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Chopped turned its tables, stoves and ovens over to a quartet of local heroes this week, as contestants who are admired for their work in various communities vied for the $10,000 grand prize.

Ted Allen on Chopped

But does feeding the underprivileged mean you are qualified to combine chicken soup, barbecue sauce and pattypan squash into a delicious appetizer?

Or scallops, Chinese broccoli, tamarillos and finger limes into a yummy dinner?

What about having bread as an ingredient in your dessert basket, yet resisting the urge to whip up a batch of bread pudding?

The chefs were faced with all these tasks and more on the latest installment, with flavors coming together to either spell an individual's doom or carry him/her to the next course. Read this Chopped review from TV Fanatic for more details and to learn the winner.

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It was race car driver versus running back versus swimmer versus professional fighter on Chopped this week.

Yes, the return of this Food Network favorite features Danica Patrick in the kitchen, along with Tiki Barber, Natalie Coughlin and Chuck Zito.

Which celebrity chef knew his or her way around the oven the best?

Sports Stars

Having actually attended culinary school for a brief period of time back in the day, Patrick was clearly the best prepared, but Coughlin also proved that she knew her way around some kale almost as well as she knows her way around the pool.

The men? They didn't fare as well.

For a full rundown and to learn who came out on top, visit Food Fanatic now and read its complete Chopped review.

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Waste not. Want now.

That was the theme on this week's Chopped, as the contestants were given ingredients that the average, untrained chef might throw away. But the expert? The aspiring Chopped champion?

He or she would be forced to make an appetizer, an entree and a dessert out of them.

chopped on Food Network

There were overripe tomatoes and fish carcasses for the first round; Parmesan cheese rind and meat trimmings for the second; and squeezed orange halves coffee grinds for the final.

Disgusting or inspiring? Read this official, detailed Chopped review to learn how the competitors put these items to the oven and stove-based test!

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Appetizers met desserts on Chopped this week, as an intriguing opening basket featured whelk snails and lemon bars.

From there, the contestants were tasked with making a dinner with a personal touch, as everyone's plates were comprised of some kind of lamb shawarma dish.

And, lastly, cucumber salad isn't exactly a typical dessert ingredient, is it?

Ted Allen on Chopped

But all three chefs were up to these challenges, despite the fact that only one could come out on top.

Who was it? This detailed Chopped review reveals all!

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What do crab legs, chive blossoms and red bean paste have in common?

All were ingredients included in the baskets of Chopped contestants this week.

chopped on Food Network

On an episode with an uncreative appetizer round, the action and the taste really improved as the chefs made their way into the entree and dessert rounds.

The Crab Leg Hash and Crab and Sweet Potato Chowder looked absolutely delicious, for example, while the final pairing went at it with a unique cake and and a unique pancake.

Is your mouth watering yet? Visit Food Fanatic in that case and read through a detailed Chopped review now!

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Welcome back to the Chopped kitchen.

On the latest installment of the Food Network favorite, contestants were asked to work with ingredients that included  currywurst, popcorn balls and huckleberries.

Chopped Chefs

And while some panicked and anxiety won out over talent a couple times, the appetizer round was one of the best in recent memory. All four chefs excelled.

The Chilean sea bass-based entree round was a tad less successful, while neither of the finalists blew the judges away with their dessert.

So why was one chosen over the other? Visit Food Fanatic now for detailed Chopped review!

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A quartet or contestants from California entered the Chopped kitchen this week.

And they were faced with a typically unusual set of ingredients, from an appetizer basket that included escargot and cilantro... to a dinner basket chock full of cherry wheat beer and ivy gourd... to a dessert basket with ataulfo mangos and mochi.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Chopping Block

Impressively, it likely would have been by episode's end, as the chefs especially impressed with their fish entrees, which ranged from Pan-Roasted Dorado to… well… Mediterranean-style Dorado.

But what the meals lacked in variety, they made up for in taste.

Who came out with a check for $10,000? Read this detailed Chopped review now!

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A quartet of teenagers entered the Chopped kitchen this week, as two 14-year olds and a pair of 17-year olds vied for the title of basket champion.

chopped on Food Network

And they were faced with items not typically included in a high school student's diet.

Leg of goat? Rhubarb? Anjou pears? Those weren't served in our high school cafeteria at least.

But that didn't stop a series of interesting creations from being made, from Southwestern Grilled Goat to Japanese Mayo Mousse. And, in the end, the youngest winner in show history was crowned.

Read all about it in this Food Fanatic Chopped review!

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What an episode of Chopped!

This week's special Thursday evening installment featured canned chili, alfredo sauce, sfogliatelle and one contestant who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

But would that be enough to put her over the top?

Chopped Panelists

And whose presentation did him in for the appetizer round? Who lacked creativity with his pasta? Which dessert recipe was deemed most delicious?

Visit Food Fanatic now for an in-depth Chopped review!

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Ted Allen is wasting no time taking full advantage of the Supreme Court's most recent ruling.

On the same day America's most important justices shot down DOMA and dismissed Prop 8, the Chopped host Tweeted that he's engaged to his very long-time partner.

"Proud to announce on this historic day that my partner of 20 years, Barry Rice, and I are engaged to be married," the Food Network personality wrote yesterday, ending his exciting statement with a smiley emoticon.

Ted Allen Picture

And Allen wasn't the only one to rejoice in the Supreme Court news with news of his own.

Melissa Etheridge announced her engagement to Linda Wallem, while Kristen Bell asked Dax Shepard to marry her.

Congrats all around!

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