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The dog featured in the following video is named Oscar.

And he has an understandable reason for acting like a grouch: that stupid alarm clock keeps beeping louder and faster and he just wants to remain in his cozy, warm bed for awhile longer.

Sound familiar?

Indeed, in another case of a canine refusing to get out of bed, we sympathize greatly for this four-legged friend. Oscar has a tough day of lying down, walking and eating treats ahead of him. He needs his rest!

Beyonce adorable, right?

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These animals may often quarrel, but cats and dogs have at least one thing in common:

They aren't always on their best behavior. Or anything that resembles their best behavior.

Recently, we ran down 27 naughty cats who have been publicly shamed by their owners; and now we're here to let those felines know they aren't alone.

Some canines eat thongs. Others attack their fellow pets. And still others stare so long at their owners in the shower that it's downright freaky.

Can you relate to any of these pet problems? Click through the following photo gallery and try not to burst out laughing at each sign and affiliated puppy face:

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What is cuter than a Pit Bull giving a baby a tongue bath?

How about a Pit Bull giving a bunny a tongue bath?!?

According to YouTube user TexasGirly1979, the following dog is named Sharky and he discovered this baby cottontail on Easter Sunday a few years ago.

The two have been closer ever since, with Sharky even taking time to make sure his pal is nice and clean, a wet grooming the bunny seems to reluctantly tolerate, as you can see here:

Totally AWWW-inspiring, right? We love it.

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Puppies. Does it get any cuter?!?

Sometimes they roll on their back and then cannot get up. Other times, they jump right up into a bouncer and cuddle alongside their family's newborn.

And still other times they are presented with their first-ever bone, reacting to the treat in fear and confusion and not wanting to go near it until they are totally sure it won't harm them.

Case in point, this adorable furry friend:

Awww, it's okay, little guy! Snatch that thing up and chomp away! It tastes great, we promise.

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Turns out, an elk isn't the only animal who can have fun on a trampoline.

The following video features a bulldog on a trampoline, bouncing around, flipping himself over, running back and forth and generally having the time of his life.

Not that we needed to describe the footage in any way probably, right? We likely had you with "bulldog on a trampoline." Watch now:

This is merely the latest example of a bulldog being totally cute and awesome, as we've previously written about the puppy who refused to go to sleep and the bulldog who REALLY wants this carrot.

Looking for other examples of adorable bulldogs? No problem. We've got em!

Bulldog Tries to Walk Great Dane
A mini bulldog tries to take a great dane for a walk in this video. Watch now to see the hilarious results.

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Give this cat an A for Effort.

And an O for Oh My God, That Dog is Frickin Gigantic!

In the following video, a feline named Meeko wants to leave the bathroom... but there's a problem: a Great Dane (aptly) named Tank is in the way.

So watch Meeko get down low, watch him try to be all stealthy and ninja-like with his quiet movements - and then watch as his enormous frenemy is awakened from a sound slumber, much to Meeko chagrin/total fear:


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Sometimes, a selfie can go horribly wrong.

Other times, however, a perfectly-timed selfie can go so incredibly right that it stops the World Wide Web in its tracks. The following is just such a selfie.

It was taken by a dog owner, who somehow managed to position both his camera and his canine in the ideal position and then... SNAP!

He created the most awesomely original man-Man's Best Friend self-portrait that you'll ever see and then shared it via Twitter.

Dog-Man Selfie

Wow, right? Just... WOW. Well done, genius Internet user.

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This. Is. Genius.

Seriously, how many times have you tossed a tennis ball to your dog, only to watch as it goes flying past said ball, unable to control his or her momentum and not coming anywhere close to the intended target?

It's funny to watch. But it's likely very frustrating to experience.

That's why a Labrador Retriever named Stella has come up with an unusually effective way to slow herself down. She comes to a halt FEET FIRST.

How does this possibly work? Glad you asked! Click Play and find out:

Stella could definitely give some points to this stuck puppy, don't you think?

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Another day, another video, another reason to hurry up and get your young child a puppy. 


We've already seen babies laughing at dogs eating popcorn, as well as babies laughing at dogs eating bubbles.

Now, we can't wait to present a baby laughing who can't stop cracking up over his family's pet dog, who doesn't seem to be doing anything particularly hilarious. But, then again, we (unfortunately) aren't inside the mind of this toddler...

Totally adorable, right?

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We've done it, animal lovers!

We searched long and hard for the cutest video on the Internet and we thought we found it when we came across a bulldog who refused to sleep.

Then, we figured it had to be footage of a dog teaching a baby how to crawl.

But while both of those videos are precious, let's be honest: it doesn't get more adorable than a puppy who flips on to his back - and then can't get back up again!

Watch this amazing development now:

Game... set... cutest match ever, right?

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