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George Zimmerman had yet another brush with the law this week after he allegedly threatened to kill a man following a road rage incident. Seriously.

WSVN reports that the altercation took place in Lake Mary, Florida.

The man, whose name has not been reported by local media, also told the police that Trayvon Martin's killer was waiting for him at his work afterward.

George Zimmerman in Court

Zimmerman reportedly admitted to police that he had an altercation with the man, but won't face any legal action, as the man has declined to press charges.

The 30-year-old, acquitted in the Martin case last July, has avoided protracted legal battles two other times in the past year for exactly that reason.

In December, Zimmerman's girlfriend Samantha Scheibe declined to press charges after initially claiming he pointed a shotgun at her face during an argument.

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This Florida couple gives new meaning to the term breaking and entering.

Allison Riddle and Evan Jones, both 18-year-old high school students, are accused of forcing their way into in Bradenton, Fla., home for sexual purposes.

The hornball teenagers needed a place to fornicate, in other words.

Florida Teens Mug Shots

Their plan to get it in involved a calculated move to get in. Jones’ friend, who cuts the homeowner’s lawn, gave him the garage security code Saturday night.

The owner lives in Michigan (classic snowbird) and wasn't there, but a neighbor called the cops after spotting the two teens allegedly going into the house.

When local police showed up, the duo was doing each other on a bed.

"All right, we’re coming out!” Jones called from behind a closed door.

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Judes Exantus did not have himself a good day yesterday.

The 29-year old Florida resident was pulled over by a Collier County Deputy for running a stop sign and tried to deny that he broke this law, despite the official making it clear he witnessed the violation.

Exantus then grew so annoyed at the time it was taking the officer to write him a ticket that he pulled out his phone on the spot and dialed 911.

Judes Exantus Mug Shot

This, of course, resulted in another charge (misuse off 911), which led to an arrest and Exantus needing to post $2,000 in bail to be released from jail.

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Take note, readers: if you are of legal drinking age, you are always free to order Sex on the Beach.

But never, no matter how randy you may be feeling, are you permitted to have sex on the beach.

Josey “Benny” Caballero and Elissa Alvarez recently found this out the hard way when they were caught having intercourse on Bradenton Beach for 25 minutes straight, with one elderly woman actually catching the carnal carnage on video.

After they finished, the couple took a dip... took a nap... and then took each other downtown once again! Until someone called the cops, that is.

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A Florida man has been charged with DUI after a road rage incident culminated in him being run over by his own pickup truck, according to Gainesville police.

Just when you thought you'd heard everything from Florida Man.

Joseph Carl Mug Shot

The bizarre turn of events took place after Joseph Carl, 48, drove his truck into the rear of a vehicle in front of him that was stopped at a traffic light.

Carl then jumped out and began banging on the driver's window and yelling at the woman inside, apparently neglecting to put his pickup into park.

The driver of the other vehicle was frightened and drove away, leaving nothing to hold back Carl's truck, which he was standing in front of, and, well ...

Police and paramedics arrived, but Carl refused treatment.

Possibly because Carl was stumbling and had a strong odor of alcohol; police found 16-oz. can of Miller High Life and other empty cans in the truck.

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We've all been in a crowded, public situation in which someone accidentally or mistakenly tries to take off with something that doesn't belong to them.

This is not that situation.

A Florida man busted two middle-aged women trying to break down, fold up and take away a tent canopy, beach chairs, boogie boards, and kids' toys on July 4.

So he confronted them, on video, and the results were both surprising and hilarious hilarious as the twosome tried to deny their shady ways, then just got pissed:

"Is that yours?" the man asks the two ladies, flummoxed by his beach tent.

"Yeah," one woman tells him, but shucks, "we don't know how to do it."

"Oh," Rich says, realizing what they dont. "You need some help?"

"Do you know how to do it?" both wannabe thieves ask him.

"Yeah," he says, dropping the bomb: "This is our stuff."

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Florida Man has struck again!

No, not the same Florida Man who kept calling 911 because his wife threw his beer away.

Nor the same Florida Man who ran a strip club out of his barbershop.

This time, the Florida Man in question is Derek Denesevich, a 26-year old accused of conspiring with Broward Clerk of Courts employee Porscha Kyles to use other people’s private information as part of a major tax-refund fraud scheme.

Around 100 folks had their information stolen, which allegedly netted about $120,000, but there's a far more important takeaway here:

Denesevich has multiple face tattoos, one of which is the Bentley logo.

Man with Bentley Tattoo Mug Shot

Denesevich has been charged with aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to possess unauthorized access devices.

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We have a new candidate for the Strange But True News Hall of Fame.

According to local reporters, the owner of a barbershop in Orlando was arrested this week after investigators found evidence that he was using the venue as an after-hours strip club.

Derrick Price Mug Shot

Agents raided the Slow Fades barbershop over the weekend and took 43-year-old Derrick Price into custody as a result, saying he had nude dancers inside the establishment and was also selling alcohol without a license. 

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A resident of South Florida was arrested this week after he kept calling 911 to report what he believed to be a serious crime:

His wife had thrown out his beer.

West Palm Beach police say they responded on Monday evening to a call for help made by Carlos Bueno Mir.

When cops arrived on the scene, the 49-year old told them about his wife’s actions, causing officers to explain that this is NOT the sort of emergency for which 911 is meant to be used.

Carlos Bueno Mir Mug Shot

They also said, surprisingly, that Mir appeared to be intoxicated.

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A Florida man working the desk at a Tampa Bay apartment complex for seniors nonchalantly disposed of the body of a resident who'd jumped 16 stories to her death.

Mistaking the corpse for a mannequin from an April Fools' prank. Obviously.

Tampa Bay Times reporter Weston Phippen detailed the story yesterday:

April Fools'

    Ronald Benjamin, 61, looked onto the patio and saw a shape on the ground. It looked to him like a mannequin. An April Fools' Day joke, he concluded, and went back to work.

    Two hours later, another employee of the senior housing complex at 440 Fourth Ave. N told Benjamin about the shape on the patio. It was just a prank, Benjamin assured her.

    When a woman and her teen son came by to deliver the Tampa Bay Times, Benjamin asked the boy to help him move the mannequin into a Dumpster.

It gets worse ...

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