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Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, will be sharing her cooking tips with the masses in a new column for UK supermarket chain Waitrose.

Middleton will write for its Waitrose Kitchen magazine.

Her column name? "Pippa's Friday Night Feasts."

She's So Pip

We eagerly await Pippa's signature French bread recipe. Don't laugh. Her foray into kitchen advice is just the latest offering from the party planning pro.

Celebrate, her first book released last year, is a a guide to entertaining through the year, built on the experience she gained working for her family's business.

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Burger King's Twitter was hacked today. It was hilarious.

In the last half hour, the fast food giant's account on the social network was hijacked, allegedly by "iThug," who instructed people to follow "LiLinternet."

The logo and name were promptly changed to McDonald's and a number of classic Tweets were fired off before the Burger King handle was disabled.

One of the best included BK's latest menu offering ...

BK Tweet

Apparently, Burger King has been sold to McDonald's because the Whopper flopped, and its new Bath Salts Burger features 99% Methylenedioxypyrovalerone.

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Taco Bell fans, rejoice at the breaking news that just hit the Interwebs:

Doritos Locos Tacos in Cool Ranch flavor will be launched March 7.

Doritos Locos Tacos

The rollout of the new variety comes a year after the Doritos Locos Tacos were launched in a Nacho Cheese flavor and the Bell sold 350 million units.

CEO Greg Creed Doritos Locos Tacos now account for about a quarter of all taco sales, and he plans keep introducing new Doritos flavors as well.

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Kristin Cavallari's secret to losing so much weight less than six months after giving birth? A simple combination of healthy recipes and no booze!

Kristin Cavallari Thin

The 26-year-old dished on this topic at the launch for her new jewelry collection with Pascal Mouawad for Glamboutique in L.A. on Tuesday.

"I'm like a freak about eating healthy," she said.

"I've always been a really healthy eater. I think when I got pregnant I took it up another notch, just because I was so aware of what I was putting in my body."

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Lynsi Torres, 30, is the President of In-N-Out Burger.

She's also the youngest female billionaire in the U.S.

Lynsi Torres Photo

According to a new Bloomberg report, Lynsi Torres does not have a college degree or formal management training, but the proof is in the pudding.

Or in her case, her business' amazing hamburgers.

Seriously ... you gotta try 'em if you haven't.

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In a surprising and unsettling statement, Burger King admits to horse meat possibly tainting burgers sold in both the U.K. and Ireland recently.

It's just the latest chapter in an ongoing scandal in the two nations involving beef burger patties allegedly containing meat from horses and pigs.

BK Photo

It's suspected that a meat distributor in Poland, which works with Burger King and other supermarket chains, used meats other than beef as filler in cheap burgers.

Burger King had originally stressed, in the face of the scandal, that its patties are made with 100 percent beef, a claim that was apparently disproved.

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Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s controversial comments on gay marriage last year did little to dampen the fast food chain's sales. On the contrary:

The company ended 2012 with $4.6 billion in sales, up 14 percent from $4.1 billion a year earlier, and it opened 96 news stores, four more than 2011.

Chick-fil-A Logo

The company does not have to publicize its finances because it is privately owned, but made those figures available to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Supporters of Cathy’s views against gay marriage and his right to express them hailed the numbers as a victory in light of efforts to boycott the chain.

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If you ever wondered what Katy Perry's face would look like on Paula Deen ... you have really bizarre and specific thoughts. But you're also in luck!

The Internet decided to create this imagery. You're welcome:

Paula Deen and Katy Perry COMBINED!

It's hard to tell where Katy Perry ends and Paula Deen begins. Originally created last year, before any Paula Deen weight loss, the pic is making the rounds again this week.

We just have two questions:

  • Why didn't Katy rock that hairstyle in her inauguration performance?
  • Is this what John Mayer fantasizes about if he's really hungry?

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McDonald's and one of its franchisees agreed to pay $700,000 after being sued for falsely advertising food as being prepared according to Islamic dietary law.

Halal McDonald's

McDonald's and Finley's Management Co. settled with Dearborn Heights, Mich., resident Ahmed Ahmed, a Detroit health clinic, and the Arab American National Museum.

Ahmed's attorney, Kassem Dakhlallah, sayd he's "thrilled" with the deal; McDonald's and Finley's deny any liability but say the settlement is in their best interests.

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Subway customers are up in arms and busting out measuring tapes amid reports that the chain's famous foot-long subs fall a half an inch or even a full inch short.

The controversy began on Tuesday in Perth, Australia, when a discerning customer named Matt Corby ordered one and pulled out a tape measure:

Subway Foot-Long Sub

Corby found the sub measured only 11 inches long and took his outrage to Facebook, where he posted a photo of it with the caption "subway pls respond."

The photo, predictably, sparked an abundance of similar photos on Facebook of subs being measured and countless comments on Subway's page.

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