Because Swastikas almost never go well with Hanukah, Walgreens has pulled some controversial wallpaper off its shelves.

A patron named Cheryl Shapiro told The Los Angeles Daily News that she was wandering around the store when she noticed a design hidden in a blue-and-silver wrapping paper pattern that looked suspiciously liked this infamous Nazi symbol.

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Hugh Hefner has spoken on the rape allegations that have been levied against Bill Cosby over the past several weeks.

The Playboy founder felt a need to address this ongoing scandal not merely because he's known the legendary comedian for many years... but also because Judy Huth recently came out and said Cosby sexually assaulted her when she was 15 years old.

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For a (mostly) lighthearted memoir written by the star of a TV comedy, Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl, has generated a surprising amount of controversy.

First, there was Dunham was accused of sexual molestation after right wing blog Truth Revolt called attention to a portion of the book in which Dunham described a bizarre, sexually explorative incident that occurred when she and her sister were both very young.

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Ryan Leaf's life has been characterized by broken dreams, crushed ambitions, and the ravages of addiction, but today for the first time in years, the former number 2 overall NFL draft pick received some good news:

Leaf was released from prison this morning after serving over two years of five-year sentence.

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