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Deion Sanders is free, single... and very, very thankful.

The extraordinarily contentious marriage between this NFL Hall of Famer and his estranged wife Pilar came to an end on Friday, with Sanders Tweeting in response to the official divorce:

"Thank God Thank God! This 2 year Drama filled divorce is over. Prenup stood, Custody of All kids,pay yo own fees! God is Faithful! Truth."

Neon Deion

Just how ugly did things become between Sanders and his now-ex?

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Deion Sanders' contentious divorce took an ugly, surprising turn as he posted a photo on Twitter of his sons filing police reports against their mother, Pilar.

The photo below was tweeted by Sanders 14 minutes after he posted two messages on his Twitter timeline, asking fans to "pray for" himself and the kids.

He captioned the pic with the message, "filling out police reports now! Thank God for this platform to issue the Truth." Or exploit children for sympathy:

Deion Sanders, Kids

Police were seen outside Sanders' house Monday and an unidentified person was in handcuffs. Pilar was also admitted to a hospital for "a medical problem."

Last month, Pilar Sanders filed a $200 million defamation lawsuit against Deion.

His estranged wife was responding to a tweet from Deion's daughter from his previous marriage, Deiondra, which said Pilar was a "gold-digging [expletive]."

Deion later explained that the statement couldn't be defamation because it's true.

The NFL Hall of Famer filed for divorce last year and the story has been a celebrity gossip staple ever since ... it's so bad that Deion uses his kids against their mother to win public sympathy, says he's the victim and might even be right.

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Pilar Sanders and retired football legend Deion Sanders and engaged in an epic divorce battle, and the former just upped the antagonistic ante. BIG TIME.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Pilar is suing Deion - for $200 million. The lawsuit stems from the Twitter rant of Deion's daughter (from another relationship) Deiondra, in which the teenager accused Pilar of cheating on her father and referred to her as a "gold diggin hoe."

In these court papers, Pilar effectively responds with: Oh yeah? Well you made me that way!

Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders

Pilar's attorney writes that his client believes Deiondra and Deion have been going after her with various "emotional weapons" for years... including "dominance, humiliation, isolation, threats, intimidation, denial and blame."

The suit reads: "[Deion and Deiondra] even persuaded [Pilar] that she was and is worthless, a 'gold diggin' ho, and that no one else would want her."

Moreover, Pilar makes the assertion that father and daughter would scatter various weapons around the house and would try to scare her away by "hurting pets." No details regarding this accusation are provided.

With divorce proceedings underway between the pair, Pilar is demanding $50 million in actual damages and $150 million in punitive damages.


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