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No one mention this to Lindsay Lohan, but someone has come out with a more efficient way to get wasted.

It's called Palcohol and it's exactly what it sounds like: powdered alcohol.

The federal government approved the item this week, although there remains a discrepancy over just how much Palcohol can be sold at once. 

Therefore, it's not available to consumers... yet.

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Sorry, chocolate crucifix.

You are no longer the strangest food item we've come across this week.

For reasons that will likely remain a mystery forever, Häagen-Dazs has come out with two vegetable ice cream flavors in Japan: Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange.

Take a look at their containers while we go deposit our lunch someplace…

Vegetable Ice Cream

These flavors will be released on May 12.

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Were you one of those suckers who spent yesterday actually cooking up a few Easter recipes?

HA, Matt Stonie is here to laugh in the face of such lunacy!

This young man spent Sunday (or a very small portion of Sunday, really) trying to set a record by eating 100 Peeps in two minutes.

According to the 21-year old in the video, the previous mark was 60 Peeps within this time frame, a number he positively SHATTERS in 120 of the most nauseating seconds you'll ever view. Sit back and enjoy now!

Where does this rank among the most impressive eating accomplishments in recent history?

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Yesterday marked 4/20 and Easter, making it one of those rare times where folks celebrated the rebirth of Jesus Christ and the relaxing effects of marijuana.

Thanks to Hershey's, though, one could actually combine these occasions, as that candy company actually came out with a chocolate crucifix.

How else can one honor Jesus while also satisfying one's craving for munchies?

A Chocolate Crucifix

According to the official Item Description on, Hershey's Solid Milk Chocolate Cross "is the perfect gift for Easter."

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The Internet is abuzz with ideas for theme foods and twee crafts to celebrate Easter.

But folks in Colorado, Washington State, and MediCali have another big holiday on their hands: Sunday happens to fall on 4/20, national pot smoking day, and that means it's not just the big-time tokers who will take this opportunity to get in to the green spirit.

Bud hobbyists and first-time smokers alike tend to come out in droves for this day.

So we thought we'd create this handy party-hosting guide to make sure that the less experienced amongst you can stock your cabinet so full of viable munchies (like Funfetti Cookies), you could host Willie Nelson, George Clinton AND the Parliament Funkadelic without having to make an emergency Taco Bell run.

Take a look at these toker treats as you try out that Red Velvet Cookies Recipe:

20 Munchies to Eat on 4/20
A 711 staple, the Slurpee is your friend when you're stoned.
View As List

1. Slurpee

A 711 staple, the Slurpee is your friend when you're stoned.

Waffle Taco

2. Waffle Taco

Finally! We understand the reason the Waffle Taco REALLY exists. It's for all those who spend the night baked and then need a bite!

Fried Chicken

3. Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is best served, well, fried chicken is best. Try it cold! You'll like it.

Cocoa Krispies

4. Cocoa Krispies

Mmmm. Cocoa Krispies! Just remember the snap, crackle, and pop aren't REALLY in your living room.

Sour Patch Kids

5. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids can be purchased by the pound on Amazon. You're welcome!


6. Cookies

Oreos, chocolate chip, peanut butter. Whatever the variety, these little circles of sweetness will hit the spot.


7. Jello

This Jello is channeling its inner Bob Marley for 4/20. It's your kind of Jello.

Hot Pockets

8. Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets come in so many varieties that no matter your craving, there's something for you! Stock the freezer!

Bagel Bites

9. Bagel Bites

Bagel Bites are mighty tasty! Just be careful because they'll totally burn your mouth, and that might harsh your mellow.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

10. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwiches are simple, timeless, delicious works of art. If you see Jesus or the Virgin Mary, you might want to check your stash.


11. Funyuns

Funyuns are basically only good when you're high. That's a fact.


12. Doritos

Doritos, the nacho cheesier the better, are the perfect munchie foods! Watch out for the orange-stained fingertips or you'll totes give yourself away.


13. Doughnuts

Being high is an excuse to eat a dozen doughnuts all by yourself, isn't it? Yes, it totally is.

Bacon Cheeseburger

14. Bacon Cheeseburger

The bacon cheeseburger. Mmmm mmmm good. Because bacon.

White Castle

15. White Castle

Harold and Kumar didn't have an adventure to White Castle for no reason!

Sour Belts

16. Sour Belts

Sour belts, cousin to the Sour Patch Kids, can also be bought in bulk on Amazon. Again, YOU'RE WELCOME.

Candy Bars

17. Candy Bars

Miniatures or full-size, you can't go wrong with candy bars!

Ice Cream

18. Ice Cream

Ice Cream, soft-serve, scooped, on a cone, in a bowl, with sprinkles or without, would make an excellent choice!

Inside the Fridge

19. Inside the Fridge

Just raid the fridge! Whatever's inside is good for the grubbing!

Potato Chips

20. Potato Chips

Potato chips leave less signs that they've been there than Doritos and they don't stink like Funyuns. Keep some on hand just in case!

Stoners eat like pregnant women. That's basically all you need to know. We've all heard the old adage "never go grocery shopping hungry," right?

Well, multiply that times one million for going grocery shopping high.

Before you know it you've got a cart full of things like cookie dough in a tub, frozen giant pretzels, mustard in four flavors, pre-made cream cheese frosting, and omigod you know what would go so good with this?

Grape Shasta and Orange Sherbet.

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Holidays mean family and family means dinner! The traditional fare for Easter Sunday comes in two varieties: ham or standing rib roast. 

While those are tried and true staples, sometimes it's nice to get a little adventurous. We have 9 Easter recipes to tickle your tastebuds and fancy up your fête

9 Easter Recipes
Instead of the typical mid-morning snack, mix up a batch of Easter Bunny Trail Mix. The "carrots" are dried fruit! This is practically a health food!
View As List
Easter Bunny Trail Mix

1. Easter Bunny Trail Mix

Instead of the typical mid-morning snack, mix up a batch of Easter Bunny Trail Mix. The "carrots" are dried fruit! This is practically a health food!

Strawberry Spinach Salad

2. Strawberry Spinach Salad

A strawberry spinach salad makes an excellent starter for your Easter Sunday dinner. The colors are vibrant making it pretty AND delicious.

Ham Steaks

3. Ham Steaks

Instead of the traditional spiral sliced ham, go for ham steaks on Easter Sunday. Topped with a maple-bourbon glaze, it's bound to be amazing.

Braised Beef Shanks

4. Braised Beef Shanks

If pork isn't your thing, go for braised beef shanks over a cheesy polenta! These cook slow, so give yourself plenty of time for optimum tenderness!

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

5. Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

You have ALL those eggs laying around from the hunts, right? Turn them into Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs and serve them with dinner.

Stovetop Mac and Cheese

6. Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food and a perfect side for almost any main course. This stovetop mac and cheese cooks up as creamy as those cooked in the oven.

Easter Egg Italian Bread

7. Easter Egg Italian Bread

Here's another use for all those eggs! But don't boil them yet! This Easter Egg Italian bread starts with dyed, raw eggs! It's also pretty to look at!

Gluten Free Pretzel Bread

8. Gluten Free Pretzel Bread

With this gluten free pretzel bread, there will be something for everyone at your table. Serve these as rolls with your meal, or slice and make sandwiches with leftovers! Mmm!

Coconut Truffles

9. Coconut Truffles

Instead of cakes or pies this Easter, serve these tasty two-bite coconut truffles! If you have any left over, freeze them for a midnight snack!

If your little ones are like most, they eat breakfast and then they're almost immediately hungry again. Make up a batch of Easter Trail Mix to hold them over between breakfast and lunch. It's cute and there's FRUIT! They won't even know they're eating something healthy because it's just so adorable!

This would also make an excellent Easter egg hunt snack food!

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There's a new pizza in the oven and it's not even really a pizza at all.

Domino's launched their new Specialty Chicken Crust Pizzas, four varieties, in all, on Monday and they are going viral. 

These oddly delicious looking culinary concoctions are made up of boneless chicken nuggets, deep fried (of course), and then topped with goodies like jalapenos and pineapple, BACON, cheese, and buffalo sauce. But not all on the same pizza. Probably.

Watch Domino's make the specialty chicken crust pizza now in their ad, "Not Afraid To Fail."

"If we gave up after every mistake, we wouldn't come up with something new like our Specialty Chicken," says a Domino's chef.

The Specialty Chicken pizzas are the first new product for Domino's since 2012, the year when Domino's officially dropped the word "pizza" from both its name and its logo.

One thing we can't decide is whether or not these will be disgusting, delicious, or a combination of both?

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Starbucks has issued an apology to patron Megan Pinion after the Louisiana native received two cups of coffee with Satantic symbols painted in caramel syrup on the foam.

The unusual incident took place in Baton Rouge over the weekend and included one order decorated with a pentagram and another with the number 666.

"I am in no way judging [the barista's] beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork," Pinion, a Catholic teacher, wrote alongside an image of the two coffees on the official Starbucks Facebook page. "I am however judging his lack of professionalism and respect for others."

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Taco Bell breakfast is all the rage in America.

Heck, it's even being endorsed by Ronald McDonald.

But our poor friends north of the border are being deprived of such delicacies as the Waffle Taco and Taco Bell A.M. Crunchwrap... and they are none too happy about it.

In a Reddit chat this week, Taco Bell President Brian Niccol was asked when these items were coming to Canada, to which he replied: When you take Justin Bieber back.

Justin Bieber: Shirtless on Instagram

The only thing funnier than this response?

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It's been quite the week in the world of fast food.

A new Taco Bell breakfast menu has been endorsed by a number of Ronald McDonalds. A teenager in Norway has gotten himself a McDonald's receipt tattoo.

And a YouTube competitive eater who goes by the moniker L.A. Beast has accepted Burger King’s challenge to eat every burger on its menu in one sitting.

It cost $35.15 for the Beast to do so and the 10 items titled 6,370 total calories.

The 24 minutes it took the Beast to down each burger is condensed into a 12-minute video below, but be warned: just watching it may send you running to the bathroom for days.

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