For whatever reason, violence seems to follow Chris Brown wherever he goes, and the trend continued last night at a concert in San Jose, California.

Five people were shot during Brown's performance, and the video below shows the singer's reaction to a scuffle that quickly escalated:

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Kevin Gates is a rapper who has heretofore been best known for rocking a multitude of face tattoos.

But it's safe to say Kevin Gates will be better known for something else going forward: having sex with his cousin! Proudly!

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Bill Cosby apparently finds allegations of rape to be prime comedic fodder.

Performing a stand-up routine in Ontario on Thursday night, the embattled star reportedly cracked at least one joke about the many sexual assault accusations women have leveled at him over the past few weeks.

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He's been with her for years and has two kids by her, but Snooki's husband Jionni LaValle is looking for a side chick, according to the would-be side chick herself.

Alexa Waldman says LaValle tried to get with her last year, while his fiancee, the infamous former Jersey Shore star, was knocked up with their second child.

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