Maria Kang, the controversial online force also known as "Fit Mom," was temporarily kicked off Facebook last week after a fat-shaming rant.

Kang wrote a post about positive media coverage of an online group that's encouraging plus-size women to post photos of themselves in lingerie.

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NBC has aired 15 seasons full of success stories on The Biggest Loser since 2004, but once the cameras stopped rolling, where those stories still successful?

A new installment of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" follows up with some of the reality stars to see how their lives have changed since the experience ...

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Miranda Kerr is under scrutiny after posting an obviously and drastically altered photograph of herself from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show online.

See exhibits A & B below. The photo on the left is of Miranda and some of her hot, fellow supermodel friends at a VS fashion function back in 2012.

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