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A few months ago, we posted a gallery of 13 ridiculous engagement photos that will make you glad you're single.

Below, meanwhile, we've published a gallery of 13 engagement photos that prominently feature dogs in them and they may make you glad you're not a pet owner.

Or they may make you rush out and purchase a puppy as soon as humanly possible.

Where's My Kiss?
I'm happy for you two and all, but don't you wanna go for a walk instead of take pictures?

Do you find it adorable that these newly betrothed couples have chosen to announce their status with photos that include their pets?

Or do you find it sort of cheesy and nauseating? Especially when a dog is in the middle of a bowel movement in one of the images? (No, really. He is.)

Click around the slideshow above and sound off: Too cute? Or trying too hard?

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On your mark... get set... ooooh, is that a tennis ball?!?

The following video takes viewers to some kind of dog race in a foreign country.

The first two entrants respond eagerly to their owners’ commands, ignoring the distractions (food, toys, etc.) surrounding their mini track and racing to the finish line.

But then it’s time for an unnamed Golden Retriever to step up. And he’s totally focused on setting the best time - once he sniffs everything in sight, has a couple snacks and tastes everything he can first, that is.

It's safe to say this canine did not finish first.

But at least he crossed the line at the end. It could have been worse: imagine if someone unleashed a squirrel (SQUIRREL!) inside the arena.

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The following story is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

It centers around Buddy, the four-year old dog of 85-year old JR Nicholson, a rancher in Texas.

When emergency responders picked up Nicholson and transported him to the hospital in am ambulance, due to complaints of dizziness, they were shocked by they saw after a motorist flagged them down about 20 milts into the trip.

There was Buddy, riding along on the small side step of the vehicle.

Dog on ambulance

“It was a crazy ordeal,” said EMT Tanner Brown to The Standard Times. “We didn’t have anything else to do but to load the dog up and put him in the ambulance and take him to the ER with us."

Pretty awesome and even more amazing, huh?

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Perhaps the following video can put to rest all that misguided chatter about the danger of pit bulls.

The footage features an adorable animal named Queso.

For whatever reason, the canine has an intense fear of doorways, but he also has a genius way of conquering this fear. Watch below to see what it is:

“Pit bulls are totally vicious, right?” writes Queso’s owner as the online description of this video. “Our scary pit bull, Queso, is afraid of lots of things, like the kitchen floor, the printer, and doorways. But Queso is a survivor! He deals with his fear of walking into a room (terrifying!) by walking in backwards."

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It's getting more and more difficult to pick out our favorite bulldog-based video.

Was it this classic footage of a puppy refusing to take a nap?

Or possibly this video of another puppy trying valiantly to get a tennis ball that's sitting just out of reach on the sofa?

There's also the bulldog who introduced himself to this baby and melted the Internet into a thousand tiny pieces.

Now, meanwhile, there's a new contender. Watch below as a pet tries to emulate his in-shape owner, attempting to do some push-ups... but ending up just making love to the floor instead:

HA! We can't get enough of this!

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We apologize for being a day late with this video.

It clearly should have gone live on Veterans Day.

But we think you'll forgive us once you actually watch the footage, which features a canine playing what he presumes to be a regular game of fetch.

Except when he returns from nabbing his tennis ball, he finds someone else has joined the fun: his soldier of an owner! Back from a long deployment!

Check out the video to see the dog's excited, very vocal reaction, as we'd like to imagine him saying some version of the following:


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Look. We all know it's fun to watch a dog reach for something he really wants.

Remember when that French Bulldog puppy continuously tried to grab a tennis ball that was sitting on the sofa and the entire Internet melted as one?

It was adorable.

But the following footage is simply cruel, as it features an owner clearly having placed a single tater tot on the kitchen counter, just out of the reach of her hungry pet.

Isn't anyone gonna lend a hand here? Give the item a nudge? It's so close and he wants to eat it so bad!

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We didn't think it could ever get any cuter than a dog teaching a baby how to crawl.

And then we didn't think it could ever get any cuter than a baby laughing at a dog eating popcorn.

But what if you combined the two? What if you could watch a video in which a dog tries to teach an important lesson to baby... and in which that same baby laughs uproariously at the dog?

This has now become an amazing reality. Feast your eyes on the following footage and just try not to break into an enormous smile:

How does the dog even know that the goal of this apparatus is to help the child jump?!?

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Dogs are often successful at many things.

Like being cute. Or licking their own private parts. Or making you feel loved at all times, unconditionally.

But even the best canines sometimes fail. At catching a tennis ball... at attacking a mailman... at trying to get a tennis ball that is just lying their on the sofa but it's barely out of reach and, come on, can someone please help me here?!? 

So at least Louie The Beagle can take comfort in knowing he's not alone. 

And readers can take humor of of Louie's following attempt to get through a door:

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Sebastian and Sienna are back!

You remember Sebastian, the giant Newfoundland, and Sienna, the cute little girl, don't you?

We featured this duo on THG in mid-October, as they played the world's most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. But we now need to make a correction:

That was actually the world's SECOND most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. Because Sebastian and Sienna are back for round two in the video below. And it's a must-watch:

It's a little known fact overall, of course, that animals love to play Hide and Go Seek. This pitbull and this deer had a blast doing so in July.

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