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Class, incredibly, will be back in session this fall at Greendale Community College.

Yahoo stunned Community fans in the best possible way this afternoon, announcing that it has reached a deal with Sony Television to air 13 episodes of the now-former NBC sitcom on Yahoo Screen later this year.

The critically-beloved, ratings-challenged series was canceled by NBC in May.

Community Cast

"I am very pleased that Community will be returning for its predestined sixth season on Yahoo,” said creator Dan Harmon, who will once again. “I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online. I vow to dominate our new competition. Rest easy, Big Bang Theory. Look out, Bang Bus.

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Beware, NBC viewers.

Community Season 5 is about to take you beyond the darkest timeline.

The network has released an extended promo for new episodes - which begin on Thursday, January 2! - and it focuses on the very sad fact that Donald Glover will be leaving after just five installments.

But it also gives us a look at Walton Goggins on the series, along with a joke about Scrubs, Shirley getting fierce, Dean Pelton crying and a message from returning creator Dan Harmon that new episodes are brought to you by “the executive producer of Seasons 1 through 3."

Check it out here:

And remember: you can always watch Community online to catch up on anything you've missed.

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