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You want fries and a vial of heroin with that? A Pittsburgh McDonald's employee was arrested for dealing the drug using Happy Meal boxes, according to reports.

People would roll up to the drive-thru window and use the code phrase, "I'd like to order a toy," at which point the accused employee would hook them up.

Customers more in the mood for hard drugs than Big Macs were allegedly instructed to order this way, then pick up their "order" at the next window.

Undercover officers from a local narcotics enforcement team made a buy from the accused employee after being tipped off by an informant, officials said.

DA spokesman Mike Manko told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that undercover officers bought 10 bags of heroin in stamp-sized packets from the location.

Another 50 bags were found on the employee's person after making the buy.

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Move over, shrimp mayonnaise Doritos. Candy maker Jelly Belly has come out with a new beer-flavored jelly bean. No, this is not a story on The Onion.

The company's latest release is meant to emulate the “effervescent, clean, crisp and wheaty taste” of a German Hefeweizen ale ... because obviously.

The new flavor has polarized candy lovers.

Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans

Thousands are thrilled by the new flavor, but a number of people are up in arms, saying it will encourage underage drinking or alcoholics relapsing.

“I am so angry and disappointed about this decision,” Facebook user Mindy Chemaki wrote. “I have been a big fan of Jelly Belly since I was 13."

"Now you have developed a flavor that that may encourage minors (like I was 20+ years ago or my children today) to develop a substance abuse problem."

Amy Mehalko added on a similar note, “It’s just so wrong to have this flavor. Very disappointed. Why not just make a cigarette flavor while your at it.”

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What's more disturbing than Justin Bieber getting arrested for drunk driving and pretty much ruining the lives of young girls around the globe?

In three words? Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos.

Yes, this item is actually on sale in Japan through March 17, with the company advertising the flavor as "gourmet."

What else is included in this supposedly deluxe line of Doritos? Favors such as corn soup, Hokkaido camembert cheese and mushrooms with butter and soy sauce.

Try to keep your lunch down as you process this nauseating information and sort through other stomach-turning food ideas:

10 Totally Disgusting Food Items
Yes, this deep-fried Twinkie burger is actually offered at a restaurant. It may instantly kill its consumer.
View As List
Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger

1. Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger

Yes, this deep-fried Twinkie burger is actually offered at a restaurant. It may instantly kill its consumer.

Ramen Burger

2. Ramen Burger

Ramen is noodles. A burger is anything but noodles. It's unclear how these things go together.

Taco Bell Waffle Taco

3. Taco Bell Waffle Taco

Yes, this will soon be a real thing. The Taco Bell Waffle Taco is coming to a restaurant near you.

Watermelon Oreos

4. Watermelon Oreos

Watermelon Oreos are actually a thing! Get 'em while supplies last!

Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe

5. Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe

Yes, a Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe is a real thing. Go ahead and eat it... and then book a trip to the hospital.

Mountain Dew Cheetos

6. Mountain Dew Cheetos

In the mood for soda AND a snack? Why keep them separate?!? Down some Mountain Dew Cheetos today!

Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos

7. Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos

Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos are being sold in Japan. If they ever hit stores in the U.S., we may need to move to Canada.

Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans

8. Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans

Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans are here! Jelly Belly has actually released these.

McDonald's Hamburger

9. McDonald's Hamburger

The McDonald's hamburger could be worse, we suppose ... but it still looks like this when it arrives on your plate, so that's on you.

Domino's Breaded Chicken Pizza

10. Domino's Breaded Chicken Pizza

Domino's is launching its first new product since 2012: breaded chicken crust pizza, in four oddly delicious looking varieties.

Guy Eats 100 Peeps in 2 Minutes

11. Guy Eats 100 Peeps in 2 Minutes

Think it's impossible to eat 100 Peeps in 2 minutes? Think again, people. Think again!

Vegetable Ice Cream

12. Vegetable Ice Cream

Häagen-Dazs has come out with vegetable ice cream. We have absolutely no idea why.


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Think eating 72 ounces of steak in 161 seconds is gross? Consider a new restaurant coming to Los Angeles.

Adam Fleischman, founder and CEO of Umami Burger, will soon open ChocoChicken, an establishment that serves - yup, you guessed it - chocolate-flavored fried chicken.

Friend Chicken Pic

"This isn't mole, traditional fried chicken or even chicken just dipped in chocolate," Fleischman says of the product, which he advertises as possessing the "crack factor" he looks for in restaurant brands.

He believes fried chicken "has been largely overlooked in fast-casual restaurants," seeming to have never heard of a certain place that specializes in the Kentucky-based item.

ChocoChicken will also serve biscuits, sides, beer, wine and cocktails and open in March at 403 W. 12th St.

Will you try some chocolate-flavored chicken?



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It started as a mere Tweet.

And it has grown into a national debate.

On Saturday night, celebrity chef Grant Achatz Tweeted a complaint that a crying baby inside the restaurant Alinea was causing major problems.

“Tbl brings 8mo.Old. It cries. Diners mad," he wrote. "Tell ppl no kids? Subject diners 2crying? Ppl take infants 2 plays? Concerts? Hate saying no,but..”

Achatz then appeared on Good Morning America and added:

“I could hear it crying in the kitchen. We want people to come in and enjoy and experience Alinea for what it is, but we also have to be cognizant of the other 80 people that came in to experience Alinea that night.”

Achatz's 82,000 Twitter followers seemed split on whether or not babies should actually be banned from expensive restaurants, while we'd rather see some awful Hollywood mothers barred instead.

What do YOU think? Should babies not be allowed in high-end eateries?


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Forget the Broncos versus Seahawks, Patriots versus 49ers or whatever Super Bowl matchup will take viewers by storm on Sunday, February 2.

The real competition will be between Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a new product from Nestlé, one teased in an entertaining new ad and one that will premiere on the day of the Big Game.

The company has released an ad in an anticipation of its Super Bowl commercial and it definitely has us looking forward to the spot almost as much as the game itself.

That's what happens when you place a bunch of food couples in a therapist's waiting room and watch them sneer at each other.

See what we mean now and then decide: how amazing do these Butterfinger Cups sound?!?

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For, Molly Schuyler a lot was at stake inside Sayler's Old Country Kitchen in Portland, Oregon this month.

Also, a lot of steak was on her plate.

The competitive eater sat down at the establishment, stared down at 72 ounces of steak… and devoured every piece of the protein-filled meal in 2 minutes and 41 seconds, smashing the previous world record of 6 minutes and 48 seconds for this amount of meat.

Schuyler, a Nebraska native, is currently ranked atop All Pro Eating, an actual organization for professionals who want to compete without contracts.

Congratulations, Molly! We guess! Watch the feat now:


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A Seattle mom completed her self-imposed challenge of eating only Starbucks and other stores owned by the coffee giant, like Teavana, for a year.

Yes ... 2013 was The Year of Starbucks for her after she subsisted only on foods and drinks from Starbucks cafes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Beautiful Existence, which appears to be her real name and not just a social media handle, says she’d often thought about taking on such a  task.

She challenged herself to shop only at Goodwill for the entire year of 2011, so this is sort of a thing she does. As for why she went with the Bucks?

B.E.'s sister, a Starbucks employee, had only good things to say, and she liked CEO Howard Schultz’s efforts to foster political and social change.

So when Starbucks launched its Evolution line of juices, soups and salads, "I was convinced that I could do this for an entire year,” said Beautiful, 40.

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Red Lobster is closing down across the country, according to rampant Internet rumors about its demise, although its parent company says otherwise.

Owner Darden Restaurants has been trying to quash false reports since Christmas that Red Lobster is shuttering its locations across the nation.

Darden hopes to sell or spin off the Red Lobster chain into another company, but is not "closing any restaurants," spokesman Rich Jeffers clarified.

Still, this afternoon, "Red Lobster closing" was the No. 1 item trending on Yahoo, and the rumor was the subject of Tweets and Facebook posts.

"To clarify, reports that @RedLobster is closing are false," the company tweeted out Friday afternoon. "We're looking forward to your next visit!"

Jeffers said the rumors stemmed from a piece in LA Weekly that "was clearly being facetious" about the shutdown, and blamed today's media culture.

"You had a couple outlets where clearly folks weren't practicing good journalism, and no one called to verify if what they read in LA Weekly was accurate."

The LA Weekly piece had been updated as of Friday to say no restaurants were closing, but the rumors can't be chalked up entirely to a miscommunication.

At the end of the day, these two facts remain undeniably true:

  1. The company is trying to unload or spin off Red Lobster, which is widely believed to be in financial decline, to focus on its growing brands.
  2. Red Lobster is overpriced and not that good.
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Diehard fans of Duck Dynasty are planning to display their loyalty by holding a day of appreciation for Phil Robertson at their local Chick-fil-A franchises.

According to the Chick-Phil-A Day Facebook page, Phil Robertson fans are encouraged to wear their "Duck Commander or camouflage gear" to lunch.

The January 21 event planned to "stand for free speech" and "sit for good food" has over 24,000 likes and 60,000 listed attendees since its announcement.

  • Phil Robertson Pic
  • Chick-fil-A Logo

Robertson has been the target of a media firestorm since making comments on gays and gay sex in a GQ magazine interview earlier this month.

The scandal led to his "indefinite suspension" from A&E.

Despite the apparent appropriateness of the location, the Southern-based fast food chain is already working to distance itself from Chick-Phil-A Day.

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