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Top Chef Season 12 Episode 2 saw the remaining, talented contestants do culinary battle using the Boston staple of surf and turf. How did that turn out?

Well, for one, Top Chef Season 12 Episode 2 made us extremely hungry. So in that sense it was an immediate and undisputed success, win or lose.

Tasked with coming up with various ways to make this delicious dish, the stakes were as high as the heat in a lobster pot ... or something like that.

All kidding aside, this hour was more emotional than most installments of Top Chef, because Boston's finest were the recipients of the meals created.

Knowing all that our police and fire personnel go through - in particular those who serve this great city that endured so much in 2013 - made for a moving scene.

Who's moving on to next week, though, with heroic kitchen efforts worthy of true American heroes? Who is leaving the show with their heads held high?

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How would you sum up your love life in three words?

Twitter's #MyLoveLifein3Words hashtag is trending today, asking this profound question and yielding some pretty great responses in the process.

There are some hilariously self-deprecating people out there. Check out 29 of the best responses to this trending topic and see if they apply to you:

Another takeaway? People are hungry, and we don't necessarily mean with lust. We mean literally. Seriously, we are a nation of pizza-consuming fiends.

Others revealed celebrity crushes or that they would prefer to watch TV online or watch movies online than be in any relationship with a human being.

This greatness first originated Comedy Central's @Midnight, which started via his usual Wednesday hashtag war with a simple gem: #MyLoveLifein3Words.

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Wednesday evening's Top Chef Season 12 Episode 1 introduced us to 16 talented aspiring chefs, who promptly got their hands dirty in the first challenge of the fall.

Dirty in a delicious way, of course. Not an unsanitary one.

For some, Top Chef Season 12 Episode 1 was simply the beginning of an epic journey. For one, it was a journey ending after it had barely even begun.

Such is life in the world of reality TV competitive cooking.

Richard Blais, who fans may recall as the Top Chef Season 8 All-Stars winner, is on board the judging panel this year along with Tom, Padma and Gail.

At stake? The Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge!!

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Pickled banana peppers are the unsung hero of toppings. You might not see them too often, but these things are as versatile and underrated as they are delicious.

Why is this, when they serve as such perfect compliments to sandwiches of various flavors, not to mention other items like pizza, burgers and hot dogs?

Perhaps because not everyplace offers them, or when it comes to making them at home, people think it's just too difficult. Well, the latter has to change.

It has to. Even if your local deli doesn't stockpile them (their loss), Food Fanatic's pickled banana peppers recipe will help you bring these to your kitchen.

They're surprisingly easy to grow, and not just if you live in a warm, sunny place. Even a comparably short, cloudy growing season can net you a strong yield.

The key to this is the pickling, another step you might assume is more time-consuming and challenging than it actually is - even if you like the result.

In truth, the only downside is waiting a couple of weeks after the process until the banana peppers are fully pickled. The work in getting them there is a breeze.

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If you've ever tasted KFC gravy, you know Colonel Sanders is onto something, because it's simply delicious. You won't find many arguments there, we're guessing.

Even if you've never had the pleasure of sampling it but you enjoy the taste of gravy on mashed potatoes (or anything), this recipe should be endorsed by U2:

Because it's even better than the real thing! Sorry. But it is true ...

Food Fanatic has come up with a copycat KFC Gravy recipe you can make in the comfort of your own home, which is great if you happen to have a gluten intolerance.

Even if you're pro-gluten (is anyone pro-gluten?) this is an all-natural way to go that's to die for and will perfectly compliment your potatoes, biscuits, fried chicken ...

You get the idea.

Any KFC devotee will tell you the best part is always the gravy, whatever you're pairing it with. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, too. Just saying!

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Done right, chocolate peanut butter cookies are so rich, so beautifully blended in combinations of flavor that you'll be in dessert heaven every time you sample one.

And get ready, because this here is how they're done to perfection.

Not that you can go truly wrong when trying any variation of these.

People probably have different things in mind when they think of what the perfect chocolate peanut butter cookie recipe consists of, and it's hard to blame them.

Do you go the route of a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips, or vice versa? Try to incorporate filling or glaze? It's a matter of preference, of course.

That being said, this one may take the cake ... er, cookie.

Food Fanatic's unique mixture of bittersweet chocolate chips and cocoa powder really draws out the chocolate flavor more than you realize until you try one.

It doesn't taste like coffee, but rather uses it to boost the cocoa bean's natural chocolate essence. Look at it as a chocolate on steroids, but less illegal.

Now you're thinking, will that mask the peanut butter?

Not remotely, when you consider that this is the more potent flavor of the two to start with, and is literally sandwiched in between both sides of the cookie.

That picture above? It's accurate, and more easily accomplished than you might think, even if you're a baking novice. It's worth it, too, you can take our word.

This is a recipe you've simply got to try for yourself. Follow the link to see how these chocolate peanut butter cookies are made, but please, be forewarned:

They are seriously more addicting than Walter White's crystal blue persuasion, albeit not as deadly and much more likely to be a hit at family reunions.

Heck, you can BRAG to mom that you made these!

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We're all for sex education, but, well... read the following story.

A Reddit user named “JPstudly” has relayed the story of a female friend of hers who teaches second graders. 

When the kids in her class are good for a week, she rewards them by asking a parent to bring in snacks as a treat. She just never imagined one of these parents would bake those treats in the shape of a vagina.

Vagina Cookies

Here is how the teacher explains what transpired:

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When it comes to birthday parties, many celebrity parents spare absolutely no expense.

The bigger the birthday party, the better! Beyonce and Jay Z rented a ZOO for Blue Ivy, and you know KimYe went straight baller for North West's first birthday.

A quick glance at Pinterest reveals that regular folks are also throwing some celebrity-sized bashes for their offspring so we thought we'd offer up a little help to our celebrity-obsessed friends.

Take a look at 17 celebrity kids' birthday cakes to inspire your next fête ...

Cowboy Up!
Mason Disick's cowboy-themed second birthday party was a scene from the Wild West! The cowboy hat cake completed the look!

And while we're on the subject of children and cakes, you absolutely must take a look at some of these baby shower cakes / wrecks. If you dare.

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Oops! DiGiorno's bad!

In the wake of Ray Rice getting cut by the Baltimore Ravens after video surfaced of the NFL star knocking his wife out cold in an elevator, writer Beverly Gooden created the hashtag #WhyIStayed.

It was meant to invoke a discussion about the complexities of domestic violence, with women who have been abused using it to explain why they stuck with their man.

Rice's wife Janay Palmer married him a day after he was indicted for domestic violence, and came to his defense again this week after the attack video surfaced.

In any case, the hashtag was meant to inspire debate and conversation and it served its purpose... until DiGiorno jumped in with one of the more tone deaf Tweets you'll ever see:

DiGiorno Tweet

This was a tad different than the epically inappropriate US Airways Tweet from April - and also far worse.

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You know what they say: let them eat cake.

We're not sure if this saying originated when one person tried to sacrifice another to Satan. Or when one sexual partner gave another Herpes. Or when parents caught their son dry humping his girlfriend.

But you'd be surprised how many times this dessert item has been used as a form of an apology and/or as a way to get across a very important message (e.g. guess who's gay!).

In the following photo gallery, we rundown 29 examples of folks baking a cake to offer up a mea culpa for a tasering, an inappropriate "boning" and for that time when the subject blacked out, tried to kill you and then almost got everyone arrested.

Really, my bad on that one, friend...

My bad!
Really, I apologize. It probably shouldn't have done any of that.

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