While investigators are still unsure of how and why Bobbi Kristina Brown lost consciousness in her bathtub on January 31, the prevailing theory amongst friends and fans is that the 21-year-old's drug abuse finally caught up with her.

We've learned that drugs were found in Bobbi Kristina's apartment, and that she began engaging in all manner of self-destructive behavior in the months following the death of her mother, Whitney Houston.

Saturday Night Live courted controversy over the weekend when it made fun of a recent Toyota commercial by having host Dakota Johnson join ISIS.

Not every viewer found this parody funny, however, considering the growing number of young U.S. women who actually have joined this Middle Eastern terrorist group, contributing to countless civilian deaths in the process.

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The Great Dress Debate of 2015 appears to have been settled.

It all started last night when a Tumblr used share the picture of a dress that he said had prompted a major disagreement between him and his friends.

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