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Things for personal for some of our favorite firefighters on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9.

And not necessarily in a good way.

Called to the scene of a semi-truck accident, the tension between Dawson and Casey reached a boiling point after the former disobeyed an order by the latter.

This was the first time the couple has had trouble transitioning from their home life to the office life, as the lines have now started to blur. Was Dawson right? Did she save the day ? Yes.

But Casey can’t make it look as if he’s giving her special treatment. And she must show him the respect he deserves as her boss.

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Firehouse 51 was left reeling on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 8 after a giant helicopter explosion caused damage in ways both personal and professional.

The hour opened with Boden receiving bad news about Donna’s pregnancy, and also with Brittany making Severide vow to come home safely that evening.

In other words: the bad omens were clear from the outset.

All of our heroes and heroines were called to the scene after the aforementioned explosion left enormous chunks of helicopter all around, with multiple victims on the verge of death.

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Dawson received a promotion on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 5.

But you know what they say about getting what you wish for, right? There are consequences into diving so quickly into something.

It took Herrmann until the conclusion of the hour to allow Dawson to see some of her mistakes, while also realizing the tough position that she has placed herself in due to selecting a rather unorthodox way to get a new position in the Firehouse.

For the most part, the episode felt like a number of non-connected storylines, though one of the most extreme shockers took place when Casey made a bold move to protect his sister from someone he viewed as a destructive husband.

He threatened him about his finances, taking a stand in honor of his sibling.

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Might Severide be on the mend?

This question hung over Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 4, as the loss of Leslie Shay led to some seriously heavy drinking by Taylor Kinney's distant character.

This week, however, near-death experience of Severide’s own may have been a key turning point for the firefighter.

On board a subway, Kelly witnessed a series of tough scenarios that forced him to try to become a hero, prompting him deal with mortality more than ever before.

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It's been simmering forever, but the rivalry between Firehouse 51 and Firehouse 105 finally hit a boiling point on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3.

Within the opening few moments, our heroes were out on a call when they spotted Lt. Welch’s truck racing to the scene as well. Because we know the first team to arrive is in charge Cruz hit the accelerator, only for Casey to talk him down.

Could this guy get any more perfect?!?

Just then… BAM! The other truck slams #81, flipping it over and leaving Mouch a bloody mess. (He ends up with a corneal abrasion and a pretty cool eye patch.)

Most members of Firehouse 51 are intact, however, though the same can’t be said for Firehouse 105. Its driver (Molina) is taken from the accident scene unconscious and with a broken leg.

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Are you over that shocker yet?

Have you recovered from learning about Shay's death on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1?

More importantly, perhaps, have the fighters at 51 recovered? That was the main question heading into Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2, an hour that focused squarely on Severide and how he's coping with the death of his partner.

During a rescue mission to save a girl trapped in a car, Severide took over the mission rescued the young lady, showing signs that he may be himself again.

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Chicago Fire Season 2 ended with a BOOM.

In a very literal sense, that is, as a building exploded and collapsed with members of the station inside.

So viewers tuned in to Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 on the edges of their seats, having been told this summer by producers that a significant character really did die in the incident. 

So, who ended up as a corpse on last night's premiere? SHAY.

Guess they weren't kidding about it being a major character, huh?

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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 10 marked the last of Gail. We think. And hope.

The NBC show's primary antagonist proved again Tuesday night that she's all about the bottom line, regardless of the collateral damage she leaves in her wake.

Hopefully, this came back to bite her for the last time Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

Elsewhere, Mills made a decision about his future, while Casey and Dawson's honeymoon is over and someone was left in bad shape last night. Who was it?

Miss the episode last night? Want to see it again to tide yourself over until the show's January return? Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 10 here:

Chicago Fired Up

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Last night on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 9, the house went out on a call to save a man caught in a trash compactor. That turned out to be telling.

They needed to work quickly to save him, but the way it was positioned did not make their usual methods possible, forcing them to use brute force.

The job got done, but Gail uses the trash compactor liability to her advantage, and gets the state to agree to shut down Firehouse 51 because of it.

What does all this mean for the future of the beloved heroes? Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 9 from start to finish below and see for yourself ...

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