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Dwight Howard may be facing the most scandalous double team of his career.

A 16-year old who simply goes by "Debbie" on Twitter posted a number of text message this week that seem to imply she had a romantic relationship with the Houston Rockets center.

In one texts to a friend, Debbie says Howard "cheated" on another woman, seemingly with her, writing how he "flew" her around the country.

In another, apparently directed to Howard himself, Debbie goes off on the star for ignoring her during the recent NBA Playoffs.

And in the most damaging piece of evidence, Debbie references photos of her being Dwight's "princess," actually posting two of them online.

The images appear to depict Howard in a hotel room with two very young women, laughing and holding the hand of one.

We've included these two photos, along with many of Debbie's messages in the following gallery. How do you interpret this mess?

Dwight Howard in a Hotel Room
A 16-year old named Debbie posted this photo, claiming it depicts her and a young friend with Dwight Howard in a hotel room.

It is believed that Dwight Howard has at least five kids by five women.

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Justin Bieber has apologized for racist videos made while the pop mega-star was still in his teens, but many understandably feel that even the sincerest admission of guilt is simply not enough, given the abhorrent content of Bieber's bigoted "jokes."

One such critic is rapper Lupe Fiasco who recently likened Justin's comments to the blatantly racist remarks made by Donald Sterling, former owner of the LA Clippers.

"Justin Bieber said it, so it's cool and people are already coming to his defense," said Fiasco in an interview with MTV. 

"Donald Sterling made a billion dollars when he sold the team and then there was such an uproar over someone who didn't use the N-word at all, but then you have someone who made a very racist joke about it - I wonder if Justin's gonna get the same treatment as Donald Sterling."

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In the wake of a second racist video hitting the Web this week, Justin Bieber took to Instagram last night and quoted the bible.

He confessed his sins and asked for forgiveness.

The singer did not, however, directly reference the footage of him repeatedly using the N-word and joking about joining the KKK.

But Justin has now gone ahead and done just this in a statement to E! News.

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British prosecutors are charging former pop star Gary Glitter with eight sex offenses involving teenage girls, according to multiple news reports.

The charges against Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, are related to two women who were aged 12 and 14 at the time of the alleged offenses.

Those incidents reportedly took place between 1977-1980.

The now 70-year-old singer was arrested in October 2012.

Glitter's arrest was the first in a series of arrests under an investigation launched in the wake of a child abuse scandal centered around BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile.

Salvie is believed to have been one of Britain's most prolific sexual predators, while Glitter has already been convicted on child abuse charges in Vietnam.

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Transsexual model Sofie Vissa says Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart totally hollered at her, exchanging flirty messages and pics with her for weeks.

Not only that, he's well aware Vissa's transsexual, says she.

Sofie explains how it all started in an exclusive interview with In Touch: “I’d put the hashtags #TS, #Shemale and #transgendered on one of my photos."

"When I went to look at my phone, I’d gotten a request to follow me from Casper. As soon as I approved him, he started ‘liking’ a lot of my pictures."

"He liked at least 20 to 30 pictures," she went on. 

Sofie Vissa says the flirting continued through direct messages for weeks and Casper Smart was persistent in asking for racy photos of the transsexual.

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A new video of Justin Bieber as a 14-year old has surfaced.

And this one is even more racially charged than the previously leaked footage of Bieber dropping the N Word as the punchline to a joke.

The video depicts a young Bieber singing a scandalous cover of his track "One Less Lonely Girl," replacing the final word of the title with "n-gger."

He repeats it over and over and also references the Ku Klux Klan.

According to TMZ, this video was part of the package used by a former employee who tried to extort Bieber for $1 million.

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For a change, Pharrell Williams is not making some folks Happy at the moment.

The singer covers the latest edition of Elle UK in what the magazine describes as "an elaborate Native American headdress," and in what many Twitter users have described as incredibly offense.

The hashtag #NotHappy sprung up online soon after the following image went viral, with Williams quickly releasing a statement to E! News as an apology.

Pharrell Indian Headdress Cover

"I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry," Pharrell says of the get-up.

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Jesse James has unveiled a new logo for his company, West Coast Choppers, that quickly drew criticism for resembling an old Nazi insignia.

The motorcycle enthusiast's logo has been likened to Nazi Reichsadler or Imperial Eagle used by the party from 1935-1945. Take a look below:

  • WCC Logo
  • More Jesse James Nazi Shots

The West Coast Choppers website refers to the logo as the "Warbird."

During the star's scandalous divorce from Sandra Bullock, a Jesse James Nazi photo from 2004 was leaked, sparking a great deal of controversy.

James was also been pictured in a car with a friend wearing a similar hat and doing the same salute (above) yet the dad of three claims he is not racist.

“There’s not a racist bone in my body,” Jesse said at the time.

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According to a new report, Justin Bieber had the opportunity to prevent his racist joke from ever going public over the weekend.

As long as he forked over $1 million.

Indeed, an insider tells TMZ that reps for the artist were approached two months ago by an attorney for someone who worked on one of Bieber’s video projects.

This dishonest individual found the embarrassing footage (of a 15-year old Bieber dropping the N Word) on Justin's hard drive... stole it... and held it for a $1 million ransom.

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We can all pretty much agree at this point that Justin Bieber is not a racist.

Granted, footage leaked over the weekend of the singer using the N Word in an off-color joke... but the incident took place many years ago and Bieber has never exhibited any kind of racist behavior.

Still, this the video generated more negative coverage of the artist, whose once-clean image continues to take major hits on a near-daily basis.

He allegedly tried to steal a cell phone a few weeks ago; he told off a fan who merely wanted to take a photo; and those Justin Bieber deposition videos will forever cast a dark cloud over the star.

From false baby daddy assertions to embarrassing DUI arrests, relive Bieber's long run of scandalous behavior below and ask yourself: When will it stop?!?

Justin Bieber: Baby Daddy?
In November 2011, Mariah Yeater accused Justin of fathering her child via a one-night quickie. The accusation eventually went away.