Don Lemon sat across from Joan Tarshis for an exclusive interview on CNN last night, asking Tarshis many questions about her past with Bill Cosby.

After opening up to Lemon about how Cosby allegedly raped her twice in 1969 and about how she staved off his advances for intercourse by lying about a vaginal infection, Tarshis said she was forced to perform oral sex on the famous comedian.

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During a stand-up performance last month, comedian Hannibal Burress remarked on the sexual assault allegations that have been directed at Bill Cosby over the past several decades.

Prior to Burress' comments, the accusations had been all but forgotten by the press, and they've now resurfaced in a way that's proven profoundly damaging to Cosby's career and reputation.

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Reports of Kate Gosselin being a terrible mom and person are a dime a dozen, but she's putting her kids in physical danger, according to a new rumor.

Kate recently tweeted proof she is ignoring the safety warnings on the John Deere Gator she purchased, and allowing her kids to drive the adult ATV.

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