayed the oldest member of the Night’s Watch and commander of the Shadow Tower on the HBO epic.

He was in the middle of shooting Game of Thrones Season 5 when he passed away, with more scenes set to come in the weeks ahead.

It's unknown at this time whether producers will re-cast the role in the wake of the actor's passing, or cut Mallister out of future episodes.

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