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Because the entire Anthony Weiner ordeal wasn't wild and weird enough...

During the former Congressman's resignation press conference last week, Benjy Bronk - an employee of Howard Stern - heckled the disgraced politician, asking questions such as: "Are you more than seven inches? Will you maintain your hot physique and smooth sexy chest?"

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Following an alleged physical altercation with the mother of one of his children, rapper Tone Loc was arrested for domestic violence over the weekend.

The 45-year-old, best known for '80s rap hits "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina," was arrested around 2:45 p.m. on Saturday in Burbank, Calif.

It was reported that Tone posted $50,000 bail and was released from jail after three hours. Police did not reveal who the alleged victim was.

Tone Loc Pic

Perhaps known for his gravelly voice and laid-back attitude, Tone Loc's pair of #1 singles both came from his 1989 debut, Loc-ed After Dark.

A less successful follow-up, Cool Hand Loc, dropped in '91. That was about it.

After his music career cooled off, the rapper used his unmistakable voice to launch a second career as a voiceover star and sometime actor.

Last December, Loc was arrested for DUI, but his manager said he does not drink and it was a seizure that caused him to drive erratically.

Tone has yet to comment publicly on this weekend's arrest.


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Actress Estella Warren, who was charged with DUI and resisting arrest in an alleged hit-and-run last month, has entered a residential treatment facility.

She is wearing an alcohol-detecting SCRAM bracelet, Lindsay Lohan style.

"She wants to prove she isn't drinking," her attorney, Darren Kavinoky, said. "She's committed to making the situation right and moving on in an appropriate way."

Estella Warren Pic

The former Planet of the Apes star, 32, is looking at up to six months in jail on four misdemeanor charges that also include battery on a police officer. Wow.

Warren crashed her Prius into three other cars last month and hit an officer who tried to arrest her. She checked herself into rehab shortly thereafter.

"This scenario can be the catalyst for significant change," Kavinoky says. "Estella's attitude towards this is awesome. She's more than accepting. She's embracing the personal opportunities that have come from this."

Here's hoping she keeps it up.


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Friday is suddenly a lot less fun for Rebecca Black.

A day after the singer's team filed to have the 13-year old's infamous video yanked off YouTube, due to a feud with Ark Music, the production company has issued its own statement on the topic.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

"We’re disappointed, having been in good faith negotiations with Rebecca Black and her representatives for months regarding any open issues," a rep told TMZ. "There’s been an ongoing, open dialogue with our company. So we were blindsided to get a Take Down Notice... alleging copyright infringement instead of a call or email from Rebecca’s representatives.

"We are going to continue to take the high road and work out the complaint as soon as possible."

Between this back-and-forth, and the backlash against Black in general, the teenager may be realizing that the entertainment business is not so fun after all.

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Looks like Brooke Mueller may be in trouble again.

The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen was looking stressed, desperate and more than a little shady this week, walking around Maui and engaging in conversations with random people in cars while clutching a wad of cash in her hand.

Yes, really. Could be bad news.

Bad News Brooke Mueller

Mueller was in Hawaii with her two little kids, Bob and Max. No word on what she was doing or where the children were during Brooke's "outing."

Her reps refused to comment on the situation. This is just a few months removed from a similarly bizarre pawn shop incident in an L.A. neighborhood.

In that case, Brooke Mueller, who has a long history of substance abuse, tried to sell off a watch and stereo for cash. The woman has serious issues.

She recently struck a custody deal with Sheen, who had filed for full custody after the pawn shop charade and Mueller's subsequent return to rehab.

The judge declined to award Sheen full custody, however, because ... well, he's still Charlie. Here's hoping Brooke, Bob and Max are all okay ...

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Camille Grammer apparently smells like beef jerky. Very good to know, Kelsey ... or whichever "third party" got into his email (so he claims) and wrote that tidbit.

Seriously, this happened.

An email from his account was fired off this week with the phrase, "Camille smells like beef jerkey [sic]. Goodnight," but Kelsey disavows all knowledge of it.

Camille, Kelsey Grammer

The email went out to his friends and contacts Wednesday a.m. Kelsey, who's waging a child custody war with Camille Grammer, promptly sent a follow-up.

The actor explained that the rancid message came from an old shared account, and that "third parties" may still have access to it. He did not say who.

He cryptically said, "May I suggest that it is 'they' who owe you an apology."

Whatever that means. Grammer added that he is shutting down the account, while his rep corroborated the story (Kelsey's side of it, of course).

Anybody out there buying the old hacking excuse? Seems fishy. Maybe this is just a really unusual way to generate PR for Kelsey's new show?

Or maybe he's telling the truth. If we were a "third party" with access to Kelsey's email (or Soulja Boy's Facebook), we would probably f*%k with it.


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Dexter Isaac made a major admission yesterday: referring to an incident in Manhattan in 1994, the inmate said he was hired to rob Tupac Shakur.

Currently serving a life sentence for murder, Isaac also claimed music executive James Rosemond paid him $2,500 to carry out the deed.

Now, Rosemond's attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, is speaking out against the charges.

Tupac, Mother

"How anyone can take this animal's word as true without any corroboration at all is frankly beyond me," he told E! News. "[Isaac] is a guy who is a convicted psychotic killer, who is currently serving a life sentence without parole."

Lichtman says Isaac is conjuring up these allegations in a "desperate attempt to get out from under his sentence."

Tupac would have turned 40 years old today. It somehow seems apt that more controversy surrounding his life would come up on his birthday.


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In the midst of Amber Portwood's apparent suicide attempt earlier this week, it was Gary Shirley who called 911 and begged the operator for help.

"She's going to hang herself," he warned of the Teen Mom star, with whom he has a contentious relationship (and a two-year-old daughter, Leah).

In the 911 call, Gary said Amber Portwood had mentioned that she was "having a hard time with her life" and feared she might commit suicide.

Gary remained calm throughout, but it was an ugly situation just the same. Be advised of this if you listen to the Amber Portwood 911 call here:

"I just spoke with my girlfriend and she said ... she's having a hard time with her life ... call the police, they can find my body in the garage."

"I'm calling you guys because I don't want her to kill herself."

These excerpts are no laughing matter. The police came to the home and Amber was taken to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.

It's unclear why Amber was in such a bad place that day, but there have been rumors - which Shirley denies - of Gary cheating on her.

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Anthony Weiner will officially end his political career today, a Democratic party source tells CNN, resigning from Congress amidst an ever-growing sexting scandal.

The politician, considered a front-runner to replace Michael Bloomberg as Mayor of NYC in 2013, admitted June 6 that he had been lying for weeks and did, indeed, send inappropriate photos to a number of women online.

Since then, the mess has only grown more sordid.


An actual picture of Weiner's penis surfaced last week, while leaked exchanges between him and stripper Ginger Lee indicated he attempted a cover up.

In recent days, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama encouraged Weiner to resign.

With his wife pregnant and his reputation turning uglier by the minute, it appears as if the Congressman has finally taken their advice.

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We may never know who killed Tupac Shakur.

But an inmate currently serving a sentence for murder has admitted to shooting the rapper in 1994.

Dexter Isaac tells AllHipHop dot com that he was paid $2,500 by Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond - the founder of Czar Entertainment - to rob the iconic musician in Manhattan.

Tupac Photo

"I still have as proof the chain that we took that night in the robbery," Isaac says. "I want to apologize to [Tupac's] family."

Tupac was shot twice in the head during this incident, but survived.

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