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Colleen Cudney was convicted of DUI in 2012, and placed on probation as a result. One condition of her probation was to remain alcohol free.

Imagine how spooked she must have been the day after St. Patrick’s Day, when the 22-year-old was summoned for a random breathalyzer test.

Colleen Cudney Photo

The Westland, Michigan resident passed, but the made the unbelievably baffling to celebrate the good news on Facebook. People are not smart.

Police told WDIV she posted, “Buzz killer for me, I had to breatalyze this morning and I drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my dumbass."

A buzz killer for her, indeed.

But not as much so as when Colleen Cudney's LOL-tastic Facebook post got the attention of the Westland police, who notified her probation officer.

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Not everybody fakes it for Facebook, but we all know the type who does.

If everyone's marriage were like some people make it seem for the sake of appearances online, the divorce rate would be like zero percent in the U.S.

Some married couples opt for the ironic, but honest route of sharing 25 reasons your kid is crying and other such humorous, realistic portraits of family life.

A lot of people still try to pass it off like some sort of utopia, however.

If you trusted the Facebook feeds of some of your friends, marriage and child-rearing are just so blissful, euphoric and rewarding ... why would anyone not do it?

Check out 11 pics of what a Facebook Marriage looks like ...

Marriage as Seen on Facebook
It's the most important meal of the day, and all your friends mysteriously start it off looking this good.
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Family Breakfast

1. Family Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day, and all your friends mysteriously start it off looking this good.

Time to Get Moving

2. Time to Get Moving

Everyone looks so happy and not at all rushed or frazzled to get where they need to go.

Every Day is a Honeymoon

3. Every Day is a Honeymoon

At least your friends make it seem like it.

Lunch Date

4. Lunch Date

It really is. Just not for you.

Just For You!

5. Just For You!

He remembers when it's your anniversary or your birthday ... or the second Tuesday of the month. Whatever the occasion, he delivers!

Fun with the Kids

6. Fun with the Kids

Just some stress-free playtime with the kids.

Dad of the Year

7. Dad of the Year

Look at dad doing dishes and baby-wearing. What a CATCH.

Mom of the Year

8. Mom of the Year

Look at how she makes multitasking look so effortless ...

Master Chef

9. Master Chef

Who says you can't prepare gourmet feasts and be a parent? Not your Facebook friends!

Reading Time Together

10. Reading Time Together

What a nice, totally unstaged family photo.

Cuddling in Bed

11. Cuddling in Bed

Because we all have the time to work in this kind of close, relaxed bonding time every day.

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Candace Cameron-Bure wants her Facebook haters to know that she sees their comments and is not impressed with the vitriol regarding her religious beliefs.

Having joined the Dancing with the Stars cast for Season 18, the former Full House star is back in the spotlight, and for her, this hasn't been totally positive.

"[L]ately, as my FB page has been growing rapidly with new 'likes,' it’s becoming a sensitive issue for me to post because of the dread in my heart," she wrote.

"Knowing I am going to get discouraging comments," she says, makes it less fun to even post on her page, which has more than half a million Likes.

"[A]ll I see is a bunch of religious people throwing around bible verses attacking each other," she writes, with non-religious people then going after them for it.

Cameron defended her religious beliefs, but said that is is never her intention to make her Facebook page all about them or to cause any sort of controversy:

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You would think that here in the 2010s, a.k.a. The Digital Age, enough of these stories would've gone viral for people to keep their social media use in check.

You would be very, very wrong, but you'd think.

Anything you say or do online can and will become social media fodder. At least there's a possibility of it. This Murphy's Law of the Internet is undeniable.

Time and again, people just don't get it, though.

Whether they're tonguing the food at the restaurant where they work or having profane thoughts about others, these events inexplicably make their way online.

Then other people see them. The rest is history.

Here are 13 humans who found out the hard way that posting controversial or just plain stupid things online can cost them their jobs ... for better or for worse:

13 Idiots Who Got Fired Because of Social Media
Carly "@CarlyCrunkBear" McKinney, whose handle says it all really, was a 10th grade math teacher who often posted images like this on Twitter. Her employers were not happy and placed her on administrative leave. Her students thought she was pretty awesome, and protested to get her back. To no avail. She was fired in the end.
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1. @CarlyCrunkBear

Carly "@CarlyCrunkBear" McKinney, whose handle says it all really, was a 10th grade math teacher who often posted images like this on Twitter. Her employers were not happy and placed her on administrative leave. Her students thought she was pretty awesome, and protested to get her back. To no avail. She was fired in the end.

Taco Bell Guy

2. Taco Bell Guy

And you thought the Taco Bell breakfast menu was gross! Moral of this story: If you're gonna lick the shells, keep it to yourself.

Wendy's Frosty Guy

3. Wendy's Frosty Guy

Ditto eating straight outta the Frosty machine ... though we can understand being tempted to attempt this.

Justine Sacco

4. Justine Sacco

Justine Sacco was axed from her PR job in 2013 for racist Tweets she fired off about AIDS during a trip to Africa. “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” she wrote. The firestorm erupted immediately and before her flight even landed, she'd gotten the chop.

Gilbert Gottfried

5. Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried was canned as the voice of the AFLAC duck after Tweeting a series of jokes regarding Japanese tsunami victims. How bad were his jokes? The insurance giant canned Gottfried within the same day.

Caitlin Davis

6. Caitlin Davis

Former Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis was released after Facebook photos showed the Sharpie-packing pompom queen posing over a passed-out pal with naughty words, pictures and two swastikas all over him. The words "penis" and "I'm a Jew" were visible. Classy.

Miners Doing the Harlem Shake

7. Miners Doing the Harlem Shake

Doing the Harlem Shake on the job got these mine workers fired ... dancing out of their mine, you could say. Sorry.

Bitter Barista

8. Bitter Barista

We can't imagine for the life of us why a Seattle coffee company axed this apparently Bitter Barista over his blog by that name.

The Applebee's Waitress Who Posted This

9. The Applebee's Waitress Who Posted This

The true idiot here is the person who wrote the note, but it's still a cautionary tale. An Applebee's waitress who was stiffed by a pastor via this receipt and posted it on Reddit actually got fired by the chain for sharing it.

Dayna Morales

10. Dayna Morales

Waitress Dayna Morales posted a receipt she allegedly received from a couple chastising her for her gay lifestyle ... only she made the whole thing up!

This DTE Energy Company Worker

11. This DTE Energy Company Worker

Some rants are better off in your head than on your Facebook page, especially if you work for a utility provider.

An Unimpressed Palace Guard

12. An Unimpressed Palace Guard

A Buckingham Palace guard Tweeted this about Kate Middleton: "hur and william drove past me on friday n all a got was a shitty wave while she looked the opposite way from me, stupid stuck up cow am a not good enough for them! posh bitch am totally with u on this 1 who reely gives a f*** about hur!" We don't know if these comments ever got back to hur, but he got the pink slip.

Olivia Sprauer

13. Olivia Sprauer

Olivia Sprauer taught English at Martin County High School in Florida and modeled on the side under the name Victoria Valentine James. Her school didn't think that side job or the social media attention it got was as cool as her male students did.

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Kelly Blazek, a Cleveland-based PR executive and authority on local communications jobs listings, was undone by the same thing that built her up:

Social media.

Kelly Blazek Letter

With her ego boosted by the position she cultivated via LinkedIn and other networks, she soon became an Internet villain at the hands of someone she shunned.

The irony.

Blazek, for a little more back story, produced and distributed a popular email that culled job openings from online job sites and from her own contacts.

She worked for 10 years building her contacts and selecting the list of people who receive the email, limiting recipients largely to those with experience.

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Couples on Facebook can be cute. At least we assume that it's happened before. It's theoretically possible at least. That's about as positive as we can be.

Why? Because most of the time, couples on Facebook are beyond irritating, cramming their news feeds with their declarations of love around the clock.

All the while, making us wish we could unfriend them without drama.

They commemorate their one-month anniversary with cheesy pics. They whisper what should be private sweet nothings into the Facebook ether.

They're insufferable. And you know just who we're talking about.

Below, scroll through 11 of the most annoying couples on Facebook, and see if you recognize these kinds of online antics from any of your friends and family ...

11 Most Annoying Facebook Couples
Because we were all thinking just how badly we need to watch you suck face.
View As List
PDA and TMI Combined

1. PDA and TMI Combined

Because we were all thinking just how badly we need to watch you suck face.

No I Love YOU the Most!

2. No I Love YOU the Most!

Most of us get tired of "I love you more" debates after middle school ... and didn't share them with the public even then.

You're 2 FEET Away

3. You're 2 FEET Away

Way to share information you could simply open your mouths to exchange in person.


4. MUAH!

Couples that brag about the "cute" stuff they do for each other on Facebook like this ... UNFRIEND.

Inside Jokes

5. Inside Jokes

No one gets it, so we'll assume it has something to do with boning. Then block your page.

Matching Shirts

6. Matching Shirts

Aye aye aye is more like it.

Matching Tattoos

7. Matching Tattoos

After a month. A MONTH!

Cheesy Hot Sauce Love

8. Cheesy Hot Sauce Love

Nothing says romance like Taco Bell sauce packets.

Their Love Defies Basic Math

9. Their Love Defies Basic Math

They're so over the moon ... ain't nobody go time for nothin' else.

Romeo & Juliet

10. Romeo & Juliet

Because that's what everyone needs to compare themselves too.

Let's Share Profiles!

11. Let's Share Profiles!

Incredibly, some guys actually do what Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme suggests here.

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It's official: no offense, celebrity gossip, but we're in the wrong business.

WhatsApp, a mobile-messaging startup, has been sold to Facebook Inc. for $19 billion. Yes, you read that figure correctly.


The transaction involves $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in stock and $3 billion in restricted stock that vests over several years.

The deal makes it apparent that the world's biggest social media network is seeking to get into the world of mobile communication.

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When Colin told his mom Jennifer that he had nobody to invite to his 11th birthday party, Jennifer made her mission to show him that he is not alone. 

Colin, who has a sensory processing disorder similar to Autism and Asperger's, said he didn't want to have a birthday party because he doesn't have any friends. 

Jennifer wanted to do something special for Colin by creating a Facebook page where people could post birthday messages for her him. 

A move she hoped would be a "great surprise" turned out to be even bigger than she imagined. 

The page received over 8,000 likes and tons of birthday greetings from all over the world in the span of one week.

"He's gonna have a lot of friends after this. They may not live by him, but he's going to have a lot of friends," Jennifer says. 

Colin will get to see the page on his birthday, March 9th.

Watch above to check out this inspirational story!

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Remember when Walter White had to get chemotherapy? That was a crappy day!

And when he chose to sell meth under the pseudo name of Heisenberg? Hey, You Only Live Once!

Following Facebook's 10-year anniversary last week, in which the company celebrated with a special "Look Back" video, South African comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues has taken the same concept and applied it to Walter White.

Yes, you can/should watch Breaking Bad online at TV Fanatic in order to fully relive this character's best and worst moments.

But you can also take a minute below to do the same via a hilarious Facebook parody:

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Some trolls end up under bridges, some trolls end up in jail for not covering their digital tracks.

A British woman angry with her father and step-mother set up fake Facebook accounts in their names and then used the accounts to send herself abusive - and often explicit - messages.

24-year-old Michelle Chapman kept up the posts for more than a year and then reported them to the police.

Authorities questioned her puzzled family and even detained her step-mother before tracing the accounts back to Chapman's own computer.

Officers report she was seeking revenge on her father for past grievances and was trying to break up his marriage.

Her defense attorney argued Chapman suffers from mental health problems, but that didn't prevent the court from sentencing her to 20 months in jail.

For more unforgettable police photos, check out our celebrity mug shots gallery below ...

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