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She survived the curse of Bennifer (the original Bennifer, that is) but the Phoenix heat in August proved too much for Jennifer Garner.

Ben Affleck's better half was hospitalized last week after passing out due to exhaustion suffered while filming her new movie, The Kingdom, out in the Arizona desert.

Jennifer Garner Awards Arrival

"Jennifer wasn't feeling well after working all day Friday in the Arizona heat, went to the hospital and was released the next morning. She is back on set and healthy," her representative said.

According to several reports, Affleck, who's been wrapping production on his directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone, in his native Boston, immediately bolted Beantown upon hearing of the hospitalization.

The Boston Herald confirms that Affleck was by her side, but says he didn't abandon his cinematic ship, because filming on his movie had already been completed. Regardless, the brief rest seemed to do the trick, as Garner was back on set the following day.

"She's great. Absolutely fabulous. Today she's in the desert, upside-down spinning around in a car that's pretending to have been blown up in 110-degree heat in Phoenix. That's my wife," Affleck said.

The 34-year-old former Alias star has been in Arizona filming the thriller centered around an elite group of government agents sent to investigate the bombing of a U.S. facility in the Middle East. Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman and Jeremy Piven also star in the firm, due out next April.

Next up, Violet's mom will flex her acting chops in Sabbatical, centering on a married couple who take a break only to have the husband go missing during their time apart, and Be With You, a remake of the Japanese film.

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Partying, acting and having your every whim and desire waited on by a team of of professional supports can be tiresome. Heck, it can be downright exhausting.

No wonder Lindsay Lohan was therefore hospitalized Wednesday in Los Angeles. The minute was suffering from exhaustion, an epidemic which only seems to plague those in the entertainment world that weigh under 100 pounds. We wonder why that is.


The actress was in the area filiming Georgie Rule when the episide took place early Wednesday morning. It's unconfirmed whether the stress of having her Blackberry password stolen, the sight of her 16-inch waist or lack of a soul were to blame for the incident.

"She was overheated and dehydrated," Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane-Zelnick said. "She was filming in 105-degree weather for 12 hours."

Lohan's will to simply appear on set must be admired - although anyone that watches Entourage knows how well movie sets are catered and how pampered stars are. Why didn't the boom mic guy suffer a similar fate?

A friend of the actress told People that prior to her hospitalization, Lohan was at the Chateau Marmont and then the nightclub Guy's. The Gossip can't believe that. Lohan has a friend?!?

Another friend claimed the waste of oxygen had been "shooting in 120 degree weather. She told me it was hotter than when she was shooting in the Herbie (Fully Loaded) fire suit."

Gosh, we didn't think it could get any hotter than that. Construction workers everywhere should take time out of their day and say a prayer for this spoiled skank.

The 20-year-old was given a Vitamin B shot, which we can only assume she threw up later in the hospital bathroom. She's expected to return to the set Thursday, according her rep.

"She is fine," Sloane-Zelnick said.

That's too bad.

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