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Ex-Disney star Jake T. Austin drove a car that crashed into three other vehicles early Tuesday, but he may avoid legal ramifications despite bailing.

Sources say Jake and a friend were driving in Studio City, Calif., around 3 a.m. when he crashed into the cars and tossed a vodka bottle out the window.

Before police arrived at the scene, Jake called for a car service and he and his friend high-tailed it out of there. Jake denies he had been drinking.

Cops suspect drinking was involved, but because police never located him, it's very hard to prove. Booze aside, there's still the hit-and-run element.

Jake's lawyer, however, tells police that Jake was the owner of the car, and that he and his passenger were injured and needed medical attention ASAP.

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Jay Leno is incredibly unfunny. He harms one's sense of humor on a nightly basis.

But one woman claims The Tonight Show host has had a negative effect on her sex life... and she's filed a lawsuit against the veteran comedian as a result.

Jay Leno in a Suit

In July, an American Airlines flight attendant named Louann Giambattista was accused of hiding rats in her underwear, as multiple colleagues complained that their co-worker snuck pet vermin on to various flights.

As you might expect, such a story went viral and Leno had a bit of fun at Giambattista's expense in a segment titled "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda."

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Actor Peter Dante of The Waterboy (and like every Adam Sandler movie) fame, was thrown out of an L.A. hotel last week following an epic triade.

Of the racist and homophobic variety. Per TMZ, Dante called a staffer a "n--ga" and a "f--got" at the J.W. Marriott in Santa Monica early Friday morning.

According to the incident report, Dante began screaming around 1 a.m. because he wanted a new room key and was pissed that staffers didn't recognize him.

A staffer, who happened to be African-American, tried to help Dante.

The actor then said to a friend, "You better tell this n--ga to give me my fucking room key before I f--k him up ... he clearly doesn't know who the f--k I am."

Dante then continued to berate the staffer to his face, saying, "N--ga do you know who I am? I'm a black belt and you're a black person, I will f--k you up."

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In March, a fire ripped through Ashley Greene's Los Angeles condo and killed her dog.

It was a tragic situation and now it's one Greene is being forced to relive because the actress is actually being sued for the catastrophe.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Adrian Mayorga in which the doorman alleges he was injured while running through smoke-filled hallways and screaming for other residents to exit the premises.

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Make that 41 fraud charges for Teresa Giudice.

With The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband already facing up to 30 years in prison as the result of allegations over forged bankruptcy documents, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman now says two new counts have been tacked on.

They result from a $361,250 mortgage that Teresa took out in 2005.

"In the course of obtaining the loan, she and Giuseppe Giudice prepared a loan application which falsely stated that Teresa Giudice was employed as a realtor and that she had a monthly salary of $15,000," Fishman said. "Teresa Giudice was not employed outside the home at the time."

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Brittany Murphy’s shocking death in 2009 raised many questions. A new toxicology report is likely to raise many more, given the shocking revelations within.

Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, never believed the L.A. County Coroner’s report that listed Brittany Murphy's cause of death as pneumonia and anemia.

Her husband Simon Monjack, 40, also died suspiciously just five months after Murphy died, further raising questions that have never been answered.

No foul play was suspected in either death.

Convinced that she exhibited signs of heavy poisoning, Bertolotti pushed for independent testing on his late daughter's hair, blood and tissue samples.

He reached out to The Carlson Company to conduct independent tests, and was shocked by the results. The lab reports were alarming to say the least:

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George Zimmerman has been arrested again and is en route to Seminole County (Fla.) Jail, reports indicate, after an alleged dispute with his pregnant girlfriend.

Just before 1:30 p.m., Sherriff Don Eslinger confirmed that Zimmerman had been arrested today and was being driven to the county jail in Sanford.

The Sheriff's Office reported that the agency had arrested him after being dispatched to a disturbance on Topfield Court in Seminole County near Apopka.

Zimmerman's new girlfriend lives in that part of the county.

TMZ says he has been booked for a domestic incident - a "situation involving his girlfriend," who is reportedly pregnant - but few other details are available.

The former Neighborhood Watch volunteer, 30, was acquitted in July on the charge of murdering Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, last year.

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Justin Bieber is clashing with his neighbors once again.

According to TMZ sources, the singer partied hard last night, hosting a crazy shindig at his Calabasas mansion for approximately 100 guests, including Snoop Lion.

Justin Bieber Puts on a Show

Neighbors reportedly called the cops around 1 a.m., prompting the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department to stop by and tell the revelers to keep the noise down.

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Louis Tomlinson is under fire for making like Kim Kardashian.

No, the actor didn't film himself having sex with Ray J. Nor did he earn $15 million for marrying Kris Humphries and then divorce him 72 days later.

Instead, the One Direction star sent the following Tweet to fan yesterday: “Had an amazing @BooteaUK smoothie from this morning #booteashake.”

Louis Tomlinson Image

Because Bootea is geared toward "weight loss," as advertised on its official website, many fans called out the artist for pushing a supplement on his 13.9 million followers.

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Alec Baldwin may wanna buy Sylvester Stallone a muffin basket.

With the former 30 Rock star under fire for alleging using a gay slur in yet another paparazzo attack, Stallone has gone ahead and stolen all controversial, photographer-based headlines from Baldwin...

... by seemingly dropped the N Word when referring to a cameraman.

Sylvester Stallone on the Street

In footage posted by TMZ, Stallone is leaving Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills with a friend when he starts to be trailed by a member of the paparazzi.

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