Sometimes, you just really want some quiche.

A couple of knife-wielding thieves broke into a cafe in Northumberland this week, causing police cars to swarm the premises and cops to engage in a five-hour standoff with the young men… all because they apparently had a specific craving.

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Talk about an engaging episode of Top Chef Masters!

Both competition and love was in the air, as Lindsay Price surprised fiancee Curtis Stone with an engagement party, one for which the remaining contestants had to cook.

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Summer is inching toward an end.

In just a few weeks, it will begin to get cool and many folks may stop exercising once the sun goes down a little earlier and the snow begins to fall.

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The Food Network Star finale pitted three distinct personalities against each other.

There was bright and bubbly Damaris... cool and collected Russell... and flamboyant, over-the-top Rodney.

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Tim Lake had a package from Amazon stolen from his house recently, and decided to seek revenge - and the return of his K-Cups - in hilarious fashion.

A security camera at the 29-year-old's Arizona captured an unidentified woman nonchalantly walking into his yard and making off with the box last Friday.

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