It's the fourth season finale of A&E's Duck Dynasty, which is as sad a fact as there is in the TV world. But at least the finale revolves around Halloween.

Or as Willie put it, the only holiday where it's socially acceptable to "eat candy and scare the crap out of little kids." Truer words have never been spoken.

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"As rednecks, we have the right to eat beef jerky." So speaketh Jason Robertson, and another episode of A&E's hilarious Duck Dynasty hath been born.

When Willie receives a package of Biltong, a South African form of beef jerky (because we all get that in the mail), he doesn't want to share it with the crew.  

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This week on Duck Dynasty, Si suffers the "menthol" and physical trauma of Willie backing into his truck, which he turns into another excuse not to work.

Willie did hit the truck, but barely. Yet Si alleges that damages total $3,500, then lowers that to a "family discount" of $1,000 ... which is still $1,000 too high.

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According to at least one school in Virginia, the bearded stars of Duck Dynasty aren't just a frightening sight for barbers across the country.

As recounted by a local NBC affiliate, a student in Dinwiddle, Virginia named Hunter Spain wore a shirt with the face of Si Robertson and was ordered to remove it or face punishment.

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This week on Duck Dynasty, Willie's son John Luke got his wisdom teeth taken out and the aftermath felt like a viral video playing out before our eyes.

Going on a trip and not gracing us with his presence this week (beyond a parting pearl of wisdom that a man "can't have too many snacks"), Si was MIA.

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This week on A&E's Duck Dynasty, the guys apparently didn't know what jackalope was, which seems a bit hard to believe from men of their caliber.

Nevertheless, it was the focal point of another hilarious half-hour.

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Sadie Robertson, Willie's teen daughter on Duck Dynasty, said during her New York Fashion Week runway debut that she's praying for Miley Cyrus.

The high school sophomore, walking the runway in the Sherri Hill fashion show, and her dad spoke with Fox News about growing up in the spotlight.

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