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Teresa Giudice may be headed to the clink. But first she's making a few deposits in the bank.

The law-breaking reality star reportedly earned six figures for sitting down with Andy Cohen this week and discussing her impeding jail sentence of 15 months.

And now Giudice is also covering the new issue of Us Weekly, opening up to the tabloid about her illegal financial dealings while, we presume, being paid to do so.

Teresa Giudice Us Weekly Cover

"I wish I could do everything differently," the mother of four daughters (Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5) tells the magazine.

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“They claim that there’s proof out there that my husband cheated on me,” Kendra Wilkinson said of her embattled spouse Hank Baskett earlier this week.

“But there really is no proof.”


The reality star has made overtures toward reconciling with the father of her two children, and more power to her, but is she really trying to undo the scandal?

Last Friday, we saw her literally collapse in devastation on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 1 as she found out the apparent truth of Baskett's dalliances.

Despite video tapes, interviews, a polygraph confirming Hank cheated on Kendra and this very footage, she's somehow playing this off like tabloid gossip.

Well, new audio tapes featuring transsexual model Ava London and a man who answers to "Hank" talking about the scandal that had just been exposed.

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Yesterday, it was revealed that actor Stephen Collins admitted to child molestation, and multiple instances of it to boot, in tapes recorded by his therapist.

His former wife, and what she knows about these acts, has become one of the biggest mysteries at the center of a bombshell case no one saw coming.

Faye Grant, Stephen Collins

Collins alleges that his ex-wife Faye Grant leaked the tapes.

Though she denies any involvement in the release of the shocking audio, Grant admits she was aware of her estranged husband's history of sex crimes.

Entertainment Tonight has obtained court documents in which Collins' wife of 27 years (they split two years ago) speaks about his criminal past.

In the papers, she reportedly reveals that she believes the well-liked 7th Heaven actor may have been engaging in inappropriate behavior for decades.

"I believe that Stephen used his celebrity status to engender the trust of the families of the children he molested," Grant said of Collins back in 2012.

"I further believe that there have been other victims," she adds, even though "he has thus far only confessed to those three girls."

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Jesse Helt is making like Teresa Giudice:

The young man - who made headlines in August for accompanying Miley Cyrus to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and even giving a speech on her behalf - is headed to prison.

The 22-year old received a six-month jail sentence yesterday for violating his probation, according to NBC News.

Helt accepted Miley's Video of the Year trophy at the aforementioned event and then went on to tell viewers about the plight of homeless individuals such as himself.

Cyrus later took to social media to explain that she was trying to use her fame for good, as she and Helt helped raised over $200,000 for a homeless shelter in Los Angeles through their stunt.

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While Stephen Collins remains silent amidst accusations of child molestation, an attorney for the former 7th Heaven star has released a lengthy statement to TMZ.

According to Mark Vincent Kaplan, the actor’s estranged wife, Faye Grant, is clearly behind the release of this damning audio, which was recorded in 2012 during a couples’ therapy session.

It seemingly features Collins admitting to three different instances of child molestation and Kaplan says it's no coincidence that the tape leaked just as Grant and his client are in the middle of an ugly divorce case.

"Over the course of my representation of Stephen in the divorce case, Faye has repeatedly threatened to give this audiotape to the media unless Stephen agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than that to which she was legally entitled," Kaplan says.

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In a Vanity Fair interview published today, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about the photo hacking scandal that's impacted hundreds of Hollywood starlets.

Jennifer Lawrence: WOW

Possibly in response to Lawrence's scathing indictment of the parties responsible for the widespread theft, Lawrence's Wikipedia page was hacked today.

Her main photo was replaced with an alternating pair of explicit pics.

Lawrence's page is "semi-protected," meaning that only registered Wikipedia users can edit it, but hackers may have circumvented those safeguards.

Someone clearly found a way to post changes not approved by administrators.

The Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence first surfaced online in late August, signaling the start of a flood of private photos stolen from the accounts of A-list celebrities.

Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, and Kaley Cuoco were among those victimized, with countless other celebs and their revealing pics leaked in the coming weeks.

Lawrence's remarks to Vanity Fair constituted her first public comments on the scandal, and suffice it to say she is not happy about how this went down.

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Faye Grant, the estranged wife of embattled actor Stephen Collins, has made her first public statements since the leaking of a recording she made in 2012.

The recording (below) stems from a therapy session she attended with Collins in which the former 7th Heaven star appears to admit that he molested three girls between the ages of 11 and 13.

"There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis," the actor allegedly says in the clip, adding that he exposed himself to the same girl "a couple of times."

Grant and Collins are in the middle of an ugly divorce, prompting many to assume she’s behind the release of this damning audio.

But Grant claims otherwise.

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Last night, Bravo aired the first half of Joe and Teresa Giudice's post-sentencing interview with Andy Cohen.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Pic

On Thursday, the network that made the Giudices famous will feature the second half of their extended sit-down with Cohen, and given the slate of topics to be discussed, round 2 might leave the Giudices looking worse than ever.

For one thing, Andy will reportedly confront Teresa about her claims that The Real Housewives of New Jersey is scripted, and edited to make her look bad. (We're guessing AC wasn't too thrilled with that statement.)

But what we're really looking forward to is the discussion about Joe Giudice's alcoholism.

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Stephen Collins is yet to speak out regarding rumors that he molested three girls under the age of 12 many years ago.

But the producers of Ted 2 have made their feelings well known in regard to these ugly allegations: Collins has been cut from the upcoming comedy, which is slated for a June 26, 2015 release.

The veteran actor, best known for his role as a pastor on 7th Heaven, had already filmed his small role in the film. But Seth MacFarlane and company will not be using it, sources confirm to Entertainment Weekly.

As previously detailed, TMZ has obtained a recording (above) of Collins in a 2012 therapy session with estranged wife Faye Grant.

Assuming the voice on the tape belongs to Collins, the star openly admits to inappropriate contact with multiple children; he says he once placed the hand of an 11-year old girl on his penis and that he was "partially" erect at the time.

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Back in August, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence leaked online signaling the start of a Hollywood hacking scandal that would eventually affect hundreds or actresses, models, and singers.

Lawrence sued to have the pics removed from Google, but she has not spoken publicly about the incident until today ...

Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Cover Photo

While many celebs reacted instantly via social media, Lawrence - perhaps the most high-profile victim of the scandal - offered her thoughts to Vanity Fair in a remarkably candid interview that the reputable current affairs mag posted online today.

"I was just so afraid," Lawrence said. "I didn't know how this would affect my career. Just because I'm a public figure, just because I'm an actress, does not mean that I asked for this."

"It's my body and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting."

Lawrence goes on to describe the circumstances under which the photos were taken:

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