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This week, Chopped explored its “hippie” side by centering the baskets around ingredients such as chia seeds, wheatgrass, and tempeh.

Do you even know what those are? Exactly.

The show encouraged several of the chefs to explore vegetarian recipes like never before, and the results were both unpredictable and delicious.

Chopped Image

The impressive quartet of culinary competitors Tuesday was comprised of chefs, executive chefs and restaurant owners from Philly to Texas.

Which chef came out on top in this episode of the Food Network hit?

Our friends at Food Fanatic will tell you in their Chopped review!

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Keeping the momentum going in what has been an insane couple of months for viral fast food stories, we present to you ... this insane Wendy's customer!

This video of a dude "losing [his] s--t" over a cheeseburger that was SUPPOSED to be a hamburger is the latest to make the online rounds. Take a look:

"Is there cheese in hamburger? There's no cheese in hamburger!" he screams at the employee working the drive-thru, which he obviously walked thru.

After demanding his money back "FAST!" the guy helpfully explains, "When you have a cheeseburger, you have a cheeseburger. If you have hamburger, you have hamburger!"

Wait ... how does that work again?

He then berates their incompetence, pounds his fists on the edge of the window in scary fashion, uses some foul language and storms off. Classy fella.

From the Taco Bell shell-licking guy to the Wendy's Frosty guzzling employee, this has been a crazy run for fast food joints and smartphone cameras.

Then there's Taylor Chapman. She's in a league of her own.

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Wait... was that an episode of Food Network Star that aired last night?

Or an installment of Chopped?

On a special episode of the Food Network competition, it followed the rules of its Food Network brethren, asking contestants to create a meal in 30 minutes out of a basket full of ingredients.

Food Network Person

Could they complete the task? Damaris and Stacey didn't seem to have any problems, but Chad could scarcely pronounce the names of some of items in front of him.

That was a slight problem, but it was nothing compared to the attitude of Danushka.

She was cold. Standoffish. Mean. Bored. Pretty much awful all around.

Did it get her sent home? Read this Food Network Star review now for the answer!

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With fast food employees around the nation licking taco shells and guzzling directly from the Frosty machine... isn't it nice to know some folks still care about their work in the kitchen?

Yes, we're looking at you, Food Fanatic.

By relying on such products as a Vitamix 5200 and by dedicating themselves to what's tasty and healthy, this website cranked out the following items over the past few days...

FF Logo

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Two quick notes to American fast food employees:

  1. Please stop doing gross stuff with the food
  2. At least stop taking photos of it if you do

Actually, never mind the second step. If you're dumb enough to do #1, you'll obviously want to share it, and we can at least help you get fired that way.

Wendy's Frosty Guy

The dude above, guzzling straight from the Wendy's Frosty machine (the vanilla kind, for unknown reasons), became a viral hit after his pic hit Reddit.

Not by his doing. "I was going to buy a frosty from Wendy's until I saw the employee do this," the poster wrote, and shortly thereafter, the guy got 86'd.

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Last month, a seemingly innocent Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed-race family sparked controversy and incurred fierce, racist backlash on YouTube.

Much like the response to Sebastien De La Cruz singing the National Anthem this week, it was enough to make you ask, "What the hell is wrong with people?"

A lot, clearly, and it left a lot of people scratching their heads.

Well, this ad parody circulating online offers an even better response to the firestorm, upping the ante on bigots and telling the haters they can "eat it."

Watch the spoof below, followed by the original after the jump:

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If you're the type of person who needs a buffer between yourself and the food, gadgets, toys and who knows what else you crave but know you shouldn't ...

You can help fund the Kitchen Safe on Kickstarter!

How does it work?

Simply place an item inside the Kitchen Safe, close the lid, and set the timer. Then press that button and you’re locked out until the thing hits zero!

The creator notes that it was designed for food, but can be used for all sorts of addicting things ... iPhones, TV remotes, homemade peanut brittle, you name it.

With a goal of $30,000, the Kitchen Safe has already received upwards of $20,000 from 373 backers, with 36 days to go. Looks like it's got a chance!

What would you put in that piece?

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Ding! Ding!

It was on for Round 3 of the American Baking Competition last night, with the CBS series turning its attention from cookies to cakes.

Foxworthy as Host

The first challenge? Bake a one-layer version of this dessert in 90 minutes. Most contestants went the chocolate route.

At different times during the hour, we were also treated to a soda pop cake… a tequila orange cake… and a surprise inside cake. Yes, many variations of this classic were popping in and out of the oven, but who TOOK the cake?

If you can forgive the obvious pun, head over to Food Fanatic now for its latest American Baking Competition review where the answer is revealed!

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From bacon popcorn to tuna belly to lassi to mashed potato candy, the contestants on Chopped last night were faced with typically challenging baskets.

Chopped Folks

And what did we learn from the latest installment of this Food Network favorite?

Certain cuts of tuna should not be seared… leg of lamb must be properly braised… and, of course, you MUST get all of your ingredients on the plate.

Which chef made the final fatal error? Who came out on top and wish what winning dish? Our friends at Food Fanatic are waiting with the answers in their latest Chopped review!

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Whoever said the customer is always right never met Taylor Chapman.

In a viral video, the 27-year-old Florida woman, who has worked as a video spokesperson for a restaurant and an auto repair shop, goes OFF on Dunkin' Donuts.

For unexplained reasons, Chapman walked into the DD on Saturday to record herself complaining about not being provided a receipt for a prior purchase.

“This is all being under video surveillance,” she absurdly warned one employee (who was absurdly polite), referring to her iPhone, which kept recording for 8:09.

Since she allegedly was not given a receipt, the Broward County resident cited a company policy that supposedly guaranteed her free food as a result.

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