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Stephen Collins is now under investigation by a third law enforcement agency for acts of child molestation after the alleged victim herself came forward.

So far, the Stephen Collins child molestation scandal has been a byproduct of an ongoing feud with former wife Faye Grant and recordings made by a therapist.

Faye Grant has basically labeled the veteran an actor as a monster, but now, one of his alleged victims herself has come forward with a complaint.

The woman was 13 at the time and has sought out investigators with her allegations, and she is believed to be one of the girls he admitted molesting on tape.

You can hear that chilling recording of Collins after the jump.

According to reports, the incident involves a relative of a neighbor when Stephen Collins lived on Havenhurst Drive in West Hollywood in the summer of 1983.

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Justin Bieber has remained relatively quiet over the past few weeks, as the singer has been traveling throughout Europe for nearly a month.

But Bieber made a loud impression upon returning home to Beverly Hills last night.

Too loud, in fact: neighbors once again called the authorities to complain about all the craziness emanating from Bieber's residence.

Justin Bieber Poses in Paris

According to law enforcement sources, via TMZ, cops showed up at Bieber's condo TWICE last night to deal with the complaints, arriving first at 11 p.m but not even bothering to knock because all seemed peaceful.

They then returned nearly two hours later, spoke to Bieber directly and broke up the shindig.

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Kesha is suing her longtime producer, Dr. Luke, for sexual, verbal and physical abuse, which he counters is false and tantamount to extortion. So who's telling the truth?

When it came to Kesha suing Dr. Luke, the pop singer had "a lot of trepidation," her lawyer, Mark Geragos, said on Good Morning America today.

But the 27-year-old did just that, and Lukasz Gottwald almost immediately countersued the singer, citing extortion, defamation and breach of contract.

Just the same, "she’s strong," Geragos said, noting that "when I talked with her yesterday, I thought she was enormously resilient ... she’s in a good place."

The star claims his abuse was so severe that she "nearly lost her life," alleging that she was often plied with alcohol and "cruelly and incessantly" berated.

She claimed that Dr. Luke's alleged verbal abuse contributed to the singer developing an eating disorder, for which Kesha went to rehab earlier this year.

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With today's news that Amanda Bynes may face one year of involuntary confinement, the former child star's struggles with mental illness seem more tragically real than ever before.

Several celebrities have offered thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement to Amanda and her family. Thus far, the support has mostly come from former co-stars, such as Nick Cannon, who spoke about Bynes in glowing terms during a recent interview. 

Now, famous old-school Nickelodeon fans who have never even met Bynes are publicly singing the actress' praises and expressing their hopes that she's one day able to return to the career that made her a star.

  • Amanda Bynes, Blue Wig Photo
  • Chrissy Teigen at MTV Movie Awards

In her continued campaign to prove she's the coolest model that ever lived, Chrissy Teigen stopped bashing Ariana Grande long enough yesterday to gush about Amanda yesterday: 

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When recordings of Stephen Collins admitting to child molestation were made public last week, many wondered how the veteran actor had managed to keep his crimes hidden for so long.

Stephen Collins Photo

Now, The National Enquirer is reporting that Collins shelled out millions in hush money and legal fees to prevent the shocking accusations from being made public. 

Collins has accused his ex wife Faye Grant of extortion, but the Enquirer reports that Grant freely offered information regarding Collins' alleged crimes over two years ago.

"This year, Stephen confessed that he had been living a double life for the 27 years we have been together," read an email from Grant to a friend that was obtained by the Enquirer. "I live every day with the agonizing guilt that I did not protect [the alleged victim.]"

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Teresa and Joe Giudice may have supported each other throughout the ordeal of being found guilty on fraud charges, but now that the trial is over, sources say the couple is spending virtually all of their time apart.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Perp Walk

Teresa's 15-month prison sentence doesn't begin until January, but she's certainly not taking advantage of her last opportunity to bond with her husband before they serve back-to-back stretched behind bars:

"Joe has been spending time with his siblings and friends since being sentenced," a source tells Radar Online. "The last place he wants to be is with Teresa in that house of horrors."

"He felt intense pressure over the years to provide Teresa with an over the top lifestyle and that house is just a horrible reminder of that."

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Can someone explain to Teresa Giudice how a plea deal works? Because we still don't think she understands.

As you may have heard, Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in jail recently after pleading guilty to fraud back in March.

Giudice says she didn't understand the plea deal and thought it guaranteed that she wouldn't have to serve jail time.

Well, it didn't and under the terms of her deal, she's not allowed to appeal her sentence. 

Teresa Giudice: Telling It Like It Is

Yes, short of going on the run there's literally nothing Teresa can do avoid going to prison. But that won't stop her from trying her fool heart out!

"Teresa has been meeting with numerous lawyers since being sentenced to 15 months," a source tells Radar Online. 

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Earlier today, we learned that Kesha is suing Dr. Luke on the grounds that the famed pop music producer harassed and sexually assaulted her several times over a period of ten years.

  • Lukasz Gottwald Pic
  • Kesha: Glammed Up at the Billboard Awards

Moments ago, TMZ reported that Luke is countersuing Kesha, claiming that not only is the singer extorting him, she's also using false accusations to extort him and try to escape from a legally-binding contract.

Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald) says Kesha has conspired with her new management firm and her mother, Pebe, to try to blackmail him into allowing her to record with a new label.

Gottwald claims it's not the first time Kesha has pulled such a stunt. He says she once threatened to provide untrue information to a "Free Kesha" blog unless he agreed to release her from her contract.

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On Friday, Amanda Bynes was placed on 5150 psychiatric hold and committed to a hospital following two weeks of increasingly erratic behavior.

Amanda's parents were initially unable to prove that the child star presented a threat to herself or others, but that quickly after Bynes accused her father of sexual assault, then blamed the false allegation on a microchip that had been planted in her brain.

Amanda Bynes in Public

Bynes's parents worked with former Britney Spears manager Sam Lufti to convince their daughter to fly to Los Angeles under false pretenses. Once in LA, she was placed on a 3-day psychiatric hold.

A hearing was held yesterday to determine if the hold should be extended to 14 days, and remarkably, despite her obvious mental instability as of late, Bynes was nearly able to convince a judge that she should be released from psychiatric care.

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Kesha is suing renowned pop music mogul Dr. Luke, alleging that the hit-making producer began sexually, emotionally, and physically abusing her beginning when she first signed with his record label at the age of 18.

  • Kesha at the 2014 VMAs
  • Lukasz Gottwald Pic

Kesha had previously blamed Dr. Luke for her eating disorder, but according to lawsuit documents obtained by TMZ Luke's mistreatment of the pop star was far more horrendous than she ever indicated in the past.

The suit details some shocking behavior by Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald) including an incident in which 41-year-old "forced" Kesha to get drunk with him before offering what he referred to as "sober pills."

Kesha says she awoke in Luke's bed the following day, sore, sick, and with no memory of how she got there.

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