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This is not one of the best NBA dunks by a long shot.

It is, however, a pretty significant one for Bulls fans.

Chicago star Derrick Rose surprised fans with an impromptu, non-verbal status report on his recovery from a torn ACL in his left knee the other night.

While teammates warmed up to face the Oklahoma City Thunder, the 2011 NBA MVP, who's been out since last spring, threw down a two-handed dunk.

Not only did he land without visible discomfort, his elevation looked effortless. Not exactly Michael Jordan highlights, but music to the ears of the Windy City.

Rose is still without a clear return date, but expect it soon.

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Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose hit a short go-ahead jumper with 4.8 seconds to play, completing an 11-point comeback and sealing a 88-87 victory over the Lakers.

In what was both teams' Christmas Day opener, Luol Deng blocked Kobe Bryant's short shot right before the buzzer as the Bulls hung on for a wild finish in Los Angeles.

Playing with a torn wrist ligament, Kobe scored 28 points and nearly helped L.A. shake off a tumultuous preseason with win. But alas. Here's Rose's game-winning shot:

With the lockout finally over, the best pro basketball league/reality show on earth is just getting started. If you missed it, check out THG's 2011-12 NBA Preview!

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A church in Northern Illinois claims Adidas is on a vicious campaign to torpedo the organization, and Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is caught in the middle.

The Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, Ill., trademarked the name Add A Zero as a campaign to sell clothing and other items to raise money for a new building, a local food pantry and a day care program. Worthwhile endeavors, all.

But in 2009, years after the Church got its trademark, Adidas tried to register the name ADIZERO, for a sub-brand of its athletic clothing. Adidas is marking the line, using Bulls point guard and Chicago native Derrick Rose as its spokesperson.


The U.S. Trademark Office negged Adidas because the church registered it first.

Adidas offered the Church $5,000 to give up the name, and was turned down.

Then, in November 2010, Adidas petitioned the U.S. Trademark Office to cancel the Church's trademark, on ground the Church hadn't used it enough.

The petition is pending, but three weeks ago, Pastor E. James Logan from the Church sent letters to Adidas, begging them to back down. He wrote:

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