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SPOILER ALERT: The following article reveals storylines from the Dexter series finale.

SECOND SPOILER ALERT: It was terrible.

An appropriate ending to a disappointing final run of episodes, "Remember the Monsters" randomly killed off Deb and concluded with Dexter faking his own death because he believed such a fate would ensure the future safety of Hannah and Harrison.

Who were left abandoned by Dexter and roaming the streets of Argentina on their own.

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It seems like only yesterday we fell in love with a serial killer named Dexter Morgan and now we've watched those sensuous opening credits roll for a final time.

Ahhh. Dexter Morgan. The smirk. The pink shirts. The biceps. What a SKILF. 

I mean. Wait. What was I doing again? Oh, right. The Dexter finale. We're recapping it here, but be sure to head over to TV Fanatic for the full Dexter series finale review.

Dex and Hannah
  • He Said, She Said: On the ride to the hospital, Deb tells Quinn she's done some pretty bad things. He says that by being a cop, she gets to do good things to make up for whatever it is she did. She says she needs to save a busload of nuns. He thinks back to his schoolboy days and says "don't save 'em."
  • Terminal: When Hannah gets stranded in the bathroom at the airport, Dexter plants a suspicious bag and blames it on Elway. Elway gets taken for questioning and Hannah can escape the loo, but Dexter's plan grounds their flight.

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The final stab is nearly upon us.

Dexter will wrap up a (mostly) terrific run tonight, as the Season 8 finale brings this beloved series to a close and answers the question: Who will Dexter choose? Hannah or Deb?

It doesn't appear as if the torn serial killer can have both, not when one must flee to Argentina and the other is suffering from a gunshot would in Miami.

But before we find out where Dexter's future will take him, let's go for a walk down Murderous Memory Lane, shall we? Showtime has released a retrospective that puts viewers into the Kill Room of this blood spatter specialist.

Watch him practice his deadly trade now and then vote in the following poll:

Who is your all-time favorite Dexter villain?


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