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Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has been working on a new tattoo for quite awhile now ... when it takes over your entire back, that thing's going to require many trips.

It's not even totally done yet, but it's close enough to the point where she's ready to debut it for fans, which she did last week with a photo on Instagram.

"Session 7! We're getting close! #inked," Lowry tweeted, along with this:

  • Kailyn Lowry Tattoo
  • Kailyn Lowry Twitpic

The quote above reads: "To the world you are one person but to one person you are the world." Words to live by for the mother of adorable little Isaac.

Flowers, trees, rolling hills and more will adorn Kailyn's body for all eternity. A bit much, perhaps, but hey, at least she's not in jail like Jenelle Evans.

What do you think of the ink? How does it compare to some other celebrity tattoos we've seen in recent months? Share your comments with us below.

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Think you're the biggest Miley Cyrus fan on the planet? We hate to break the news to you, but: You are not.

A man who goes by the Twitter handle "MileyCyrusCarl" has 15 tattoos across his body of either Miley's face, her name or various song lyrics from her catalog. This is what we call dedication... or many other terms that aren't fit to print on a family website.

See for yourself:

  • Miley Cyrus Tattoos
  • Miley Cyrus Fan

Carl's idol has 14 tattoos herself, including: Roman Numerals on her elbow; the words "Just Breathe" on her chest; and an Equals sign around her finger that shows her support for gay rights.

We're guessing Carl will never meet Miley, but you know what she says: it's all about the climb. Keep going, buddy.

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Rihanna got yet another tattoo over the weekend.

Spoiler alert: It's not of Chris Brown. Or Drake.

The singer, who has at least 16 other tattoos, got inked up on her ankle. That's a falcon of some kind, which she explained in the following Tweet:

Rihanna Falcon Tattoo

"Falcon: a light that always shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep," Rihanna wrote about her newest, permanent work of body art.

Among Rihanna's many other tattoos:

  • A cross on her neck
  • A gun on her ribcage
  • Various stars here and there
  • Music notes on both of her feet
  • The word "Love" on her finger

She also had a thug life tattoo at one point, though it looks like that may have been one of those temporary things. Probably for the best on that one.

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For Kelsey Grammer, the fourth time really might be a charm.

The Boss star, in Chicago to film season two of his Starz drama, stopped by Noble Square tattoo parlor on Saturday and paid tribute to wife number-four, Kayte Walsh, in the most permanent way possible. No, not via an exchanging of vows. Kelsey has made it clear those are easily breakable.

Instead, he got the name "Kayte" inked on his right hip.

Kelsey Grammer Tattoo Pic

“He was pretty cool about it," said Bob Jones, owner of the establishment, to The Chicago Sun-Times of Grammer.

A fellow patron, meanwhile, said Walsh accompanied her husband for the procedure and described the British flight attendance as "darling."

"They were fun. Very friendly and into each other. They were just talking and enjoying each other,” said Christine Darbo, a 72-year old grandmother with two tattoos of her own.

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Rihanna recently obtained a new tattoo of a tiny cross, pictured in a slanted position on her left collarbone. It's her 16th tattoo overall, according to reports!

The ink artist, Bang Bang, posted a black and white photo of his creation:

"New #cross #tattoo I put on @rihanna last night," he Tweeted (below).

Rihanna Cross Tattoo

Rihanna, 24, got herself inked on March 15 in New York from her preferred tattoo artiste. Bang Bang is the creator of most of the singer's tattoos.

He says they decided to put the latest mark on the R&B star's collarbone "because it's easy to hide with a necklace but also can be in plain sight."

Why does a woman need so many tattoos in the first place?

Who cares, it's fun. "She always flips out [when it's done] and jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl getting her first car," Bang Bang said.

Some other notable Rihanna tattoos include:

  • The word "Shhh" on her right forefinger
  • The phrase "Rebelle Fleur" on the left side of her neck
  • The words "Thug Life," inspired by slain rapper Tupac, on her knuckles

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Selena Gomez has some fresh ink on her wrist.

The singer stopped by Under the Gun tattoo parlor in Hollywood last night and employee Jordan Sandoval Tweeted a shot of his work on Selena's body: a tiny little heart just under her right forearm.

Selena Gomez Tattoo

"She was excited...she wasn't nervous. She is way cute," Jordan Tweeted along with the photo, adding that Gomez "took it like a champ" and didn't mention if the heart was in honor of someone in particular.

But we all know the answer to that question, don't we?

Selena's boyfriend is no stranger to do body art himself. Justin Bieber made headlines in January for his Jesus Christ tattoo.

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Rihanna's new tattoo is a tribute to going HARD. Thug life baby.

R must be a big Tupac fan, because she just had the words the late rapper immortalized emblazoned on her hands. The 23-year-old pop superstar hit up an LA tattoo parlor yesterday to get her ink on, as she showed us in the below Twitter pic.

Pretty bad ass tat. The t-shirt she was wearing while she got the work done? A vintage one featuring John Lennon's face. Totally thuggin' it hardcore there.

Miss you 2Pac. And John.

Rihanna, New Tattoo

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Lindsay Lohan's new tattoo suggests she's ready to live without regrets.

Seriously, that's what it says. Live without regrets.

Just a few months ago, Lohan had Billy Joel lyrics - "clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife, I feel like I'm in the prime of my life" - tattooed on her rib cage.

The new ink is much smaller and appears on the celebrity's left wrist. Yay.

Holy Lindsay

LiLo had the work done on Friday night, sources say.

The impetus for the new tattoo, supposedly, is that Lindsay's at a great point in her life ... and she wanted to do something she'd always remember. 

That's nice for her and all, but also ironic, as the words "live without regrets" will now be etched permanently on her in a way she almost certainly will.

On the flip side, Playboy airbrushed its Lindsay Lohan pictures so much that you couldn't even see her ink anyway, so there's a workaround there at least.


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Demi Lovato has a message for her fans: "Sometimes you just gotta have a little bit of..." she Tweeted last night, followed by a picture of her latest tattoo:

Demi Lovato Tattoo Pic

The "faith" insignia is just the latest ink donned by this young singer. She also has a feather behind her ear; the words "Stay" and "Strong" on her wrists; and the phrase "You make me beautiful" on her side, along with a cross on her hand.

Last week, Demi stopped by the same treatment center where she resided for a few weeks in 2010. She offered inspiring words and prayers to the troubled women there.

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