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Justin Bieber fans could learn a thing or two about maturity and perspective from the 16-year old they worship.

Following Sunday night's Grammy Awards, around the same time a few of his followers were littering Esperanza Spalding's Wikipedia page with threats and insults, Bieber sat down for an interview with the Best New Artist winner.

He said he was happy for Spalding, as the pair bonded over each other's hair, relationship with their mothers and overall Grammy experience. Watch the exchange now and take a deep breath, Justin lovers. Everything is gonna be okay...

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Once again, Justin Bieber fans have taken their love of this artist to a disturbing extreme.

For the third time - first, regarding Kim Kardashian; then, in reaction to Justin's relationship with Selena Gomez - Beliebers have actually issued death threats against someone with whom they take issue.

In response to Esperanza Spalding taking home the Best New Artist Grammy last night, Bieber followers edited the singer's Wikipedia page to include such horrific entries as "JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT GO DIE IN A HOLE." The page has since been scrubbed clean, but here's a look at it from last night:


Fans would do well to follow the reaction of their idol, who Tweeted after the event:

Its been & still is a dream to win a grammy. Was I upset...yes. But I was happy for her also. Someone said to me tonight its not your successes that define u but your failures. I lost..but I don't plan on this being my last chance.

It's also difficult to argue with Spalding's talent. Just listen to THIS PERFORMANCE she gave at the White House. Rather incredible, isn't she?

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That question was likely asked more than a few times last night.

If you asked people to predict the 2011 Grammy Awards winners going in, jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding, 26, probably wouldn't have been on many lists.

Nevertheless, she took home the coveted Best New Artist Grammy, upsetting the likes of Drake, Florence and the Machine AND Justin Bieber to do so.

While people may spend the wake of Justin Bieber's surprising Best New Artist loss figuring out who Spalding is and where she came from, her talent is no mystery.

The AP writes the following:

"From the time Esperanza Spalding appeared in 2005, the dynamic singer, bassist, composer and arranger has been heralded as jazz's next big thing."

"Her impressive musicianship has won her White House recital dates, praise from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock, and critical acclaim."

High praise indeed. Is it warranted? Lsten to one of her songs, "Little Fly," below and you might just become a fan of the relatively unknown musician ...

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