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We veered away from the norm on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 3.

The unique hour opened on a packed plane, as passengers complained about the usual First World issues, such as a lack of WiFi or a spreadsheet that just wouldn’t work.

But then the plane suddenly went into free fall and the banal problems of everyday life didn’t seem so pressing.

Forget just trying to figure out who was responsible for 151 passengers being killed on Transatlantic Flight 420; the BAU was also called in to figure out how and why.

Was it a dishonorably discharged Army missile operator? No, he quickly gets ruled out.

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Viewers were introduced to Kate Callahan on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1, a premiere that spent a lot of time on the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt to the show's cast.

But Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 2 honed in on a veteran member of the BAU squad, Garcia was clearly having a tough time dealing with the fact that she shot Greg Bailer... even though he was trying to kill her and Spencer in the hospital and all.

She's been having recurring nightmares about the incident.

In order to move on, Garcia wanted to actually visit the man and clear her conscious, though Morgan tells her to write him a letter instead.

She responds that she’s tried writing him in prison, but it hasn’t helped. She needs the in-person sit-down. Morgan doesn’t approve in any way, however, saying Bailer is a killer and doesn’t deserve any of her energy.

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(Jennifer) Love (Hewitt) was in the air on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1.

The former Ghost Whisperer and The Client List star made her debut on this CBS drama as Kate Callahan, a new member of the BAU team with extensive undercover experience.

We fist met the character as she laughed in the face of a child porn purveyor after he got hauled away in handcuffs.

We then saw her in the elevator with Reid and then in an interview with Hotch and then - Bam! - she had the job, taking the spot vacated by Blake when Jeanne Tripplehorn exited the series in May.

Hewitt was thrust right into a stomach-turning case on the Criminal Minds premiere, as the unit went after an UnSub who removed his victims’ arms, legs and head and then proceeded to leave the torso somewhere else entirely.

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So, are you addiction to Love?!?

Jennifer Love Hewitt, that would be, who made her return to CBS on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1.

We were introduced to her Kate Callahan immediately, watching as the agent sweet-talked a purveyor of child porn before pretty much laughing in his face. The next time we saw Callahan, she was riding in the elevator with Reid, who recognized her from a past karaoke night at Rossi’s bar.

Hotch ended up hiring her on the spot to take over for Blake, as Kate impressed him in a way the previous nine candidates did not.

Her first case with the BAU is, well, classic BAU: an UnSub who cuts off his victims’ arms, legs and head… and then leaves the torso somewhere to be discovered.

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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9 dealt with some "Strange Fruit," indeed.

The latest installment of the CBS procedural centered around a sad, emotional and gruesome (as always) story dating back to race relations in 1960s Virginia.

Unlike some episodes, we saw no over-the-top criminal or fictitious-seeming motive. The complex issue of interracial dating and the historical context hit home.

It was this true-to-life dynamic that stood out and made Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9 particularly powerful, even for a show where that's to be expected.

Watch the episode in its entirety by clicking below and see for yourself:

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