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Happy Independence Day!

Flags are flying and the rockets are red-glaring, and we're all preparing for a day of cooking out with family and friends. Want to jazz up your celebration and get the fireworks started early?

Here are some Fourth of July cocktail ideas to help you do just that!

Red, White, and Blue Daquiris
The 4th of July is guaranteed to be a scorcher. Cool off with red, white, and blue frozen daquiris. Layer watermelon, blue raspberry, and pina colada and enjoy. Bonus! These are easily made without alcohol for the kiddos celebrating, just serve in different glasses to avoid confusion.

When it comes to having colorful mixed drinks and mocktails for your guests, look no further than your good friends in your grocer's produce department.

Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and pineapple are abundant, seasonal and add a little something sweet to your fête.

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Long before the Fourth of July fireworks go BOOM on Independence Day, you'll probably want to feed your face. Maybe even twice. 

Considering Americans will consume over 150 million hot dogs on Independence Day, those are certainly a staple for just about any cookout. But we can all do better than just hot dogs, right? Right!

Luckily for you, we've got a Fourth of July menu here that's sure to make your barbecue the best on the block!

From patriotic pasta to good ol' American Apple Pie, check out these grilling recipes and fire up that charcoal or propane. Let do this! 

Barbecue Chicken
Barbecue chicken is finger-lickin' good. You can't go wrong with a main dish like this one.

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Well played, Burger King.

Adding to a growing list of totally amazing pranks, the fast food restaurant offered patrons in San Francisco a special menu item on Gay Pride Parade day last week: a Proud Whopper.

The burger was placed in a rainbow wrapper that read, "We are all the same inside” and unveiled to customers in a way that made it seem like something brand new (even though the only difference was the packaging).

The chain then filmed various reactions to the Proud Whopper, from those in disdain ("I just don't really believe in the homosexual lifestyle”) to those in confusion (“Do gay people even eat fast food?”) to those who believe it’s “about time" such an alternative was made available.

Watch the fun/interesting/revealing footage now:

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Barack Obama has come under major fire this week.

For his handling of the worsening situation in Iraq? No.

For reaching over the Sneeze Guard at Chipolte.

Prior to addressing the White House Summit on Working Families on Monday, the President of the United States stopped by the Mexican fast food joint, making his desired burrito bowl fillings as clear as possible.

While doing so, however, Obama breached the restaurant's code of etiquette, extending his entire forearm into no-man's land. What are you thinking, POTUS?!?

Barack Obama at Chipotle

White House photographer Pete Souza Tweeted the picture soon after this embarrassing event took place, proving he's either a Chipolte newbie... or is secretly working for the Republicans.

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Amazing news, ice cream lovers:

You may now spend your lazy Sundays actually eating a few bites of Lazy Sunday.

Ben & Jerry's has come out with a pair of Saturday Night Live-themed, one based on a classic Andy Samberg Digital Short and the other on a character made famous by Kristen Wiig.

Ben & Jerry's SNL Flavors

According to a company press release, Lazy Sunday is comprised of a vanilla cake batter ice cream base with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl, appropriate for when you have a hankering for Magnolia cupcakes.

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There's nothing quite like staring at pictures of food porn right before lunch to make your usual lunch seem boring, but thanks to Instagram, you can do that every day if you'd like. 

Or you can use the pictures you're about to see as inspiration to bust out of your rut and try something more adventurous. Wait, are we talking about real porn or food porn?

Both. The answer is both.

Alice Gao
Alice Gao's Instagram is full of her iPhone snaps of life in New York City, including amazing shots of food. Follow her at @alice_gao.

#Foodporn has taken Instagram by storm with nearly 3 MILLION photos already tagged. Instagram's users are eager to share their food photos with the world.

Some are clearly better than others, of course. In fact, they're so much better that entire accounts exist on Instagram solely for the sharing of food photography.

Some are used as advertisements for websites while others serve as microblogs allowing the account owners to share their exploits and creations with the world.

We've painstakingly taken the time to cull 13 of the best food porn photographers on Instagram. Flip through the gallery above and then go follow them all!

And don't forget to follow You Did Not Eat That, who routinely calls out people who use food as props in their photography. Uhhh...wait a minute...

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We say "Starbucks Secret Menu," you say... GROAN!

If you're tired of hearing about the hot new thing everyone says you must absolutely try immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200, you're in luck!

We're tired of it too! (At least for the purposes of this post. See also: more Nutella please!)

But seriously. With food, trends spread like wildfire until before you know it, Cronuts aren't just something you can get in a rat-infested bakery in NYC.

Imitation cronuts crop up in every donut shop from here to Juneau and before long they're just overrated hunks of dough. Like doughnuts. And croissants.

Miraculously enough, however, the cronut didn't actually make it onto this list of the top 9 overrated foods around. Brace yourselves for #1!

Macarons are newcomers to the world of overrated foods, but they're coming up fast. They even have their own Tumblr.

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If we had a time machine, we'd use it to find the first person who decided to deep fry dough and then call it a doughnut so we could mouthkiss him. Or her.

But since the origin of the doughnut is actually a thing historians argue, with some saying it dates back to 1847 and others claiming they came before 1847 and that 1847 was just the year they showed up with holes, that'd be a trip the likes of which only Bill and Ted could rival. 

So why are we talking about doughnuts? Or donuts, as some like to spell it?

Because June 6 is National Doughnut Day, of course. (OF COURSE.)

Entenmann's Powdered Sugar Donuts
We're not sure how these qualify as breakfast foods, but we're not really complaining.

True story: I survived an 8 a.m. biology class with a 6-pack of powdered donuts and a Barq's Root Beer for an entire semester. And by "survived" I mean I nursed hangovers.

Doughnuts save lives! And grade point averages!

Because we love doughnuts (and all food, really) so very much, we've scoured the Internet and our local haunts to bring you our ultimate list of the best.

So scroll through the 11 best doughnuts in America RANKED, then go buy some or make your own homemade Krispy Kreme donuts. It's win-win.

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Britney Spears has undergone some major changes to her appearance since beginning her residency at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood last year.

First, Britney's super blonde hair had fans wondering if she was sporting a wig, now the National Enquirer reports that Brit has packed on the pounds in recent months - and friends are starting to grow concerned. 

Britney Spears Leaves the Gym

"Britney has gained close to 30 pounds and she's got a lot of cellulite on her legs and stomach," says a source close to the singer. "to disguise her belly on stage, she wears a one-piece leotard made out of a shaping material for a slimming effect."

"She also uses tanning beds and spray tans to hide her cellulite but it looks ridiculous."

If this report is true, Britney's bloat must have happened quickly, as Spears' bikini photos from March of this year show the 32-year-old mother of two looking trimmer than ever. 

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We're all about some food porn on the Internet these days. We'll admit it.

It's obnoxious and we know it but we do it anyway. After all, no one really cares about that juicy steak and side of asparagus you just consumed.

And that picture of your fancy cheesecake? Well, that's just plain mean.

Food porn like this is bad, but then there's food porn to the extreme. Those are the pictures using food as props. This is food porn at its worst.

And there is, quite simply, no way you just ate that.

It's so implausible that one Instagram user is taking those guilty of committing these crimes against food to task. Give You Did Not Eat That a warm welcome!

Kourtney Kardashian vs. That Fried Thing on a Fork
Kourtney Kardashian IS pregnant, so MAYBE she ate that fried thing on a fork. But probably not.

The hilarious account scours Instagram for pictures of people posing with everything from cheeseburgers to bite-sized macarons (SO MANY MACARONS).

All using the food as props for their pictures. Ridiculous, zany props they totally did not consume. Take a look at 15 classic examples above and say it with us:

You Did Not Eat That.

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