Chris Brown's probation was revoked once again Thursday, in part because the star was at a club where five people were shot and wounded last weekend.

It was the latest in a string of incidents involving the controversial 25-year-old, whom violence seems to follow wherever he goes, whether he's instigating it or not.

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Watching Miley Cyrus stoop to new lows, without fail, nearly every single day of the week, is equal parts saddening, awesome, fascinating and revolting.

Her latest Instagram photo, a seriously raunchy and weird ass shot you can never unsee, sums up all of the above emotions simultaneously in one image.

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For whatever reason, violence seems to follow Chris Brown wherever he goes, and the trend continued last night at a concert in San Jose, California.

Five people were shot during Brown's performance, and the video below shows the singer's reaction to a scuffle that quickly escalated:

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Kevin Gates is a rapper who has heretofore been best known for rocking a multitude of face tattoos.

But it's safe to say Kevin Gates will be better known for something else going forward: having sex with his cousin! Proudly!

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