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Hope Solo is a tough-as-nails competitor. That much is obvious.

Sadly, that alone isn't likely to carry her to the Mirror Ball trophy.

Monday night on Dancing With the Stars, we learned she has shoulder pain from a tear she suffered at some point, and needed a huge shot just to get on the floor.

J.R. Martinez also battled through an injury last night, but Hope's grit failed to impress the judges, who remarked that she's "lost finesse" and needed "artistry."

Later, her fierce Argentine tango was much stronger, but in the cha-cha relay, a last place finish and total of just four points put another dent in Hope's hopes.

Any chance Hope survives tonight's results show? You tell us:

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J.R. Martinez and Ricki Lake have been swapping the first place spot all season on Dancing With the Stars. Last night, it was definitely the latter's turn on top.

While he's never one to complain (look at all he's been through in life), J.R. rolled his right ankle in rehearsal and then twisted it again during his routines.

The famous smile that lights up the dance floor was barely there Monday, replaced by grimaces of pain and looks of disappointment. His posture was off.

J.R. and Karina Smirnoff did manage to turn in a sexy Argentine tango to make up for a subpar Paso Doble, but it'll be up to fans to carry him through.

Can J.R. earn a spot in next week's DWTS finals after an off week that saw him finish a distant third? Watch his performances and see what you think ...

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Performing last in each portion Monday night, Ricki and Derek did their best to quash the competition on Dancing With the Stars. Each time, they were successful.

Their samba was fun and fabulous, with Bruno calling it "sizzling hot, bright and brilliant from beginning to end." The others agreed. Three perfect 10s for 30.

Then it was on to the Argentine tango, a smooth, graceful effort that seamlessly meshed footwork with emotion and landed them just a point shy of perfection.

Are we looking at the next Mirror Ball holder? You tell us:

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The ninth week of Dancing With the Stars' 13th season saw Ricki Lake take the top spot back from J.R. Martinez, who had just done the same to her a week ago.

In the semifinal round, she came storming back from a so-so jive last week and notched a perfect 30 with her bouncy samba, catapulting her into the lead Monday.

The actress/talk show host then notched a 29 in the Argentine tango and another eight points in the cha-cha relay to finish with 67 out of a possible 70 overall.

Yeah, she's safe tonight. Everyone else? Let's find out in THG's DWTS recap:

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough

Surprisingly, it was Rob Kardashian who gave Ricki a run for her money.

Rob and Cheryl Burke's sexy samba far out-ranked J.R. and Karina Smirnoff's paso doble in round one, during which J.R. rei-njured his already sore ankle.

J.R.'s tango later transported Len Goodman "to the back streets of Buenos Aires" and he redeemed himself with a 27. But Rob K. did him one better again.

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The Dancing With the Stars field is down to four.

After last week's predictable elimination of Nancy Grace, voters will have a tougher decision tonight. Among the remaining four hopefuls, who stands the best chance of victory? Let's take a look at who's left standing, then put it to a vote ...

DWTS Top 4
  1. Hope Solo has shown improvement throughout the season, culminating in her best effort of the season last week. Still an underdog to make the finals.
  2. Rob Kardashian is very well-liked and better on the floor than most people give him credit for. Long-shot to win it all, even money to survive this week.
  3. Ricki Lake. After two straight weeks at the top, she took a step back last week. It would still be a surprise if she didn't advance, but she's the clear #2.
  4. J.R. Martinez was nothing short of perfect last week. Having already been a clear contender all season, he's the obvious favorite as it stands right now.

Well? Who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars?


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After perfect performances saw J.R. Martinez cement his frontrunner status on Dancing With the Stars, the question was who would join him in the final four.

With J.R. amassing a huge lead and fan support, Ricki Lake remaining a virtual lock (no way she'd be out after just one off week that wasn't even that off, and with Derek Hough as a partner), it came down to these three contestants ...

  • Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
  • Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus
  • Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke

Was last night the end of the line for Hope, Nancy, or Rob?

Hope Solo continues to improve, but would it be fast enough for fans as well as the judges' liking? Ditto Rob Kardashian ... and could Nancy Grace pull off an upset?

Bristol Palin made the finals of this program, which has seen many worthy dancers set home prematurely, so you never know. Which one of them got the heave-ho?

Follow the jump to find out here ...

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Rob Kardashian is proving the Dancing With the Stars doubters wrong.

He got a bad rap at the beginning of the season for being aloof and just doing the show because mom Kris Jenner made him. But he has improved dramatically.

Kicking off Monday night's episode with an awesome quickstep, Rob proved he's a dark horse in the competition, an under-the-radar but serious contender.

Watch the routine that earned Rob and Cheryl Burke all nines below:

He finished with the fourth highest total out of five dancers, but Rob has a big cushion over Nancy Grace, so he should be in the clear on tonight's results show.

Beyond that, though, it may come down to Rob and Cheryl or Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo for the final spot in the 13th season's three-team finale.

Rob scored a 24 on his second, instant jive dance. Watch it below:

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo looked to be falling apart just two weeks ago. Now they could have a good shot at the Dancing With the Stars finals.

Two weeks after Hope‘s “worst dance of the entire season,” which led to Maks' feud with Len and Derek Hough, she made the case that she’s a contender.

Solo's turned in her best performance to date last night and was awarded a season-high 27 points for her quickstep to Amy Winehouse’s hit “Valerie.”

Take a look at the pair's energetic routine below ...

“Tonight is a night of miracles rebooted, reenergized. Light, breezy, radiant. You’ve never moved so well,” Bruno Tonioli said, calling it "Your best dance yet!”

Carrie Ann Inaba was even more to the point. “Hope, come here,” she said. “I just want to give you a hug.” Believe it or not, Len even got in on the love.

“This was fantastic,” Goodman said. “It was everything a jive should be!” He then earned a kiss - yes, a kiss - from Maks after his praise of their jive.

Check out Hope and Maks' second effort here:

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Thanks to Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake should advance to next week on Dancing With the Stars without a problem. Still, her confidence took a bit of a hit Monday night.

The front-runner didn't fare too well during her instant jive, earning her lowest score from the judges in weeks. Backstage afterward, she was clearly discouraged.

"Right now, my ego," she said when asked what hurt most.

"I'm just covered in bruises, same old, same old. I don't want to complain," she said, adding "[J.R. Martinez] was amazing. My vote would be with him tonight."

Hard to argue with the talk show host there, given that he scored a perfect 60 out of 60, topping Ricki's tied-for-second 52 by quite a considerable margin.

Lake can take solace in the fact that J.R. had an off week last Monday while she shined, though. As long as she survives tonight's results show, it's a new game.

Watch her waltz from earlier in the night after the jump:

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Last night's Dancing With the Stars was the J.R. Martinez show.

He had two chances to redeem himself from an off-week last Monday and boy did he deliver. If this continues, everyone else is dancing for second place.

Martinez scored, not one but two, perfect 30s - first for his waltz, then for his instant jive with Karina Smirnoff - the first dancer to do so in Season 13.

“It was like a musical Valentine card,” DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli said. “You dance with your heart on your sleeve. Totally involved, totally dedicated.”

“This is a war on the floor,” Len Goodman added. “Each week is a battle. Last week you retreated a bit, but, like the soldier you are you came back, guns blazing.”

The Iraq War vet, soap opera actor and motivational speaker certainly has the inspiring story, fan support and dance moves to take home the Mirror Ball.

Can J.R. Martinez be stopped? We'll find out in the coming weeks, but it looks like the title could he his to lose. Watch his instant jive after the jump:

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