Marcella Hazan, a native of Italy who was best known for penning six cookbooks, passed away yesterday morning at her home in Florida. She was 89 years old.

Hazan's books were translated to English by Victor, her husband of 57 years, and focused on simple Italian recipes that could easily be whipped up any amateur chef.

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For disgraced NFL great O.J. Simpson, that's just how the cookie crumbles. When you get caught stealing them from the prison cafeteria, that is.

The Juice was caught with not one, not two, but a dozen oatmeal cookies pilfered from the correctional facility he calls home, a new report says.

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We came down to Bryan, Jennifer and Douglas on the finale of Top Chef Masters.

Before a winner could be named, however, the cooking tables were turned, with these finalists kicking back, relaxing and actually enjoying a meal made for them by Curtis Stone.

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So... have you tried those vegan pancakes yet?

With the summer nearly officially over, our friends at Food Fanatic have been whipping up snack and meal ideas for the most beautiful season of all. Aside from the aforementioned breakfast treat, they've come up with a number of other recipe recommendations.

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We interrupt your hourly dose of Lamar Odom drug and mistress stories to bring you an update from our friends at Food Fanatic.

With fall and winter unfortunately around the corner, the expert chefs from this website have been whipping up a few carb-based recipes. You've gotta pack on thise pounds for the cold months ahead, right?

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