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Break out the tea and crumpets, Downton Abbey fans: ITV has released two new photos from the season ahead!

With the wildly popular series premiering this September in Great Britain and on January 5 in the United States, viewers can whet their appetites for his British drama via the following teaser pics:

The first features Branson and baby Sybil, the second Lily James as Lady Rose. Click on each for a larger view now:

  • Branson and Daughter
  • Lady Rose Pic

What else do we know about Downton Abbey Season 4?

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Another American is set to invade Downton Abbey.

In a surprising/exciting bit of casting news, TV Line confirms that Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti has been cast on the British sensation as Harold Levinson, the maverick, brother of Elizabeth McGovern's Cora.

Paul Giamatti Pic

Look for the actor - currently filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - to appear on the Downton Abbey Season 4 finale.

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It's beloved by women around the world, making this a natural step for Downton Abbey:

Carnival Films, the production company behind the British drama, will soon be launching a fashion line inspired by Lady Mary and company.

Downton Abbey Cast Picture

Retailers in England have reported a boom in sales of capes, cravats and arm-length gloves ever since the ITV hit premiered in 2010, CNBC reports, with Carnival Films' managing director Gareth Neame saying the show's brand will launch some time this year.

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A couple major characters may be out of Downton Abbey Season 4 - Dan Stevens as Matthew, Siobhan Finneran as O'Brien - but Executive Producer Gareth Neame has come out and shared some exciting casting news:

Shirley MacLaine will return for next season's finale, while SIX new characters will be introduced.

Downton Abbey Season Four Photo

"Downton Abbey has seen many great characters visit the house over the years and we couldn't be more thrilled to welcome the new faces that will be joining the regular cast of Downton Abbey in Season 4," Neamet tells PBS. "We hope audiences will be as excited about them as we are."

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Some people have way too much free time on their hands.

And thank goodness for that.

In one of our favorite videos of the past few weeks, mashup artist Richard Sandling has set up the cast of this British favorite to lip dub along the One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

Maggie Smith making like Harry Styles? Yeah. Safe to say this is a must-watch.

NOTE: The Downton Abbey Season 3 finale airs this Sunday in the States!

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A major star is exciting this British smash, and we know who... and we know HOW. Consider yourself spoiler warned, THGers...

Dan Stevens Promo Pic

Dan Stevens will leave the award-winning drama following the upcoming third season, which kicks off on January 6 in the U.S.

The actor has confirmed this departure in an interview with London's The Telegraph, which ran the day after a Downton Abbey Christmas special aired in Great Britain - during which his character of Matthew Crawley is killed in a car accident.

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