Pickled banana peppers are the unsung hero of toppings. You might not see them too often, but these things are as versatile and underrated as they are delicious.

Why is this, when they serve as such perfect compliments to sandwiches of various flavors, not to mention other items like pizza, burgers and hot dogs?

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If you've ever tasted KFC gravy, you know Colonel Sanders is onto something, because it's simply delicious. You won't find many arguments there, we're guessing.

Even if you've never had the pleasure of sampling it but you enjoy the taste of gravy on mashed potatoes (or anything), this recipe should be endorsed by U2:

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Rachael Ray‘s daytime talk show has already been renewed for a new season, but sources say it may be the end of the line for the celebrity chef.

The Rachael Ray Show debuted in 2006 and was renewed in 2013 for another two years, but now her bosses, sources say, are starting to regret that:

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