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Lindsay Lohan's troubled, possible alcoholic mother Dina Lohan has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation by the judge in her DUI case.

Dina was in court this morning, where here attorney Mark Heller told the judge that she is alcohol free. The judge appeared skeptical, to put it mildly.

Lohan was ordered to be evaluated by a court-appointed psychiatrist.

Mama Lohan

DiLo pleaded not guilty to DWI in September after she blew a .20 - WAAAAY over the legal limit - on Long Island. She then offered an interesting defense.

Heller blamed Dina's legal predicament on the paparazzi and constant celebrity gossip attention, claiming Dina is stressed out by the mob following her.

It was the photographers, he claimed, that made her flee ... drunkenly.

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Amanda Bynes has been deemed competent to stand trial for DUI.

A judge reviewed the court-ordered medical evaluation of the star, and found she is capable of understanding the nature of the criminal charges she faces.

As such, the criminal case against her, which was put on hold given her mental illness, proceeds after Bynes' attorney did not object to the findings.

This marks a reversal from previous evaluations (above) that questioned the troubled 27-year-old's ability to stand trial for any criminal offense.

All in all, the finding has little or no implications on the actress.

The ruling will have no impact on her conservatorship, because understanding the nature of legal issues and being able to care for herself are different things.

She may be released into her mother's care by the holidays.

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