Chopped turned its tables, stoves and ovens over to a quartet of local heroes this week, as contestants who are admired for their work in various communities vied for the $10,000 grand prize.

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It was race car driver versus running back versus swimmer versus professional fighter on Chopped this week.

Yes, the return of this Food Network favorite features Danica Patrick in the kitchen, along with Tiki Barber, Natalie Coughlin and Chuck Zito.

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Waste not. Want now.

That was the theme on this week's Chopped, as the contestants were given ingredients that the average, untrained chef might throw away. But the expert? The aspiring Chopped champion?

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Appetizers met desserts on Chopped this week, as an intriguing opening basket featured whelk snails and lemon bars.

From there, the contestants were tasked with making a dinner with a personal touch, as everyone's plates were comprised of some kind of lamb shawarma dish.

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What do crab legs, chive blossoms and red bean paste have in common?

All were ingredients included in the baskets of Chopped contestants this week.

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Welcome back to the Chopped kitchen.

On the latest installment of the Food Network favorite, contestants were asked to work with ingredients that included  currywurst, popcorn balls and huckleberries.

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A quartet or contestants from California entered the Chopped kitchen this week.

And they were faced with a typically unusual set of ingredients, from an appetizer basket that included escargot and cilantro... to a dinner basket chock full of cherry wheat beer and ivy gourd... to a dessert basket with ataulfo mangos and mochi.

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A quartet of teenagers entered the Chopped kitchen this week, as two 14-year olds and a pair of 17-year olds vied for the title of basket champion.

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