Turns out, you can get a lot done in the kitchen when not concerning yourself with the latest antics of Justin Bieber or the husband selections of Desiree Hartsock.

That's what our friends at Food Fanatic proved this week, as they cobbled together a handful of new culinary creations while we wasted hung on every word out of Chris Harrison's mouth.

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The Taco Bell waffle taco is coming to a colon near you.

Because the Twilly simply isn't disgusting enough, this fast food chain is apparently upping the nauseating ante, announcing this week that it will soon break into the national breakfast business.

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Food Network star tasked its finalists with making like Justin Verlander this week.

Yes, it was time to throw some serious pitches... to Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson, likely the two most influential people at the Food Network.

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Bottoms up, THG readers. It's International Beer Day!

And while you could easily crack open a can of Bud Light to celebrate the yearly occasion, we have a better idea.

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