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Leslie Rivera, a terminally ill 18-year-old, recently married her high school sweetheart in a dream wedding put together by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

When she was diagnosed with terminal leukemia back in April, there was only one thing the teen wanted and that was to wed boyfriend Daniel Mendez.

The couple met in October 2012 at an anti-racism club at school, and immediately hit it off. But within a few short months, Rivera was diagnosed.

Mendez has been a constant presence by her side during her fight with the disease, and Rivera was referred to Make-A-Wish shortly thereafter.

The foundation quickly got to work arranging Leslie's nuptials, even getting celebrity wedding planner David Tutera on board to make it unforgettable.

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Kaley Cuoco has a wedding date. The star and fiance Ryan Sweeting won't be wasting any time as they plan to make it official on New Year's Eve.

Hey, you gotta take advantage of the tax break for 2013 ...

Ryan Sweeting, Kaley Cuoco Photo

Cuoco, 27, and her beau, 26, will wed in Southern California.

The event will reportedly double as a fire-and-ice-themed holiday bash, with cocktails, dancing and a whole lot to celebrate along with the lovebirds.

Her rep confirmed the engagement September 26, just three months after the couple started dating, and just a few days after their red carpet debut.

"I know that it must seem a little crazy on paper," the swooning bride-to-be told ET after Ryan Sweeting proposed to her. "But it's what works for us."

One cannot blame Ryan for wanting to lock it down ASAP.

In becoming Mr. Kaley Cuoco, Sweeting will no doubt be the envy of millions nationwide. All that's left for us is to look at Kaley Cuoco bikini photos.

Or Watch The Big Bang Theory online. Also enjoyable.

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Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon have announced their upcoming wedding, an intimate evening with close family, friends and a Pay-Per-View audience.

Michaele Salahi Wedding Invite

December 15, live from San Francisco's Palace of the Fine Arts, you can watch the three-hour TV special dubbed the "Winter Wonderland Wedding and Music Event."

All for just $14.95!!!

Believe it or not, a real TV crew's hosting the thing - Debbie Matenopoulos, Cameron Mathison, and Karyn Bryant - and Journey (of course) will perform that night.

The duo will be the first EVER to get married on Pay-Per-View and will be donating a portion of the PPV proceeds to benefit typhoon relief in the Philippines.

Let's just hope:

  • It's more than 10 percent, a la Kim Kardashian's auction.
  • Tareq Salahi doesn't crash the event ... sort of his thing.
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Kelly Rowland may critique contestants on The X Factor these days.

But she has nothing negative to say about Tim Witherspoon. Because the singer and her manager are engaged! To be married!!!

"She has been showing [the ring] off to friends and family and is very happy," an insider tells Us Weekly. "She wants to...enjoy [it] and celebrate for a bit longer."

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Francesca Eastwood and Jonah Hill's brother Jordan Fedelstein got married in Vegas a week ago Sunday, but it's not likely to last. She wants an annulment.

The quickie nuptials will be over as quickly as you can say Britney Spears and Jason Alexander ... okay, that remains the gold standard at 55 hours.

Nevertheless, Francesca and Jordan aren't likely to make it to week three of their marriage, which was drunkenly sealed in a cheesy Vegas chapel.

An Elvis impersonator even officiated the duo's wedding. Awesome.

  • Francesca Eastwood Photograph
  • Jordan Fedelstein Photo

The regrets were immediate and significant. The day after the nuptials, she wasn't wearing a wedding ring. Or a smile. What happens in Vegas ...

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It feels like love is in the air for the former cast of The Hills. Specifically, Whitney Port is engaged to marry boyfriend Tim Rosenman, her rep confirms.

Whitney, Fiance

Nearly one month after the tall, leggy blonde's friend Lauren Conrad got engaged to William Tell, the former Hills and City star is headed for the altar, too.

Speaking of The City, for which Rosenman served as an associate producer, that's where Whitney met her man. The two, obviously, have stayed close.

A source close to her says, "She is super comfortable with him and in love."

Well, what's not to like about that? Whitney Port, 28, who currently has her own fashion line Whitney Eve, lives with her little sister in Venice, Calif.

Congratulations to the former reality star and her future husband!

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When many couples get engaged these days, their first thought is not telling their close friends and family, but "OMG, I can't wait to post on Facebook!"

Even if this isn't you, chances are you've experienced it from someone you know. And chances are equally high that you've been irked by it somehow.

While brides (and husbands) to be can be cut a little slack - if you want to get married and someone asks, it's exciting - the Facebook posts about it?

Those need to be reevaluated. Hardcore.

Ashley Hesseltine, via The Huffington Post, breaks down the offending announcements into five common, hilarious and sort of infuriating categories:

  1. The BFF. Example: "I can't wait to marry my best friend!" Is he really, though? Is your partner not more than that, and also less in a different sense? Is that a diss to your current BFF(s)? Or is this just the cliche to end all cliches?
  2. The Single Lady. Example: "He liked it so he put a ring on it!" The all-too common practice of quoting Beyonce's 2008 hit is beyond played out and beyond cheesy. Next.
  3. The Name Changer. Example: "Can't wait to be Mrs. (Your First Name) (His Last Name)!" So much faux excitement over a loss of identity and trip to the DMV.
  4. The Obvious. Example: "He proposed, and I said YES!" Ya think? We'd love to see the time someone gets proposed to, rejects the dude and posts that on their wall.
  5. The Nauseating Nostalgia. Example: "Three years ago, a cute boy glanced at me from across the bar and I knew then it was love at first sight ... Today, he asked me to be his wife." If that doesn't make you throw up in your mouth a little, we don't know what will.

Have you made a Facebook engagement announcement? Did it fall into one or more of these areas? And should the words "fairy tale" be banned online in general?

Comment below, and vote for the most annoying status update!


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Just call Cher Lloyd the anti-Kim Kardashian.

The British pop star shocked fans this week by marrying hairdresser Craig Monk in a super secret ceremony Monday. A rep for the artist confirms the event took place, but simply says in a statement:

"Cher and Craig are married but all other details are private."

The bride did at least share a photo from the wedding on Instagram and added via Twitter yesterday:

"Thank you for all your lovely messages. I'm so happy!"

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are getting married January 26, and The Bachelor lovebirds believe that this will be a magical affair. Live on ABC.

“We’ve been wedding planning all week and it will be the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever seen,” the Dallas, Tex., native told Life & Style on Friday.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Photograph

“We want the ceremony to be traditional and special and the reception to be a big party. We've got her family and my family coming together to have a blast.”

With Juan Pablo Galavis set to take the reins from Sean this winter (see The Bachelor spoilers for the details on his season), Lowe is set to make history.

Only a select few stars from the reality franchise have tied the knot with their final rose recipients. It's a rare thing, and it's not a small feat in this era.

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Believe the tabloid cover, people: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may totally be getting married!

According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, there is no debating the status of this formerly estranged couple.

"They are inseparable and 100 percent back on," a friend tell the magazine.

But that's far from all.

Following months of back and forth, along with rumors that Rob was dating Dylan Penn, this pal says Pattinson and Stewart recently enjoyed a weekend getaway to "discuss their future" and they "decided they can't live without each other."

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