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Jessica Vanessa formerly worked as a kindergarten teaching assistant.

Now? She works as someone who works it!

The 22-year old has quit her job with kids to become a full-time, professional Twerker after her booty-shaking Vine videos garnered so many followers that advertisers offered to pay her for making like Miley Cyrus while mentioning their products.

She now says she makes over $100,00 per year. For Twerking. 

"What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant," Vanessa says of her easy decision, adding:

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Two Florida women caught in a viral video apparently stealing someone's beach gear this summer are suing mad ... and their target is Fox News, obviously.

The video (above) was shot by the beach equipment's owner as he called out the Florida women stealing his stuff, which they insisted they were not.

After the man pressed them and said yes, in fact, they were breaking down and about to make off with his belongings, he was apparently accosted.

The women are now suing, of course, lamenting they've been treated unfairly - not by the YouTube video uploader but by a cable news network.

Middle-aged sisters Kathleen Duffy and Linda Duffy Kelly, now viral and infamous superstars, say Fox News unfairly portrayed the duo as thieves.

One anchor called it an "attempted theft," while some other (accurate) references to the video said they were "caught stealing" or "caught red handed."

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A woman was arrested Tuesday after Broward County Sheriff's Office deputies pulled over her car and found her baby in the trunk of a car, according to reports.

Breona Watkins, 19, said she passed her 5-month-old to the back seat where a 14-year-old placed the baby in the trunk via an opening in the back seat.

The report states that cops pulled Watkins over because of a broken headlight and for stopping in an intersection, forcing other vehicles to drive around her.

Watkins also did not stop her car right away, and when she did, provided deputies a fake name, which she later says she did because she lacks a valid driver's license.

It wasn't until she was placed in the back of the squad car did deputies hear what sounded like a baby crying coming from the trunk of her vehicle.

The infant was found on top of bush-cutting shears, a rusted tire iron and a rusted metal hanger. A used gas can and fuel pump were also in the trunk.

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If you think the world of reality TV is filled with desperate fame junkies now, just wait until you hear the strange story of Jasmine Tridevil.

Ms. Tridevil (No, it's not her real name) is a 21-year-old massage therapist living in Florida who's combined her quest for fame with her distaste for dating by having a third breast surgically implanted in order to make herself "unattractive to men" and help her land her own MTV series.

Jasmine Tridevil Photo

Jasmine says her third breast cost over $20,000 and she nearly gave up on the idea after she had difficulty finding a doctor to perform the procedure.

"It was really hard finding someone who would do it because they're breaking the code of ethics," said Jasmine in a recent interview. "I called like 50 or 60 doctors, no one wanted to do it."

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This Florida couple gives new meaning to the term breaking and entering.

Allison Riddle and Evan Jones, both 18-year-old high school students, are accused of forcing their way into in Bradenton, Fla., home for sexual purposes.

The hornball teenagers needed a place to fornicate, in other words.

Florida Teens Mug Shots

Their plan to get it in involved a calculated move to get in. Jones’ friend, who cuts the homeowner’s lawn, gave him the garage security code Saturday night.

The owner lives in Michigan (classic snowbird) and wasn't there, but a neighbor called the cops after spotting the two teens allegedly going into the house.

When local police showed up, the duo was doing each other on a bed.

"All right, we’re coming out!” Jones called from behind a closed door.

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A Florida mom's Facebook status didn't go over so well with her son's preschool. In fact, it got the kid straight up expelled from Sonshine Christian Academy.

Ashley Habat was upset that the school didn't give her enough notice about picture day. She ranted about this in a private post ... but still tagged the school.

In the post in question, Habat asked:

“Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will's School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.”

The next day she was reportedly told by school administrators that the school wouldn't be a good fit for her son, according to Jacksonville's WJXT-TV.

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As re-enacted in a recent episode of “Untold Stories of the ER,” a Florida woman recently fed her daughter a bunch of tapeworms in order to help the teen lose weight for a beauty pageant.

Maricar Cabral-Osori, the child’s ER nurse, relayed the disgusting story to Discovery Health, telling the network that the unnamed teen “pooped all these tapeworms” out in the hospital after complaining of stomach cramps.

“There were a couple that were very long and wiggling around trying to get out of the toilet bowl,” Cabral-Osori added, ensuring we lose our appetite for the rest of the day.

Really Blowing It
Someone needs to swallow hard and tell this mother what she's doing wrong.

Cabral-Osori said the mother did at least turn pale and embarrassed when she saw what her daughter passed.

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A Florida woman attacked, then burglarized her 84-year-old grandmother earlier this week, all over $80 she wanted for a hotel room, local police say.

Brigitte Matzke, 25, and husband Alex Caldwell, 26, were both arrested shortly after the alleged attack too place, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Brigitte Matzke Mug Shots

Police received a 911 call reporting screaming and banging coming from the house. They found the victim, Aida Matzke, sitting on her stoop crying.

Investigators say that at about 9:40 p.m., Brigitte Matzke and Caldwell went to her grandmother's home and demanded $80 to spend the night at a hotel.

Matzke allegedly grabbed her grandma, ripped off her bra, twisted her wrists and stole jewelry after her she refused to give her the money, news reports say.

When Aida Matzke tried to call 911, her granddaughter ripped the landline phone out of the wall and threw it at her before fleeing with $1,900 in stolen items.

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A few weeks ago, Kendall Jones caused quite an Internet uproar when she posted photos to Facebook of her successful animal kills in Africa.

Mark Zuckerberg and company eventually deleted pictures of Kendall's prey and the Texas Tech cheerleader faced numerous death threats online for her actions.

But while Jones is now out of the news, a new blonde with a gun is making headlines of a similar kind.

Say hello to Bunny Hunter.

The 32-year old Florida resident writes on her website that she’s a proud resident of the “Gunshine State,” that she’s a “God-fearing, patriotic country girl” with four siblings in the military and that she aims to "restore this once proud land to that which was originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers."

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Take note, readers: if you are of legal drinking age, you are always free to order Sex on the Beach.

But never, no matter how randy you may be feeling, are you permitted to have sex on the beach.

Josey “Benny” Caballero and Elissa Alvarez recently found this out the hard way when they were caught having intercourse on Bradenton Beach for 25 minutes straight, with one elderly woman actually catching the carnal carnage on video.

After they finished, the couple took a dip... took a nap... and then took each other downtown once again! Until someone called the cops, that is.

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