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Our friends at Food Fanatic don't need to concern themselves with Amanda Bynes arrested news.

Heck, they're too busy whipping up desserts and dinners and everything in between to even know who Amanda Bynes is. Yes, we're jealous.

So what has been going on in the Food Fanatic kitchen this week? Scroll down for the latest recipes...

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Chopped threw a culinary curveball at contestants this week.

Forget cooking up an appetizer, entree and dessert... contestants Fred, Natalie, Brandon and Chris were tasked with breakfast, lunch and dinner on this special episode of the Food Network favorite.

Chopped Host Pic

Who responded best to the change?

What sort of pancake, crab and shrimp recipes did the chefs come up with? And just how badly do we now want to chow down some Seared Chateaubriand?!?

Visit our friends at Food Fanatic for a full Chopped review!

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Jacqueline Simpson, a gospel singer from Brooklyn, has filed a lawsuit against McDonald's.

The artist says she swallowed a shard of glass inside a chicken sandwich at a location in lower Manhattan three years ago and the incident ruined her singing voice.

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“Now when I sing, I have a hoarse, rattly voice,” Simpson told The New York Post. “I still sing alto, but I can’t sing soprano like I used to.”

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Marijuana. It's not just for Justin Bieber anymore!

With Washington set to legalize the drug for recreational purposes, pot growers may soon be faced with the issue of what to do with the leftovers from their plants.

But Susannah Gross has an idea.

Pigs Pic

The owner of a five-acre farm north of Seattle, Gross has spent the last four months supplementing the food of four pigs with this substance - and the results have been impressive:

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Kate Middleton is in prime nesting mode.

She's taking cooking classes and learning new recipes, reports indicate. Her new housekeeper, Antonella Fresolone, has been giving her one-on-one lessons.

Beautiful Kate Middleton Picture

Kate and Prince William are said to be more in love than ever since she got pregnant, but if a man's heart is through his stomach, he may love her even more!

Fresolone, who worked for 13 years at Buckingham Palace, comes highly regarded. Her homemade pasta and French bread recipe are supposedly to die for.

The Duke and his wife commandeered her services last month, and she's wasted no time teaching Kate Middleton how to make "a number of new dishes."

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Kim Kardashian. Chris Brown. Farrah Abraham.

Not everything on THG is appetizing, we know.

Fortunately, our friends at Food Fanatic are here to offer some delicious recipes that cause your stomach to grumble with anticipation. Not just nausea.

What has FF cooked up this week? Let's see ...

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Gary Cole, a federal prison inmate in Northern Texas, has filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell because he says he invented the concept of the ridiculously popular Doritos Locos Taco.

And Taco Bell and Frito-Lay stole it from him.

Doritos Locos Pic

According to a 35-page handwritten complaint, Cole insists he came up with nine product ideas in 2006.

The second on the list was titled "Taco Shells of All Flavors (Made of Doritos)" and the document says he submitted it to Janice B Cole and Keoiana K. Cole four years later. It's unclear who these people are.

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Taco Bell is testing out a new breakfast waffle taco at three Southern California locations as part of the fast food chain's increased breakfast service.

A staff member mole at a Santa Ana, Calif., location confirmed that the waffle "taco" is lightly fried, stuffed with scrambled egg and a sausage patty.

Folded over and served with maple syrup, it costs a mere 89 cents.

RIP every other fast food restaurant?

Taco Bell Waffle Taco

The Bell already started selling breakfast last year in about 800 locations in 10 states. Eventually, it will be rolled out to all 6,000 locations nationwide.

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The Facebook page of an Arizona bakery became a national story after the owners of Amy's Baking Company were featured on Gordon Ramsay's FOX show.

But the insane-seeming duo now says they had nothing to do with the EPIC rants that followed their Kitchen Nightmares appearance, which was ridiculed online.

Instead, they're playing the "hacking" card.

Amy's Baking Company

The couple’s behavior on the show was beyond bad - it was even too much for Ramsay, who walked out before renovations in the May 10 episode.

The Scottsdale, Ariz., establishment was accused of stealing tips from employees, selling desserts from elsewhere and being rude to customers.

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On last week's episode of Fox's Kitchen Nightmares, loudmouth UK chef Gordon Ramsay paid a visit to Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo were apparently such a “nightmare” to work with that Ramsay canned them. Customers aren’t exactly fond of Amy’s either.

Samy and Amy Bouzaglo

Yelp reviews call the restaurant itself “horrible” and accuse the owners of stealing waitresses’ tips ... and of being tyrannical nut jobs on social media.

Not even Ramsay could convince the stubborn owner to change her behavior, which only became more evident after their exploits aired on Fox.

The show caught the attention of Reddit, whose users slammed the restaurant's Facebook page with comments, triggering an epic social media meltdown.

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