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Last month, the world learned that June Shannon is dating Mark McDaniel - the man who served ten years in prison for molesting June's eldest daughter, Anna.

In the weeks since, Anna's situation has only gotten sadder, as June has consistently lied about her relationship with McDaniel, and may have even stolen from Anna to buy McDaniel a car.

Anna Cardwell Photo

Not surprisingly, the newly-married 20-year-old has cut ties with her mother. Anna and June are currently engaged in a high-profile war of words, and they've both publicly accused each other of distorting the truth.

Thus far, the majority of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fans have expressed their support for Anna, but as June continues to give interviews in an effort to clear her name, Anna seems to be growing concerned that her side of the story will get buried under her mother's lies.

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Mark McDaniel is at the center of a firestorm of controversy these days as a result of his relationship with former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch June Shannon.

McDaniel molested June's daughter, Anna Shannon, and served ten years in prison for the crime. So it's a bit surprising that June has been publicly defending McDaniel, and may have even bought him a car with money she stole from Anna.

But while "Mama June" may have forgotten about the horrific crimes that landed McDaniel behind bars, the fine folks at Facebook certainly have not.

Mark McDaniel Mug Shot

McDaniel's account was deleted from earlier today, in accordance with the site's rules against offering access to convicted sex offenders.

Yes, McDaniel is considered too dangerous to have a Facebook page, yet June Shannon has allegedly welcomed him into her home to spend time with her children. Great Mom, or the Greatest Mom?

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June Shannon has denied any romantic involvement with the man who molested her eldest daughter, and has stated that photos that show her lying in with Mark McDaniel were Photoshopped by TMZ.

Earlier today, Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson confirmed that June Shannon is sleeping with Mark McDaniel in an interview with Dr. Phil, and naturally, Shannon responded by calling him a liar.

Moments ago, Uncle Poodle posted the below photo on his Facebook page. He says it was taken by a fan, and shows McDaniel with June and her children on a family vacation.

June Shannon, Mark McDaniel Photo

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week, Shannon spoke about her relationship with McDaniel for the first time and claimed that she'd only interacted with him in a group therapy session with 12 other people.

Thompson cites the above photograph as proof that Shannon lied about her relationship with McDaniel and blasted a number of her claims in a lengthy online tirade:

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In the wake of a cheating scandal and overall marital discord, Leah Messer reveals on Facebook that things with Jeremy Calvert have been a "struggle" of late.

The embattled Teen Mom 2 star shared the following, telling wisdom online:

“Great marriages are the result of two people who struggle through a challenge but find a way to stay together in the process,” ending that post with #marriage tip.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Kiss

Messer’s marriage to Calvert has been a roller coaster ride from the start.

She's got two daughters by her previous husband Corey Simms, and one of them has major health problems, making for a very stressful home life.

Not only that, she and Jeremy also have a daughter of their own now.

All the while, he's been forced to work out of town a lot - to her chagrin - in order to make ends meet for the young family. It's a lot to handle for them.

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Kendra Wilkinson's brother Colin and mom Patti are venting their frustrations on Facebook over her suddenly renewed bond with her long estranged father.

Both imply that Eric Wilkinson, who we saw reunite with his daughter on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 12 this weekend, if after Kendra's money.

Kendra Wilkinson on Kendra on Top

Which poses a few questions / points ...

  1. How much money does Kendra Wilkinson actually have?
  2. Eric seems to be doing pretty darn well in Costa Rica.
  3. What is Patti Wilkinson's motivation in all of this?

It makes you wonder. That's all we're saying.

In any case, apparently the events of this summer didn't sit well with Patti and Eric Wilkinson, who writes, “Who would consider a man that left them with nothing."

"Never attempted to be involved in your life and never helped at all."

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Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar and their respective partners have gone uncharacteristically quiet (or at least quieter) on social media, and it's likely not an accident.

Jessa, Jill, Ben and Derick

Typically staples of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well, Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, Ben Seewald and Derick Dillard have dialed it back in mid-October.

Could this indicate that the recent backlash over several of Jessa's recent postings have caused them all to scale back - possibly at father Jim Bob's urging?

Jessa hasn’t posted on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook since October 5, when she shared a link questioning if radiometric dating proves that the Earth is old.

That’s a long break for a usually daily social media user, who also sparked major criticism with her passionate comments on abortion and the Holocaust.

Jessa’s fiance has also stayed off social media since October 4, although Ben Seewald's father made more headlines for a blog post likening her critics to Hitler.

The married and less controversial Jill and Derick Dillard have also backed off significantly, posting only one benign snapshot apiece this month to date.

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A teacher reportedly took his desire to prove a point about the risks of social media to new heights, shaming a 15-year-old student in epic fashion.

The instructor allegedly took it upon himself to cyber-stalk one particular teenage girl, find bikini pictures of her, and showing them to her classmates.

A hundred of her classmates. At a school assembly.

A Bikini Girl

That's right. A teacher went onto a student's Facebook page, grabbed a picture of her in a bikini, and then humiliated her with it in front of her peers.

The victim's mom has filed complaints. Shocking.

Her parents want justice from Eggbuckland Community College's head teacher, the board of governors, and England's Office for Standards in Education.

The mom said, "She's really upset and hurt and this has knocked her confidence, She's not the type of girl who likes attention like this ... she's a tomboy."

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We hope you're sitting down, Twihards. And we really hope you aren't operating any heavy machinery at the moment.

Because the following news may cause you to faint on the spot.


Kind of. Sort of. Allow us to explain...

Twilight Saga Scene

According to The New York Times, Lions Gate and novelist Stephenie Meyer will be choosing five aspiring female directors to make short films based on Twilight characters.

These productions will be shown exclusively on Facebook in 2015.

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File this one under "most WTF Apple-related news since they crammed that U2 album down our throats:"

As you've probably heard, comedy legend Joan Rivers died earlier this month after complications from a routine surgical procedure.

But today - just over two weeks from the day that Rivers passed away - a timely post mysteriously popped up on her Facebook page.

  • Joan Rivers Photograph
  • Apple iPhone 6

Many fans were shocked - and no doubt a little disturbed - when Rivers' still-active account posted a photo of a an iPhone 4 along with a status update reading:

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By her own admission, Miley Cyrus takes two things very often:

  1. Drugs.
  2. Selfies on Instagram.

Which of these two habits does the singer find more dangerous? She offered up that surprising answer when she sat down for Yahoo!’s “Sunday Night” chat this week.

Miley Cyrus Interview Pic

"Do you know what hurts your brain? Googling yourself. You know what hurts your brain? Instagram," Miley, whose affection for marijuana is well known, said.

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