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Sarah Silverman picked up an award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Program at the 2014 Emmys last night, and it seems the actress and comedienne may have started celebrating before she even hit the red carpet.

Even though Silverman was one of the fashion hits of the Emmys she clearly didn't want to engage in the typical "Who are you wearing?" banter so she permitted E! News' Giuliana Rancic to go through her clutch.

Apparently she should have asked for a warrant first, because she's definitely rockin' some contraband:

Later in the evening, Silverman kicked off her shoes and ran to the stage to accept her award.

Then she gave a hilarious, rambling speech in which she addressed her boyfriend as "Fancy Pants." Then she gave this press conference:

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While Breaking Bad and Modern Family took home the big prizes at the 2014 Emmy Awards, the cast of the Big Bang Theory certainly made its presence known as well.

As though his new $90 million contract wasn't reward enough, Jim Parsons took home the prize for Best Actor in a Comedy for the fourth time. 

But, of course, despite Parson's achievement, the real standout on the BBT crew was beloved newlywed Kaley Cuoco. And naturally, Mrs. Cuoco-Sweeting documented the evening for her millions of Instagram followers.

Kaley Cuoco Emmys Photo
Kaley prepped for the Emmys. She knows hoe to do red carpet hotness.

Kaley wasn't nominated for an award, she didn't present, and she was barely acknowledged by the red carpet press. Even so, Kaley Cuoco photos are one of the great things about the Internet, so any time she gets gussied up, we all win.

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Bryan Cranston might have hung up his Heisenberg hat, but if there's one thing we know after watching the 2014 Emmy Awards it's that the world can't get enough of Walter White.

Not only did Cranston and his Breaking Bad cohorts rack up an impressive 5 Emmy wins during the telecast, but he also racked up an impressive number of lip locks.

The most infamous of which will forever be that funny moment when Cranston kissed Julia Louis-Dreyfus. What can we say!? The man was excited!

Elsewhere, Sarah Silverman displayed some odd behavior, which is really nothing new for Sarah Silverman, so there's that. Oh, and shade was most definitely thrown.

In the direction of Jessica Lange, of all people. Say what now? Sit back, relax, and click through this gallery of the 2014 Emmy Awards in GIFs to relive the night's best moments:

Lena Dunham Mean Muggin'
Lena Dunham mean mugs on the red carpet and then breaks into a sly smile. Check out her platinum bob!

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Sofia Vergara and Modern Family won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy last night, conquering all comers in that category for the fifth consecutive year.

But the actress couldn't fully enjoy the victory because she found herself at the center of a mini controversy due to her role in a segment earlier in the evening.

The large-breasted actress took the stage for a bit opposite Bruce Rosenblum, President of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, who talked about all the ways in which viewers consume TV these days.

And he did so after asking Vergara to stand on a rotating platform, which gave attendees and those at home a full view of her appealing assets.

As Rosenblum joked that the mission of his medium was to give folks "something compelling to look at," many took to Twitter to speak out against the objectification of Vergara, referring to the segement as "sexist."

For obvious reasons.

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Breaking Bad just about swept the drama categories at the 2014 Emmy Awards (the show won every acting category except for Best Actress - a field in no one from BB was nominated).

That means two things, of course: our THG Emmy predictions were 100% correct (just sayin'), and the end of the night was basically one big Breaking Bad love-fest.

Not all of the affection was reserved for the cast, however. 

Ason Paul and Lauren Parkesian Emmys Photo

During his Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech, Aaron Paul gave a shout out to his gorgeous wife Lauren Parkesian and her charitable organization, Kind Campaign.

Jesse Pinkman fans flocked to the non-for-profit's website in droves, crashing it's servers with record traffic.

Last we checked, the site is not yet up and running, so here's some info on what the organization is all about:

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The 2014 Emmy Awards held last night featured many memorable moments.

As with most award shows, the night started with memorable red carpet fashions.

From there. we had the hilarious Bryan Cranston-Julia Louis Dreyfus make-out session and the awesome color-coordinated banter between Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

But while the stars of the small screen dominated the evening, for many fans the highlight of the night involved two men who have never starred on television shows, and who's names are synonymous with nerd-dom.

Yes, for many of us, Weird Al using the power of song to encourage George R.R. Martin to hurry the hell up with the next Game of Thrones book is like a dream come true. All we can do now is hope GRRM takes Al's advice.

Of course, it wasn't just GoT that received the Yankovic parody treatment:

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Neither Matthew McConaughey nor Woody Harrelson walked away with any Emmy Awards last night.

They lost Leading Actor in a Drama to Bryan Cranston and True Detective lost Best Drama to Breaking Bad.

But it's not too late for these stars to be winners!

On stage to present a trophy early in the evening, good friends McConaughey and Harrelson made us laugh with their banter and also with their outfits... because the latter reminded us exactly of A Night at the Roxbury!

Harrelson totally channeled Will Ferrell's Steve Butabi, while McConaughey might as well have been doing an impression of Chris Kattan's Doug Butabi.

Don't believe us? Compare for yourself and vote now:

Fashion Face-Off!

We never thought we'd compare these four, but here we are: Who wore their outfits the best? View Poll »

Amazing and hilarious, right?

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It was a night filled with movie stars, baby bumps, unexpected makeout sessions and... oh, right, some awards as well.

The 2014 Emmys aired live from Los Angeles last night, with Seth Meyers dutifully handling hosting duties and Billy Crystal paying emotional tribute to his late friend Robin Williams.

Breaking Bad killed in the Drama category, Modern Family somehow won the big trophy again in the Comedy category and Sarah Silverman showed off her boobs on the red carpet.

Hayden Panettiere also showed off her expecting tummy, while Lena Dunham showed off some kind of weird outfit and Matthew McConaughey showed off his chiseled good looks.

Cycle through a number of Emmy fashion choices here and decide: Who wore it best?

Sarah Silverman at the Emmys
Sarah Silverman brought her boobs to the Emmys. Male viewers everywhere were happy about that.

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Hayden Panettiere was glowing at the 2014 Emmy Awards Monday night, and not just from the glitz, glamour and thousands of flashbulbs on the red carpet.

Showing off her growing baby bump in a plunging silver Lorena Sarbu gown, the 25-year-old Nashville star is very pregnant ... and she told us the gender!

  • Hayden Panettiere Emmys Dress
  • Hayden Panettiere at the Emmys 2014

“I can’t wait for her to come out,” the actress slipped in while speaking to E!'s Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet, causing the host to exclaim, “It’s a girl?!”

“Yes, it’s a little girl. I have to shop,” Panettiere said.

So much for that previous Hayden Panettiere bikini baby bump shot many took as confirmation that she was expecting a baby boy later this year.

It's a girl, alright, and she's already prepping:

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Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were winners in more ways than one at the 2014 Emmy Awards.

Both stars took home actual Emmys Awards, with Cranston winning his fourth for Breaking Bad and Louis-Dreyfus her third for Veep (she has incredibly won Leading Actress in a Comedy for three different shows).

But they also won the funny bones of viewers everywhere after they presented on stage together and Louis-Dreyfus joked that Cranston looks a lot like the actor who played a dentist in Seinfeld years ago.

That was me, Cranston insisted. We had a kissing scene together!

Cut to a few minutes later. The actress wins her award. Cranston cuts her off and plants a HUGE kiss on her lips.

Louis-Dreyfus then gets to the podium, looks a bit wobbly and concludes: Oh, yeah. He was on Seinfeld.

To steal a line from Seinfeld: comedic gold, people.

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