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If you think you're having a rough day at work, check out this viral video of a FedEx driver effing up in the most epic fashion imaginable.

At first, it first it seems the dogs are gonna be the stars of the show and while their awesome reactions to the mayhem certainly add to the hilarity, it's this unidentified delivery man and his unsuccessful efforts to save his van (and probably his job) that make this video a classic.

This random security cam footage gets better every time you watch it. You may think you've enjoyed everything it has to offer, but it takes a second or third viewing to appreciate details like the running dog painted on the side of the van or the way the driver slumps over in defeat when he realizes the truck won this round. 

Despite the rogue delivery truck ghost riding across two side streets, no one was harmed in the making of this fail footage. Although, one dude may have gotten fired.

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And we thought Kristin Cavallari's anti-vaccine stance was the worst parenting decision we would ever see...

Admittedly, that's pretty bad, like super bad, but many of the 21 questionable parenting moments below are worse. WAY worse.

Dangling your kid into a pit of raccoons? Smoking with your toddler and taking pictures?

And then there's that mom in the car burned into our brains...

These 21 questionable parenting moments make even Kate Gosselin look like Mother Theresa.

21 Questionable Parenting Moments
Geez, dad! Don't you know the kid is supposed to be REAR facing! Gosh!
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Tractor Ride

1. Tractor Ride

Geez, dad! Don't you know the kid is supposed to be REAR facing! Gosh!

Third Wheel

2. Third Wheel

Something tells us this isn't what people had in mind when they created "Take Your Child to Work Day."

Say Cheese! If You Can!

3. Say Cheese! If You Can!

Here's hoping this photo session was quick, right?

Smoke Buddy

4. Smoke Buddy

Doesn't even matter if this picture is just posed and not real. Putting cigarettes in kids' hands and taking pictures is the opposite of cool.

Smart Dad

5. Smart Dad

Just what your kid always wanted! A rabies souvenir from his trip to the zoo!

Safety First!

6. Safety First!

Maybe DON'T put your kid's carrier in the street next time?


7. Penthouse

Penthouse? Really? With the Internet around, who has printed porn anymore?

Napkin Holder

8. Napkin Holder

This might actually be a GENIUS parenting moment. Dollars to donuts the kid under that napkin is sleeping and Dad's eating his hoagie with two hands. WIN!

Baby In a Basket

9. Baby In a Basket

If the baby's in the basket, where are the groceries? And this kid can't even scream because FOLDED IN HALF.

Stroller: You're Doing It Wrong

10. Stroller: You're Doing It Wrong

This mom might want to read the manual to find out just how her stroller works. Pretty sure this isn't it.

Good Reads

11. Good Reads

This kid is way too excited to be seeing Maxim. Way.


12. Baby-sicle

Pretty sure Baby-sicles don't taste like grape.

Picture Perfect

13. Picture Perfect

What happens when parents and photographers try to recreate Pinterest.

What a Tool

14. What a Tool

While not TECHNICALLY a questionable parenting moment, this is definitely a questionable FASHION moment and a VERY unfortunate photo.

Child Support

15. Child Support

This one kind of says everything, right?

Child Safety

16. Child Safety

Dude, this isn't The Walking Dead. Those kids are becoming Mika and Lizzie in the background and this dad is oblivious.

Bedtime Stories

17. Bedtime Stories

Who needs "Goodnight, Moon" when dad has Playboy?

Naming No-No

18. Naming No-No

These parents wanted to name their kid Anal. Yes. Anal. No.

Baby Backpack

19. Baby Backpack

Dear Dad, when wearing your baby ON YOUR BACK, maybe you stand on the train. Maybe?

Baby on Board

20. Baby on Board

Pretty sure there are no LATCH connecters inthe bed of this pickup, but hey, at least the kid is in a car seat?

Baby Balcony

21. Baby Balcony

You know, in case your kids needs fresh air and you're just too lazy to take them to the park.

And speaking of Kate Gosselin...

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Take heed, LeBron James. You're on notice.

You may be the reigning NBA MVP, a two-time defending champion, and a human highlight reel, but these hoopsters will give you a run for your money.

In terms of online viral video potential, at least.

With the 2013-14 NBA season officially underway this week, a compilation of epic basketball bloopers from the general population only seems appropriate.

If nothing else, it'll remind you how good the pros are.

Check out some of our favorite basketball fails, and try not to hurt yourself - either from sympathy pain or doubling over laughing so hard - as a result ...

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A liquor shelf collapsed last week in a supermarket Magnit, somewhere in Russia, sending waves of despair for the lost alcohol across the Internet.

We are talking about a severe loss of booze here.

All of us have experienced our hard work come crashing down at some point in our lives, figuratively ... but you have to feel for this shelf-stocking worker.

Seriously. You gotta see this:

The primary lesson here: Don't take so long just standing around. Pick a bottle of wine and just move on, ladies. It all tastes the same by the second glass.

That and invest in better shelves, store.

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All parents know the feeling well. When a helpless child needs your assistance, your parental instinct kicks into overdrive as you ... reach for the iPhone!

If the Internet has given us one thing, it's an information superhighway designed for transmission of cat photos. If it's given us a second thing? Kid fails.

Any mother or father has seen their young one(s) in an awkward and/or inadvisable situation, and most (we would think) can't help but chuckle a little.

So sometimes, in the case of this baby doing his best ostrich impression, the need to document it takes priority over the wee one's temporary misfortune:

Baby Ostrich

There are too many sorry-I-didn't-help-you-first photos to possibly post here, but we've added a half-dozen that we came across and particularly liked.

Such as ...

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Facebook may print money for Mark Zuckerberg and his cohorts, but as far as popularity among younger users go, it's seen some declines of late.

Once the hip, cutting-edge social network for college kids and teens, the Facebook has become more of a forum for moms, dads and even grandparents.

Using it to embarrass their family members, intentionally or not, the older folks are driving away the site's initial users - often in hilarious fashion, at least.

If you're wondering why "kids these days" prefer Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and SnapChat over Facebook, it might be because of status updates like this ...

Facebook Fail 2

Very well played, dad. Father figures are always there to keep you in line with a smart-ass comment ... or by recreating your douchey selfies:

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Jennifer Aniston's longtime publicist immediately put a celebrity gossip tabloid on blast for the latest of many reports that his famous client is expecting.

After months of analyzing seemingly swollen bellies and mysteriously draped dresses, Us Weekly proclaims on its new cover: "Jen's big secret: pregnant!"

Stephen Huvane, in response, said: "Jennifer is NOT pregnant."

Jennifer Aniston's Pregnant (Not)

"The whole story is a complete fabrication," Huvane continues.

"All the way from a supposed canceled Smartwater shoot to Jennifer asking for a late check-out in Toronto and to her stylist having to rework her wardrobe."

"None of this ever happened," he reiterates to the N.Y. Post.

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Give credit where credit is due.

After seeing last Friday's viral Twerking fail video, in which a girl was knocked over and set herself on fire, we suspected something might be amiss.

Who was the mystery girl involved? Why does the video stop so abruptly at that moment? How the heck does that possibly happen to someone in general?!

Still, it was convincing enough that we bought it ... even though it was all a prank courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live and a professional stuntwoman. Watch:

Kimmel began a segment Monday night as if it were a real "interview" with Caitlin Heller, the Twerking video star. But then he revealed the truth.

Jimmy and Daphne (Caitlin's not even her name) put this on YouTube and let the Internet work its magic, and did it ever. Job very well done, guys.

Kimmel says he hopes this will put an end to Twerking once and for all, though that still doesn't solve the problem of the Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" video.

Here's the original, viral Twerking fail video we ran like everyone else:

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This Twerking fail, in which a girl's self-filmed sexy-dance for her boyfriend takes a sudden, nearly disastrous turn, is going viral and undeniably epic.

Caitlin Heller, who posted the video, titled it "Worst Twerk Fail EVER."

She's not lying. After some suggestive but fairly ordinary moves, she decides to get all up against the wall in a handstand a la Miley Cyrus Twerking.

Only the wall was actually a door, which someone opened, knocking her down onto the coffee table, on which there were candles. You gotta see this:

Wow. Just ... wow.

"I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a bit too hot :)" Caitlin wrote in a joke at her own expense, which we feel allows us to laugh.

There are those who will claim it was staged, because frankly how would this possibly ever happen to someone, but the two girls' reactions sure look real.

What do you think? Real or elaborately staged? Funny or scary? Sexy or gross? Share your comments on all things Caitlin Heller Twerking below!

UPDATE: It was all an elaborate prank by Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed on his show September 9. Caitlin is really Daphne ... a professional stuntwoman!

Too bad ... but well played, JK!

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