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In under two months, American viewers will get to dig in to Downton Abbey Season 5, which has been airing for weeks in the United Kingdom and which wraps up overseas this Sunday.

But ITV and Carnival Films, the producers behind this monster hit, have now given fans something else to look forward to:

Downton Abbey Season 6!

Downton Abbey Cast Picture

The British drama will go into production at some point next year on new episodes.

"We have had an amazing reaction to the story lines, acting and production values of Downton Abbey this year and the whole team is thrilled to be moving ahead with a new season of the show," says Carnival Managing Director, Gareth Neame, adding:

"This will provide audiences with a fresh opportunity to see what will befall our much loved characters."

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Downton Abbey has an ISIS problem.

No, none of the characters on this beloved British drama are being beheaded or threatened by the Islamic terrorist group rampaging its way through the Middle East.

But Lord Grantham's beloved yellow Labrador is named Isis... and she isn't looking too strong these days.

Downtown Abbey Dog

On the most recent episode of Downton Abbey in Great Britian (Downton Abbey Season 5 starts airing in the United States on January 4), the canine appeared listless on the family's library floor.

Lady Cora even remarked about Isis having "picked up a germ" and having a veterinarian examine the pooch.

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Is it hot in here?

Or is it the new trailer for Downton Abbey Season 5?

With new episodes of the beloved British drama set to begin on PBS on January 4 at 9/8c, the network has unveiled fresh, fiery footage that makes it clear: everyone has some secrets to hide.

The promo features some modern music, along with some Downton Abbey quotes over scenes from the upcoming season.

"I have a secret...a bad secret,” one character sats, while another tells someone he’s been a “very naughty boy” and a third warns that “we have to be on guard.”

Sounds juicy!

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Very well played, Downton Abbey cast.

Earlier this week, an on-set snafu resulted in a plastic water bottle ending up in the background of a Season 5 promotional photo, prompting laughs and confusion on the Internet because, call us crazy, but Evian hadn't been invented yet in early 20th century Great Britain. 

Now, in response to the snafu, the cast has posed for a humorous photograph that also benefits a great cause.

Downton Abbey Cast with Water Bottles

"The cast of Downton Abbey embraced 'water bottle-gate' today by posing for a picture to promote the work of international charity WaterAid," reads the Facebook caption of the above picture.

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A new set Downton Abbey Season 5 promotional posters were revealed this week, much to the delight of the acclaimed and popular drama's fan base.

One contained a pretty obvious goof, though. Can you spot it?

Downton Abbey Promo Pic

The Downton Abbey photo fail shows Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley and Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith, and behind them, a very misplaced object.

One that certainly doesn't belong in WWI-era England. At all.

Yup, there's a plastic water bottle up on the mantle! Ouch!

While we understand the importance of staying hydrated on set, you'd think someone would have realized this was in the shot before taking the photos.

That or airbrushed it out. It's not that hard, as we've seen from countless photoshop fails in which people went a little too crazy. But this is what it's made for!

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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 8 marked the end of what many believe was a disappointing season overall for this British sensation.

It took the Crawleys to London, where we met Cora's mother and brother (Paul Giamatti!) for Rose's presentation to society.

An Ocean's Eleven-type heist then breaks out after Freda's love letter from the prince is stolen, with Bates (of course) emerging as the hero when he swipes it from Sampson's overcoat, ensuring all remains safe with the British monarchy for the time being.

We then turn our attention to Lady Mary's many suitors, all of whom are doing their best to win her over.

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Think the action on Downton Abbey is hot and heavy?

Just wait until you check out Down on Abby!

Oh yes, the folks at Harmony Films in Great Britain are coming out with a parody of this British hit, preparing the world on April 1 to be introduced to such characters as the Grabhems, the Stiffies and, of course, Master Bates.

They will all hang out at Bottomley Manor.

Downton Abbey Porn Parody

Watch Downton Abbey online now to see what all the fuss is about and then vote below: What is the next porn parody of a major television show you hope to see?


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American viewers returned to Downton Abbey last night.

But even though six months had passed since Matthew's tragic death, the mood around the estate was more dour than ever. Especially for poor Mary.

She finally lost it in the arms of Mr. Carson, having herself a "good cry" about life as a single mother.

Will she be able to move forward on Downton Abbey Season 4? It's hard to say, but Mary will have something to distract her: Matthew did not leave a will, meaning the residence is open to new ownership.

Will Robert make his move to take over again? Where did Miss O'Brien go? And who returned as a maid to take her place?

Watch Downton Abbey online for the answers to these questions and many more:

Sad Lady Mary

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Downton Abbey finally returned to U.S. living rooms last night, causing glee from coast to coast.

But the mood on the Season 4 premiere itself was far more dour, as Mary and company continued to react to the death of Matthew from six months earlier.

The installment kicked off with a painful sequence that featured a crying baby, a mourning Mary and a photo of her ex-husband by her bed.

From there… things didn't exactly pick up in the happiness department.

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Downton Abbey will premiere Season 4 on January 3rd. It has already been picked up for Season 5.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, folks.

Many folks in the United States are still catching up on this British sensation, as word of mouth continues to spread and as various actors and actresses pick up major award nominations.

Downton Abbey Cast Picture

Wondering what all the fuss is about? If the hype is worthy? If you should hop on the bandwagon.

You can go back and view Season 2 right now. Just follow this link to watch Downton Abbey online at TV Fanatic and decide if it's, well, your cup of tea or not.

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