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Last night on Dancing With the Stars, Chris Jericho attempted to bring to the tango the kind of full-throttle intensity he brings to the WWE ring ... or the stage.

The wrestler attempted to channel a rock star singer, inspired by the '80s legends Journey. Don't stop believing, right? Right. Bruno wasn't feelin' it, though.

"I know you went for a rock thing, but you turn into a lump of granite," he lamented, and his colleagues agreed Chris' tango was "studied" and lacked passion.

He's at the bottom of the Dancing With the Stars scoreboard headed into tonight's results show. Will voters send him out the door? Watch and decide:

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Almost halfway through Dancing With the Stars' 12th season, a clear favorite has yet to emerge. Monday's scoring was so tight, it's anybody's Mirror Ball to win.

It's America Week this week, and athletes who represent two of our nation's favorite pastimes (okay, maybe that's a stretch) delivered powerful performances.

The theme of "songs that salute our country" saw a red, white and blue dance floor and NFL star Hines Ward showing his American pride with this Rumba ...

Hines and Kym Johnson's dance to "God Bless the U.S.A." earned all nines for a total of 27, good for sole possession of first, albeit by a single point.

Right behind him? WWE star Chris Jericho, who wore a military-style uniform (as did Hines) and also chose an iconic song, albeit from centuries earlier.

Chris performed a "strong yet delicate" Viennese waltz to "America the Beautiful," which ended with fireworks shooting from the stage - and a 26.

Check out Chris' performance and the DWTS scoreboard after the jump:

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WWE star Chris Jericho stirred up controversy after making a slew of offensive slurs against Middle Easterners and gays at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.

At screening of a movie in which he appears, Jericho took part in a Q&A session and referred to the moderator as "Hadji," a racial slur against Middle Easterners.

After the first wave of slurs, and a random shot at Paris Hilton, the host jokingly takes Jericho's drink to sniff it for booze. Chris chimed in, "it's apple juice, f*g."

Jericho later said, "After seeing the video I realize some inappropriate comments were made and I apologize if I offended anybody. Just know that everyone on stage was having a blast! The good news is I got my wish of being posted on TMZ!"

And now The Hollywood Gossip, too! Check out Jericho's rant on TMZ below ...

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