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Justin Bieber has armed himself with a new tattoo.

Artist Romeo Lacoste posted the following image on Instagram today, writing that he inked up the singer until 6am yesterday and that Bieber showed him "a lot of luv."

Will fans show the same emotion to Justin's latest tattoo, however? See and judge for yourself:

Justin Bieber Tatto Pic

Bieber has been keeping mostly quiet these days, hitting up the recording studio with Austin Mahone, Lil Wayne and other artists in Atlanta.

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Good news, celebrities! You aren't the only who have regrettable tattoos!

Following our rundown of 17 Celebrity Tattoos That May Not Have Been a Great Idea, we've now compiled a list of 12 epic tattoo failures by regular Joes and Janes.

Some of these are misspelled. Others are premature celebrations for Presidential candidates and college basketball teams.

But all are cringe-worthy and hilarious... because we aren't the ones who got them. Click around and laugh now:

12 Epic Tattoo Fails
Awesome font, dude. Less awesome spelling ability, however.
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I'm Awsome

1. I'm Awsome

Awesome font, dude. Less awesome spelling ability, however.

Don't Juge Me!

2. Don't Juge Me!

Only God will judge this guy. But English teachers may feel a need to chime in.

Exreme Living

3. Exreme Living

This guy is living such an extreme life that he doesn't even have time for a "t."

Mitt Romney Face Tattoo

4. Mitt Romney Face Tattoo

We admire the dedication. And don't admire how much it will hurt to have this removed.

Kentucky Championship Tattoo

5. Kentucky Championship Tattoo

Kentucky came within seven points of making this guy the most prescient tattoo owner of all-time. Alas.

Tradgey vs. Comedy

6. Tradgey vs. Comedy

What happens when tragedy meets comedy? We'll never know from this tattoo.

It's Get Better

7. It's Get Better

Good news for this anonymous individual: it really can only get better from here.

Your Next

8. Your Next

Mistaking "Your" for "You're" is common for many people. But getting a tattoo of one's ignrance is not.

Never Don't Give Up

9. Never Don't Give Up

Never do not give up, people. Which we're pretty sure translates to... yeah, you should give up.

Regret Nohing

10. Regret Nohing

Remember to regret nohing, people. And then look up the meaning of "nohing."

Life Go's On

11. Life Go's On

Life goes on for us all. Just a little less enjoyably for those who can't spell.

Sweet Pee

12. Sweet Pee

Considering the location of this tattoo, who knows? Maybe it's not a mistake.

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We've already showed you Justin Bieber's tattoos and speculated that the troubled singer might be addicted to ink. Justin seemed to agree, tweeting that he was done getting new tatts for a while  - a pledge that lasted all of two weeks.

Justin tweeted the above photo over the weekend to show off the new art on his neck which reads "Patience." We won't even get into the irony of an entitled young star who gets everything he wants with the quickness extolling the virtues of patience.

Instead, we'll just point out that the Biebs can't be beliebed and remind Justin that he better slow it down with the body art or he'll run out of real estate before he's old enough to drink.

Justin's dad Jeremy Bieber has a number of tattoos himself and Justin credits his pops with inspiring his longtime love affair with the ink gun.

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You only live once, people.

That's the message Stian Ytterdah is sending out, as the Norwegian teenager who made news last week for getting a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his arm (seriously) is at it again.

Ytterdah told a local newspaper at the time that his friends forced him to get the ink because he had been “too active on the ladies front.”

So... why did he then add to his unusual collection by getting another receipt tattoo on his left arm? This one from the tattoo parlor behind the first ridiculous marking?

Isn't it obvious? "#yolo," Ytterdah wrote on Facebook as a caption to the following picture:

Receipt Tattoo

The question, of course, is now this: Why stop there?

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got engaged almost two years ago and they seem to be taking their sweet time setting a date, but that doesn't mean they're afraid of commitment.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: BAFTA Awards

Sure they already raise 6 kids together, but now it seems the mega-famous couple wants to take yet another step toward cementing their bond prior to their long-delayed walk down the aisle.

A source close to Brad and Angie tells Radar Online the longtime partners are working on selecting matching tattoos to mark the occasion of the Pitt-Jolie wedding. The insider says the ink will be done in advance and revealed to friends and family the day of the ceremony.

"Brad really wants to do something special, and frankly, a little weird to mark the occasion," says the source. "They want to get the exact same design, in the exact same spot in their bodies.”

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It was proven time and again in the infamous Justin Bieber deposition footage:

This 20-year old is really just an immature, petulant child.

But just try telling that to Justin Bieber himself. The artist clearly thinks of himself as one seriously hard dude who is not to be messed with.

And he tries to depict this nearly every other week at this point, getting new tattoos etched all over his body.

He has a picture of Jesus on his calf; a cross on his chest; an owl on his back; and many other drawings that WILL NEVER COME OFF. Seriously. EVER.

Does this ink make JB look hard? Sexy? Thug-like? Scroll through and decide for yourself:

12 Tattoos Justin Bieber Thinks Make Him Look Hard
Justin Bieber has another new tattoo. This one is hard to miss. What do you think?
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Justin Bieber Chest Tattoo

1. Justin Bieber Chest Tattoo

Justin Bieber has another new tattoo. This one is hard to miss. What do you think?

Justin Bieber Arm Tattoo

2. Justin Bieber Arm Tattoo

Don't let your dreams float away. That's what Justin Bieber wrote as a caption to this photo.

Justin Bieber Goes Black and White

3. Justin Bieber Goes Black and White

Justin Bieber is deep in thought in this Instagram photo. Perhaps we should give him some space.

Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo

4. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo

Justin Bieber has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his left calf. We wonder how Jesus would react to some of this singer's actions.

Justin Bieber Compass Tattoo

5. Justin Bieber Compass Tattoo

Justin Bieber now has a tattoo of a compass on his arm. What do you think of it?

Justin Bieber Shirtless Tattoo Picture

6. Justin Bieber Shirtless Tattoo Picture

Justin Bieber shows off his latest tattoo in this shirtless Instagram picture. Hardcore, JB.

Justin Bieber Rose Tattoo

7. Justin Bieber Rose Tattoo

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo. It covers pretty much his entire arm, as you can see here.

Justin Bieber Tattoo Pic

8. Justin Bieber Tattoo Pic

It's a new Justin Bieber tattoo! What do you think of this ink job?

Justin Bieber Owl Tattoo

9. Justin Bieber Owl Tattoo

Justin Bieber has inked himself yet again. What do you think of the singer's eighth tattoo?

Justin Bieber Tattoo

10. Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo. It's ink of a crown on his chest, as you can see here.

Justin Bieber Arm Tattoos

11. Justin Bieber Arm Tattoos

Justin Bieber has a tattoo of a jester on his arm. That's the focus of this Miami Police Department photo.

Justin Bieber Tatto Pic

12. Justin Bieber Tatto Pic

It's another new tattoo for Justin Bieber. Pretty soon, he'll have more ink than bare skin!

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We guess they do things differently in Norway.

An 18-year old resident of that country, Stian Ytterdahl, got a tattoo this week of a McDonald’s receipt from his trip to that fast food chain on Monday.

Reports indicate that his friends forced him to do so as punishment for “being too active with the ladies.”

This makes positively no sense, but if anything is gonna turn the opposite sex off, it's a permanent reminder that you're going home with a guy who frequents McDonald's.

McDonald's Receipt Tattoo

"Now I'm a living billboard," Ytterdahl told the newspaper Romereskes Blad, "But I think all this is just fun. Maybe it won't be as fun when I'm 50 or 60 years, but it's my choice."

Quick note, Stian: This Mitt Romney face tattoo was also someone's choice at one point.

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Justin Bieber is showing more skin on Instagram.

Not that you can actually see much of the singer's skin in this instance.

Not long after teasing a Calvin Klein campaign with a couple of semi-shirtless photos, Bieber took the focus off his torso and placed it on his arm by showing off a completed sleeve of tattoos yesterday.

Check out the artist's massive addition of ink here:

Justin Bieber Sleeve Tattoo

“Done with tats 4 a while…” Bieber captioned picture. “Were I wanna be..”

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Justin Bieber may be acting like a jerk in depositions and possibly agreeing to plea bargains to avoid jail time for egging his neighbor's home.

But he's still finding time to make new music.

The singer posted a video to Instagram last night of himself in the recording studio, dancing around to a track that will reportedly be included on his new album.

"Girls be in the the club like OMG this is my song!!!!! Lol," Bieber wrote as a caption to this footage:

The singer, who may actually tour with Selena Gomez, also gave fans a couple fresh looks at his ever-growing collection of arm ink.

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Over the past few days, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have both freshened up their body ink.

For the latter, his mysterious, Banksy-related tattoo is simply his latest in a long run of permanent artwork, making Bieber a lock in the Celebrity Tattoo Hall of Fame.

Who else is a member? And who might one day regret some of these drawings?

Click around below and shake your head over what some stars have etched on their bodies, from Jesus Christ's mug to whatever the heck Sinead O'Connor has on her face...

17 Tattoos These Celebrities May One Day Regret
Justin Bieber has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his left calf. We wonder how Jesus would react to some of this singer's actions.
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Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo

1. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo

Justin Bieber has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his left calf. We wonder how Jesus would react to some of this singer's actions.

Ariana Grande Neck Tattoo

2. Ariana Grande Neck Tattoo

Ariana Grande now has a neck tattoo. It reads "Mille tendresse," which translates to a "thousand tendernesses."

Farrah Abraham Mom Tattoo

3. Farrah Abraham Mom Tattoo

Farrah Abraham's mom tattoo honors herself, clearly. She rules at momming.

Chris Brown's Tats

4. Chris Brown's Tats

Chris Brown has many tats. He is very well inked up you could say.

Sinead O'Connor Cheek Tattoos

5. Sinead O'Connor Cheek Tattoos

Sinead O'Connor now has one tattoo on each cheek. They are the letters Q and B.

Aaron Hernandez Tattoos

6. Aaron Hernandez Tattoos

Aaron Hernandez is a man of many tattoos. And criminal investigations it appears.

Amber Rose Tattoo

7. Amber Rose Tattoo

Amber Rose has gotten a tattoo of Wiz Khalifa on her body. Now this is true love!

Ryan Cabrera Tattoo

8. Ryan Cabrera Tattoo

Ryan Cabrera has a tattoo of Ryan Gosling on his leg. He swears that it's real.

Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo

9. Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo

Harry Styles has a new tattoo. It's of a butterfly. What do you think?

Jenelle Evans' New Tattoo

10. Jenelle Evans' New Tattoo

Jenelle Evans gets a new tattoo. It's not small.

Rihanna Isis Tattoo

11. Rihanna Isis Tattoo

Rihanna gets a giant tattoo of the goddess Isis on her chest to honor her late grandmother. Thoughts?

Lady Gaga ArtPop Tattoo

12. Lady Gaga ArtPop Tattoo

Lady Gaga recently tweeted out a pic of her new tattoo ... and possible album title. It says ARTPOP.

JWoww Tiger Tattoo

13. JWoww Tiger Tattoo

JWoww recently got a new tiger tattoo. Fan? Not a fan?

Kailyn Lowry Tattoo

14. Kailyn Lowry Tattoo

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 recently got this absolutely crazy tattoo on her back. Check it out.

Maci Bookout Tattoos

15. Maci Bookout Tattoos

Look at Maci Bookout's tattoos. The Teen Mom star is a total wild woman.

Vinny Guadagnino Tattoo

16. Vinny Guadagnino Tattoo

Vinny Guadagnino gets shirtless and shows off his tattoo on Jersey Shore.

Miley Cyrus Lip Tattoo

17. Miley Cyrus Lip Tattoo

Miley Cyrus rocks an eccentric tattoo in this photo. Are you digging it?

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