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You know what they say: let them eat cake.

We're not sure if this saying originated when one person tried to sacrifice another to Satan. Or when one sexual partner gave another Herpes. Or when parents caught their son dry humping his girlfriend.

But you'd be surprised how many times this dessert item has been used as a form of an apology and/or as a way to get across a very important message (e.g. guess who's gay!).

In the following photo gallery, we rundown 29 examples of folks baking a cake to offer up a mea culpa for a tasering, an inappropriate "boning" and for that time when the subject blacked out, tried to kill you and then almost got everyone arrested.

Really, my bad on that one, friend...

My bad!
Really, I apologize. It probably shouldn't have done any of that.

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Rachael Ray‘s daytime talk show has already been renewed for a new season, but sources say it may be the end of the line for the celebrity chef.

The Rachael Ray Show debuted in 2006 and was renewed in 2013 for another two years, but now her bosses, sources say, are starting to regret that:

Rachael Ray Photograph

“If it weren’t for that renewal, Rachael’s show likely would have been canceled after the current season. The ratings are way down and fans are turning on her.”

Ray’s numbers were down eight percent for the week ending August 17, landing her below Katie Couric‘s talk show, Katie, which was already canceled.

It's not just ratings, either. Fan message boards have been blowing up this summer with criticism of Rachael Ray, 46, and the show they once adored.

One disgruntled viewer said, "[Ray] interrupts EVERY GUEST, no matter what the topic, this authority on everything just wants to hear herself talk!"

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Move over Marthan Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. Jonathan Cheban of Keeping Up With the Karadshians fame is launching a new lifestyle site.

Kim Kardashian's best friend recently gave his fans (which he presumably has, somewhere), The Dishh on his growing empire and how Kim inspired him.

Yes, that's Dishh with a second "h."

Jonathan Cheban
Jonathan Cheban has been a publicist for years. But only by publicizing his friendship with the Kardashians has he become known.

Cheban’s new site, he explains, is “an extension of my Instagram! Everybody loves my food, loves my places to go, and loves my fun stories and fun posts."

According to Instagram, this boast is valid - 948,640 people do. As a result, "I thought it was time to make it into a full website" with all he has to offer.

With the tagline, The Best Of The Best And The Best Of The Worst … And Nothing In Between,” the site will Dishh on the best places and stuff for a kick ass time.

Not necessarily on a budget.

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One is an American delicacy. The other is an Italian delicacy.

Put them together and you get what may become a Japanese delicacy.

Tatsuya Kawagoe - a famous chef in Japan - has come up with the Neapolitan Burger, which is a heart-attack-waiting-to-happen that includes ground beef, al dente spaghetti and a piece of lettuce.

Compared to the donut cheesesteak burger, of course, this sounds like a healthy dietary option.

Where does it rank among all-time weird burger ideas? Click and compare below:

Spaghetti Burger
This is a real food item available in Japan. It combines spaghetti with a hamburger.

And visit our friends at Food Fanatic for other burger recipes and ideas.

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Some parents may fail miserably at text messaging.

But others succeed at apologizing to their son's girlfriend after their security cameras caught her dry humping their child behind the sofa in the living room.

Yes, this really happened to a Reddit user named “One Skinny Mexican,” who shared his story online, along with the dessert item baked by his mom and dad.

Look what they wrote to his embarrassed girlfriend:

Parents Apologize to Dry-Humped Girlfriend of Son

The young man says that he thought he and his girlfriend were “at an angle” in which the camera would miss them, but obviously he was mistaken.

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She hasn't talked about it much, but a promo for Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 gave it away:

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her third child.

While we await to discover whether a boy or a girl will be joining Kourtney, Scott Disick, Mason Dash and Penelope, the 35-year old is covering the latest issue of Natural Health and opening up to the magazine about her eating habits.

Kourtney Kardashian Natural Health Cover

"I try to eat pretty healthy, but I think it's fun and important to listen to your cravings," Kourtney said. "I develop a thing for Nilla Wafer cookies every time [I'm pregnant].

"I have no idea why! I've also been into cheese and pickle sandwiches. Everyone thinks I'm gross when I order them."

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We've already documented 37 text message fails by mom.

But what about 29 baby shower cake fails presented to mom? We're so glad you asked!

For reasons that will forever defy comprehension, some folks think it's funny to feature a baby shower dessert that prepares the parent-to-be for childbirth, whether this means using strawberries to represent blood or sprinkles to represent...

... you don't even want to know.

Are these creative? Yes. Are they humorous? Some. Are they appetizing? For the love of all that is pure and holy.... NO.

This is how it works
You can't argue with the logic here.

For dessert recipes that don't include a fake baby's head sticking out of a gooey pretend vagina, visit our friends at Food Fanatic.

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Scott Disick is either stoned out of his mind or filling the void of his infamous dalliances with drugs and alcohol by indulging a long-repressed fast food craving.

The longtime partner of Kourtney Kardashian didn't just hit up Burger King the other night, he dropped $205 on just Chicken Fries from Burger King.

That's 45 orders, for those keeping score at home.

  • Scott Disick, Chicken Fries
  • Chicken Fries Receipt

Guess nothing cures Disick's alcohol poisoning like greasy chicken shaped like fries. Hopefully he at least shared some with the pregnant Kourtney.

Scott, whose Instagram title is hilariously @letthelordbewithyou, posted the receipt on his account, writing "Thank the Lord @BurgerKing #ChickenFriesareBack."

The 31-year-old also hashtagged #bkpdpartner which some take to mean that he was paid to post that, but regardless, Disick is officially Lord of the Fries.

We think the title suits him, and that he wouldn't argue.

Other memorable receipts that tell quite a story ...

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Given the massive importance companies assign to marketing and branding, you'd think they would pick product names that weren't easily ridiculed.

You would be wrong.

Don't call your food something offensive at worst and subject to easy mockery at best. Simple enough task, right? These epic name fails prove otherwise.

This memo doesn't always reach the bigwigs upstairs. Yes, some of these are lost in translation (at least we hope shredded children are not actually for sale in China).

Plenty of others can be chalked up to different cultures, too ... but still. Between the Soup For Sluts flavor of Ramen, and the Pee Cola, we're sufficiently creeped out.

Check out those surprisingly real items and other gems in this oft-disgusting, always-hilarious gallery of the 29 awfulest, most absurd food product names ever:

Mmm. We don't even know what this actually is, but with a name like POO, how can you go wrong.

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A catering company called Dirty Bird Fried Chicken has some critics clucking mad over a logo that could best be described as ... well, dirty. Very dirty.

Dirty Bird Logo

The company insists it created a rooster that incorporates its initials, DB. Some people see it as a penis that is incredibly excited, and not by fried chicken.

So either way, it's a cock of some kind. In a manner of speaking.

Mark James, the logo's designer, insists it's supposed to be a barnyard bird and started "working with a lowercase ‘db’ linking them to form the shape of a rooster."

"It’s a graphic representation of a rooster incorporating the initials. It all depends on how you look at it ... it’s in the eye of the beholder, as they say.”

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