In honor of Memorial Day, Chopped paid homage to the man and women of our armed last night.

Four former military chefs competed on The Food Network hit, inspiring us with both their creativity and their dedication to our freedom.

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Garces vs. Morimoto. The secret ingredient of chicken, duck, pork and calf liver. One judge who takes himself way too seriously.

It was on last night during the semifinals of the Iron Chef America Tournament of Champions, as Michael Symon sat back and learned who he would meet in next Sunday's finals.

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Chopped threw a culinary curveball at contestants this week.

Forget cooking up an appetizer, entree and dessert... contestants Fred, Natalie, Brandon and Chris were tasked with breakfast, lunch and dinner on this special episode of the Food Network favorite.

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Jacqueline Simpson, a gospel singer from Brooklyn, has filed a lawsuit against McDonald's.

The artist says she swallowed a shard of glass inside a chicken sandwich at a location in lower Manhattan three years ago and the incident ruined her singing voice.

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