Ryan Leaf's life has been characterized by broken dreams, crushed ambitions, and the ravages of addiction, but today for the first time in years, the former number 2 overall NFL draft pick received some good news:

Leaf was released from prison this morning after serving over two years of five-year sentence.

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As famously captured on video by The Associated Press, Bill Cosby refuses to address rumors that he sexually assaulted well over a dozen women, many of whom have come forward in recent weeks and charged the comedian with heinous crimes.

But the comedian has broken his silence on the issue at least a little bit today, taking to Twitter in order to thank a pair of celebrity supporters.

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Though the mysterious death of Natalie Wood occurred back in 1981, the incident has made headlines in recent years as the result of a decision to re-open the investigation into the actress' drowning.

Wood's original autopsy was re-examined by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office last year, with forensic experts concluding that there's reason to doubt every major finding in the report.

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