Justin Bieber's affection for Jesus Christ has made him public enemy number-one in the Middle East.

Okay, maybe not number-one. They have many enemies in that region of the world. But Bieber won't exactly be breaking any sales records over there this fall.

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. Just ask rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa was cited on Saturday, October 10, for public urination after police busted the star peeing outside of a Pittsburgh bar.

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Certainly, no one is surprised to hear the Kris Jenner is a total piece of sh*t.  Not only did Kris ruin Scott Disick's life, she also treats non-family members terribly.

According to this week’s issue of Life & Style magazine, Kris Jenner treats her staff like her personal slaves. The magazine interviewed one of Kris’ former employees.  And the story that was told was u.g.l.y.

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