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The tabloids are buzzing that Britney Spears has confessed to doctors that she has been suffering from an eating disorder, bulimia, since age 16.

We love to joke about eating disorders. Especially as they pertain to Kate Bosworth. But such an admission from a star of Spears' magnitude is nothing short of stunning.

Lookin' Good and Casual

According to reports, the troubled 25-year-old singer tearfully told rehab staff - already treating her for drug and alcohol abuse - that she "pigs out" on junk food such as burgers, sweets, biscuits and ice cream then makes herself vomit to avoid putting on weight.

Britney Spears' nine-year nightmare has reportedly been confirmed by a senior source at the elite Promises rehab center in Malibu, California.

She entered the joint last month after shaving her head at a salon.

"Doctors are alarmed at the physical state she is in," said the inside source. "They confronted her about her desperately unhealthy lifestyle and the truth came pouring out."

Britney said she managed to stop the awful habit during her two pregnancies.

However, as soon as Sean Preston and Jayden James were born, she began the unhealthy cycle again in an effort to lose her added baby weight.

On top of her alcohol and alleged cocaine use, the bulimia turned her into a "human train wreck," according to the source, who added:

"When she came here she was shaking and baking. Her whole body was wracked by spasms and she was hot one minute, freezing cold the next. Her first week in detox was hell. She was a total mess but slowly she's pulling through."

Dietary specialists at Promises are currently working with the doctors to help the estranged wife of Kevin Federline with the eating disorder, which was discovered when specialists realized why her medications were not working.

The source adds:

"For the first few days, she'd take tablets, then go off and eat breakfast or lunch. She was throwing the whole lot up, so, naturally, her medications weren't working. Now the medical experts know why, her progress should pick up a little speed."

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Former American Idol champion Carrie Underwood, made her triumphant return to the show program night, looking like some weight had been taken off her shoulders ... and arms ... and face ... if you know what we're saying.

We're saying she might be anorexic. Now, before we go any further, let us point out that in a way, she's battled an eating disorder all her life. It's called "vegetarianism." So it's no surprise she's shedding pounds faster than she dispatched of Bo Bice and every other Season 4 foe.

Alex Lambert  Audition

We're not about to claim that the adorable Carrie has officially joined the Nicole Richie School of Dieting, but something's amiss here. Anyway, here's a quick photo comparison of the country star, both last night and two years ago when she was named the next American Idol.

Here's hoping this year's favorite, Melinda Doolittle, doesn't follow the same destructive path. We doubt she will. That girl looks like she can eat! And that's cool. It really is.

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Nicole Richie claims she doesn't have an eating problem, and did not check herself into rehab for one.

Interestingly, though, she was photographed outside the W. Hollywood Recovery Center, which is evidently an informal meeting place that focuses on 12-step meetings.

Nicole, Harlow Photo

A search of the rehab venue's programs reveals Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings that are held there on Wednesday nights.

We've got a picture of Nicole outside the place from September 27. Here she is, seen leaving the center the same day Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings are held.

Therefore, our favorite girl must totally be hooked on the stuff, right?

Oh, who the hell knows, but it makes for some interesting gossip (not unlike Suri Cruise being born of alien life forms).

And we thought it was just an eating disorder, Nic! Crazy!

There's more to the meth myth than meets the eye. It's long been rumored that Richie's stylist, Rachel Zoe, keeps her clients thin by doubling as their drug dealer.

Nicole may indeed be telling the truth that she doesn't have an eating disorder -- she has been chowing down on some pretty big slabs of meat of late -- and maybe her thin frame could be evidence of another addiction entirely.

If she is getting help, good for her. She clearly needs it -- look at how narrow this pic is! Look at ANY Nicole Richie pics from the past year!

Get some counseling, girlfriend. There's no need to ride the rails all night long when you can ride Brody Jenner instead.

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Our dear friends at the Hollywood Grind and the journalists at CNN are both reporting an interesting piece of news about Nicole Richie.

The Simple Life star and daughter of singer Lionel Richie has been getting a lot of grief over her food aversion in recent months. Some might say she looks a bit thin. Skeletal, even. The way one envisions a malnourished, third-world refugee.

Everybody Together: Awww!

Or a scary creature from another planet.

In any case, here's what the CNN News ticker has to say as of this morning:

"Singer Lionel Richie says he is not happy about his daughter's pencil-thin figure, and neither is Nicole Richie herself. She has checked into rehab for an eating disorder."

Well, we hope this is the beginning of a new phase in Nicole's life. One in which she embraces food in addition to boyfriend Brody Jenner.

Not sure where this picture was taken exactly, but it looks to be of Nicole entering the rehab clinic. That guy's shirt probably says "Hunger."

Or maybe "Burger."

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Ahoy! Who goes there? Is this a screen shot of an emaciated Kate Bosworth from her breakout role in the surfing flick Blue Crush?

Actually no, it's Bosworth's malnourished namesake, Kate Hudson! The much-maligned and apparently starving actress was up in arms (literally) in Maui this week, where she's been vacationing with son Ryder and some pals. Man, you just never know when these eating disorders are gonna take their toll (unless you follow Nicole Richie news at all).

A Kate Hudson Photograph

No Chris Robinson. But earlier in the trip, her reported beau Owen Wilson stayed in a nearby rented house and joined the group for dinner at Longhi's restaurant. We're sure he denied being there, and that his lawyers were on hand to threaten lawsuits against anyone insinuating he and Hudson are together. Assclown. He's overrated as an actor, too.

Kate, eat some food, for the love of God! You'll be hospitalized with exhaustion before you know it at this rate.

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No, it's not what you think. Everybody, please calm the f*ck down and return to your homes. Nicole Richie is doing fine.

A Harlow Smile

Well, kind of. Much as we would like to report that Nicole's eating disorder has become public knowledge in the worst sort of way, it appears as if the attractive and talented young actress singer socialite alien goblin was merely celebrating a friend's birthday in West Hollywood, Calif., last week when she got sh!it-faced and puked on the floor of a bar.

"Nicole puked right on the floor, like right in the middle of the club, everyone saw," a source dished to

Apparently, though, Nicole swears by the boot-and-rally philosophy.

"But I guess she didn't care. She kept partying," the source continued. "She loves tequila. But you know, she's so small - and she probably didn't eat anything that day. So you know, she probably had a couple shots and it just happened. She was just having a good time."

So she's no Kate Bosworth. Still, do the math, people:

Getting wasted + dropping a few pounds = TIGHT!!!!

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Ever wonder how Ellen Pompeo maintains her exquisite... well, rail-thin figure? The Defamer and its operatives say they've got her secret figured out -- the ever-popular Big Fat Plate of Nothing Diet.

Here's the blow-by-blow account of a trip to a Los Angeles diner on Friday night by the leading lady of Grey's Anatomy, according to the site:

9:15 PM: Sitting at Lucky Devils on Hollywood and Cherokee. Ellen Pompeo just walked in. She looks pretty hot. I will tell you what she orders as it happens.

Ellen Pompeo New Years photo

9:27 PM: So far just a milkshake that she's sharing with her boyfriend. And by sharing, I mean letting him have it all.

9:46 PM: It's the Hollywood actress moment I was waiting for. The three people with Pompeo at her table have all ordered cheeseburgers. Pompeo has ordered a big fat plate of nothing. That's right, there are three plates at the table, none of which are in front of Ellen. She's just sitting there watching her friends eat. And that's how you get cast on TV's number one show, boys and girls.

Are we jumping to conclusions? Is it unfair to suggest that Ellen has an eating disorder simply because of this one incident? Yes and yes. But come on, it's still pretty amusing. We're just wondering if boyfriend Chris Ivery was there.

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Like the Hollywood Gossip, singer Lionel Richie admits he has become distraught over daughter Nicole's weight loss.

The "Dancing on the Ceiling" singer calls himself a "basket case" and is so worried about how thin his adopted daughter, Nicole Richie, has become. The constant speculation about her size has made him into a wreck, he says.

Lionel And Nicole Richie Photo

"I'll be honest with you, it hurts me more than it hurts her. I'm more sensitive. I take it more personally. I must tell you, I'm the basket case," Lionel told Access Hollywood on Monday.

Lionel also revealed that he has had words with Nicole about her increasing resemblance to a two-dimensional alien weight and overall physical health. Just look at that pic! You can barely see her!

"What are fathers for if you can't point the finger every once in a while. The good part of it is she is aware of it. She has heard this all her life from me so this is just a continuation of the reminder," he said.

Nicole, 24, recently admitted that she was too thin and wouldn't want young girls to copy her look.

"I know I'm too thin right now," Nicole said.

In related news, the sky is blue and Tom Cruise is insane. Oh, snap! However, when asked how Nicole -- who has announced she is getting ready to release her debut album -- is doing at the moment, her proud father was more positive.

"She is doing great," he said.

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We just have to say that Kate Bosworth is looking rather thin lately.

We know that the Remember the Titans, Blue Crush and Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! star has always been naturally thin, but this is ridiculous. Soon enough, we'll have no choice but to ridicule Kate the way we do Nicole Richie. Actually, that's taking it too far. We would never subject a reasonably talented young actress to such treatment. A complete waste of space, on the other hand? Different ballgame. As our friends at say of Bosworth, "Granted, she is so thin that it's alarming, but at the same time, she is really beautiful."

Kate Bosworth Then and Now

Amen. But we suggest Bosworth resume eating on a regular basis to avoid a slew of anorexia-related jokes, not to mention poor health. Geez.

In other news, Bosworth beau Orlando Bloom was recently dining with a male pal at a trendy Hollywood hotel when a pretty brunette model approached and asked him on a date.

"Would you care to accompany me to an art gallery party in just a few," she asked the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

He politely declined.

"Sorry, the girlfriend wouldn't approve," Bloom said.

According to People, the fan reportedly rephrased her request several times before finally getting the hint and walking away.

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Poor Lindsay Lohan. The recent birthday girl just can't catch a break.

She's either accused of being an anorexic waif - or of having breasts implants. The pictures below were taken about a year apart, so you can decide whether such chest augmentation is due to surgery or sugar intake:

  • Ugly Clothes
  • Insane Person

Lohan points to a new hobby - eating - as the basis for such a drastic change in her figure.

"Skinny's not attractive. I've learnt that," Lohan says in the current issue of British Glamour. Peering inside her vest she added: "I like having my breasts in there - naturally, I add! The papers said I had implants, then when I was really flat-chested they said I was anorexic and had had them taken out. Truth is I have got my boobs back because I've got healthier again and I'm so happy."

She's also very well-spoken, as you can tell. The Gossip was able to peer inside her head recently. We didn't see very much.

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