Duck Dynasty Season 5 is in the books following an hour-long finale on Wednesday that was a little out of the ordinary for the popular A&E reality show.

How so? In between Willie and Jase trading zingers and Phil battling yuppies for alpha male supremacy was the story of a little girl who wants a party.

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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 9 saw the Duck Commander gang construct a cow blind (seriously) as a result of Sadie shadowing Willie and Jase at work.

It was Take Your Business Student to Work Day. When work is this place, that business student had best take heed ... but hey, they're all family here.

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On Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 8, the Duck Commander gang built a playhouse for the kiddos. Jep's kiddos, to be specific. He's got four and they are adorable!

The issue was that with Jep nursing an injured wrist, he had to outsource this important project to Jase, Martin and Godwin, making the results at best unpredictable.

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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 7 featured Willie attempting, once again, to motivate his employees at the warehouse, and once again, that wasn't easy.

His latest tactic, installing an ice cream machine at work, made Jase and Si offended at being treated like kids, even though they are totally overgrown ones.

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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 6, “G.I. Si," featured the gang staging an epic battle in the name of G.I. Joe, who played a key role in the installment.

Miss Kay tried to encourage her brood of boys to give their old toys to charity, an idea that was warmly received until Willie saw a G.I. Joe action figure.

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Phil scared the granddaughters with ghost stories while the Duck Commander guys pulled an all nighter to fill a big order on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4.

The former isn't surprising, as Phil Robertson has been known to raise eyebrows in his everyday speech. Imagine if he gets going and tries to tell spooky tales!

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