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Facing an unexpected family tragedy, Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice have seen their sentencing date pushed back.

A couple days after the unexpected death of Frank Giudice, Joe's father who passed away of a heart attack in the couple's backyard, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office says there's been a change in schedule:

"Joe and Teresa’s sentencing has been pushed back to September. The reason is an administrative issue. I can’t elaborate further as to what that means and I can’t theorize on this. They will be sentenced on September 23rd at 10:30 a.m. in front of Judge Ester Salas."

With The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 premiering on July 13, Teresa could be facing many years in prison.

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Lady Gaga's video for "Do What U Want" has been canned amid a firestorm of controversy over director Terry Richardson allegedly sexually assaulting models.

The "Do What U Want" music video was officially nixed due to the catch-all time constraints and scheduling conflicts, but that's not the whole story.

Gaga was apparently in the dark over claims that Richardson sexually assaulted or harassed models, saying he will get them photo shoots if they f--k him etc.

The New York Post says the allegations of several models against the director/photographer rattled Gaga's camp and torpedoed the music video.

Of course, her co-star on the track, and video, is accused child molester R. Kelly. Hard to believe she didn't know about his interesting legal history.

In any case, the video (above) featured Richardson directing and R. Kelly playing doctor, reaching under a sheet and making his patient, Gaga, moan.

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According to a new In Touch Weekly report, Justin Bieber has impregnated two women since 2010.

The tabloid bases this serious accusation on the words of an anonymous source, who claims Bieber and his entourage “rushed to cover up the pregnancies” as soon as word started to leak out.

“He just expects his team to handle it,” the insider says of Justin allegedly slipping a swimmer past a goalie and then just going about his business.

In late 2011, a 20-year old named Mariah Yeater claimed Bieber knocked her up when the two had sex backstage at a concert in Los Angeles.

She sued him for paternity, but later withdrew the legal documents.

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What is it with beauty pageants these days? The first runner-up in the Miss Teen Colorado contest, is reportedly making a stab at another career in porn.

The website Gawker says a second adult video starring Kristy Althaus has popped up on an online porn site offering a discount with the code "ColoradoIsBack."

Miss USA Nia Sanchez and her alleged carpetbagging seem tame now.

Kristy Althaus' name and likeness were nixed from the Miss Colorado website in January following a report that she made a porn video after turning 18.

This was her first foray into porn. Now she's back for an encore effort.

“I just wanted to come back,” the woman says in a short interview.

When the first video surfaced, Roger Neal, a rep who has worked closely with the Miss USA, said that "the pageants these days seem to like controversy."

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was arrested at his family's tanning salon in Middletown, N.J., Tuesday. He was charged with simple assault after a fight.

About 2 p.m., police responded to calls reporting an altercation involving Situation at Boca Tanning Club, Middletown Police Det. Lt. Stephen Dollinger said. 

The former MTV reality star has posted $500 bail and was released. TMZ reports that the fight was between Sorrentino and his brother Frank.

Mike also has a sweet black eye now. Looks like he lost.

Dollinger said he could not confirm who was involved in the fight, but E! News says a Twitter feud between the pair escalated quickly Tuesday afternoon.

Mike Sorrentino allegedly went to the salon to tell his brother that he was fired, setting off a skirmish, which was not the first eyebrow-raising event there.

On June 2, five employees at the salon filed police reports claiming their paychecks bounced. According to cops, each employee was owed between $100-200.

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Casper Smart is adamant that he didn't cheat on Jennifer Lopez with two transsexual models, and is gearing up to sue the gossip site that reported this.

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend split up a few months back, and it had nothing to do with Smart's alleged sexting shenanigans, as reported by The Dirty.

Casper Smart Photograph

Casper is downright pissed that The Dirty claimed he cheated with Sofie Vissa and another transsexual he met on Instagram, and is ready to take action.

His lawyer fired off a letter to the site's founder, Nik Richie, denying he's ever met, kissed or had sex with either of the two transsexuals in question.

The attorney says the dancer didn't send them any sexy photos and flat out denies Casper Smart cheated on Jennifer, demanding a retraction or else.

Smart's lawyer also sent a threatening letter to Vissa, one of the transsexual models, imploring her to sign a declaration saying they never met Smart.

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Drake has pulled a Miley Cyrus.

No, he didn't go topless for an album cover... or get hospitalized as the result of an allergic reaction... or diss Selena Gomez in concert.

But the artist did light up for the first time on stage, Wiz Khalifa in Houston over the weekend and telling the crowd, with a lit joint in his hand:

"I’ve never done this in my life before during a show… f-ck it."

Watch Drake take a drag on that sucker now:

We just named Drake one of the 17 Most Intelligent rappers out there.

But we may need to redo our rankings now.

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Justin Bieber may soon have trouble sleeping again.

The singer - who has reportedly agreed to a plea bargain in his DUI case and who posted a bed selfie over the weekend after what he described as a good night's sleep - will soon be facing legal vandalism charges.

According to TMZ, the district attorney will file charges today in relation to Bieber's alleged egging of his neighbor's home in Calabasas a few months ago.

Bieber was actually caught on camera cursing and trash talking his neighbor, though no footage exists of Justin actually hurling any items at his foe's home.

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Justin Bieber is finally ready to deal.

Months after being arrested on a multitude of charges, most alarmingly drunk driving and drag racing, Bieber and his legal team have reportedly agreed to a plea bargain.

According to TMZ, it will involve the singer pleading guilty to reckless driving, while have all other counts dismissed.

He will pay a fine. He will attend anger management classes. He will NOT go to jail and he will NOT be placed on probation.

Justin Bieber Arrest Photo
Justin Bieber doesn't look thrilled in this close-up. No wonder. He had just been arrested for DUI.

Reports indicate Bieber was neither legally drunk nor drag racing at the time he was pulled over in Miami. He did, however, test positive for marijuana.

Many earlier rumors of a Bieber plea bargain, why did it take so long for a deal to finally be reached?

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The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's final rose ceremony isn't for another few weeks, but the spoilers regarding her final pick have already leaked to the web.

Our girl's final pick is the focal point of some shady dealings, too.

Andi Dorfman Smiles

The Bachelorette rumor mill is churning hardcore today with speculation that he is already running around behind Andi's back with his previous squeeze.

His own social media footprint seems to corroborate this, no less.

Is the alleged "evidence" of the winner and his ex-girlfriend a sign that it's already over with Andi? Or a harbinger of worse things to come for them?

We can't say. We'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusion.

We'll reiterate that The Bachelorette spoilers appear below, and if you don't want to know who Andi picks, you best turn back right here, right now.

Okay? We good? Nice. Now then ...

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