Demi Lovato spent this week getting a new tattoo while keeping up an old tradition.

First, the artist wrote on Instagram that "it's time to get naked... with our FACES," encouraging fans to follow #NoMakeupMonday and send along their all natural selfies.

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For a while there, Tara Reid was actually turning things around. And by "turning things around," we mean she landed some paying work and stopped lying about getting married.

Now, however, it looks as though Tara Reid is back to acting like Tara Reid, a sad fact evidenced by this footage of the obviously-hammered actress getting flirty with some random dude who got her name tattooed on his wrist:

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The Internet continues to disagree on whether the white and gold dress is actually white and gold... or, in fact, blue and black.

But there's one thing regarding this controversial clothing item on which we can all agree: one should not get it as a tattoo on one's body.

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A mom and dad recently got matching tattoos, and enormous, not exactly beautiful ones at that. But it was all for a reason as admirable as it looks uncomfortable.

Tanya and Adam Phillips got the tattoos to match their daughter’s very large birthmark, a gesture meant to show Honey Rae, 18 months, that she's not alone.

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