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Mila Kunis has joined a long line of celebs whose cellphones have been hacked, and there apparently some seductive Justin Timberlake pics on that piece!

Four pictures have been leaked, two show Justin Timberlake shirtless in a bed, and another in which J.T. is sporting a pair of pink panties over his head.

We kid you not. Mila Kunis is not featured in any of the pics, and it's unclear how the hacker did this or whether the purported images are authentic.

Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake Photo

There's another photo of Mila Kunis nude, PRESUMABLY, in a bathtub, but all you see is her head. And then there's another, explicit photo of a male.

His identity is a mystery, so you can guess what it's likely of.

There are also some texts the hacker claims reveal exchanges between Justin and Mila, though it is unclear whether there's any sexting involved.

This news comes on the heels of a scandal in which Scarlett Johansson nude photos were hacked from her cell phone and published this morning.

ScarJo already went to the FBI regarding those images. It's unclear if Mila has or will do the same, or if the recent Blake Lively scandal is related.


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Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to allegedly be targeted by a hacker with great taste in women.

The actress reportedly contacted the FBI this morning because nude photos she took of herself on her cell phone were stolen and leaked online. We'd love to publish them here, but we'd also love to not get sued.

Scarlett Johansson Red Carpet Pic

Over the past few months, federal agents have taken action in other famous nude photo hacking situations, most notably scandals that involved Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba.

For legal pictures of this beauty, posed for via her own volition, visit our Scarlett Johansson photo gallery now!

UPDATE, 10/13: Christopher Chaney has been arrested by the FBI for his involvement in the scandal. Follow the link for the full report ...


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Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, has joined the legal team of Gary Giordano, the prime suspect in the mysterious disappearance of Robyn Gardner.

Guy certainly doesn't back away from a challenge.

Giordano remains detained in Aruba, the Caribbean island where he was on vacation with Gardner, who was last seen August 2. What happened to her?

That's what officials believe he's not telling them.

Baez Pic

Giordano has claimed Gardner was swept out to sea when the two went snorkeling August 2, but inconsistencies and graphic photos suggest otherwise.

Police clearly don't believe the 50-year-old, but Robyn Gardner has not been found, and he hasn't been formally charged in conjunction with her death.

Enter Jose Baez, who helped Casey Anthony beat a murder charge at what seemed like impossible odds. He's in Aruba and has already met with Gary.

Baez will not serve as the lead attorney in the case, but will consult with Giordano's team regarding forensic evidence in the case and likely more.

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Investigators have launched a large-scale search of the Utah desert for the body of Susan Powell, nearly two years after the woman disappeared.

With the help of cadaver dogs, detectives are scouring around the town of Delta, 130 miles southwest of Powell's home in West Valley City, Utah.

"We're very hopeful that we'll come up with something but we just don't know whether we will or not," West Valley City police told Fox 13 News.

Powell, S

Searchers on all-terrain vehicles are working a grid-pattern on the ground for signs of her body, with plans to add the assistance of a spotter plane.

The search is at sign that the investigation is at its most active stage since Susan Powell, a married mom with two sons, disappeared in December 2009.

She was 28 at the time.

Last month, police searched the home of her husband, Joshua Powell, who after speaking with investigators early on has stopped cooperating.

Josh, who says he last saw his wife when he took their sons for an overnight camping trip, suggested she may have run off with another man.

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Photos of Taylor Armstrong - taken of the reality star soon after an alleged beating from husband Russell, which Entertainment Tonight teased last month as "graphic and shocking" - have been released.

And they are, indeed, graphic and shocking.

The news program ran a commercial last night for a special that will air this evening, and it featured the following shot of a black-eyed Taylor in the hospital:

Taylor Armstrong Hospital Pic

It's unclear when this picture was taken, but it was likely the result of a physical confrontation between Taylor and Russell immediately prior to the start of shooting on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Expect more to hit the Web after Entertainment Tonight runs it report this week. But should these pics be made public? You tell us:


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Manny Ramirez, the 2004 World Series MVP who retired this year when faced with his second suspension from Major League Baseball due to the use of performance enhancing drugs, has been arrested in Florida.

The incident took place around 7 p.m. EST, as witnesses tell TMZ and other sources that Ramirez was led from his home in Weston in handcuffs and then booked in the Broward Sheriff's Office main jail in Fort Lauderdale,

Manny Ramirez Mug Shot

Ramirez' wife, Juliana, left the house shortly after her husband. Onlookers confirm an altercation of some kind took place inside.

The slugger played for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays over his career. This gives new, sad meaning to the term "Manny being Manny."

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Serena Williams' outburst in the women's championship match was the talk of the U.S. Open Sunday, and the tennis star could dace further consequences yet.

Williams was docked a point early in the second set against Samantha Stosur - who won 6-2, 6-3 - after shouting "Come on!!!" as encouragement to herself.

That's typically standard, but because she yelled before the point was over, she was penalized ... and then LOST IT at the umpire for evoking the "hindrance rule."

Watch Williams' U.S. Open outburst here:

"If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way because you're out of control," Serena said. "You're a hater and you're unattractive inside."

It is worth noting that Williams, who infamously lost a match by virtue of a pair of code violations in her 2009 semifinal meltdown, did not use any profanity.

Nevertheless, she ranted to the point where a referee will pass along the findings of the investigation to the Tournament Grand Slam Committee.

That board will decide what discipline, if any, is appropriate. Fines are all but a given; Worst case is she could be banned from future tournaments.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal play for the men's title today at 4 p.m.

UPDATE: Officials just fined Serena $2,000 for the outburst, deeming that "Williams' conduct ... does not rise to the level of a major offense."

Evidently not. Her runner-up prize? $1.4 million. So that's that.

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Jenelle Evans will somehow go to jail for eviscerating Britany Truett in a fight back in March. The Teen Mom star was given a 30-day suspended sentence today.

Evans was charged with simple affray, which is less bad than the aggravated assault she arguably could have been hit with, and also got 12 months probation.

If she stays clean for a year, she'll avoid jail. We'd say that's a toss-up ...

Evans was fined $100, must take anger management courses, do community service, and have zero contact with the girl whose face she smashed to a pulp during the fight or the pathetic lowlifes who cheered the train wreck on (above).

As for Britany Truett, she received the same sentence even though she took about 79 punches while landing close to none. Seriously, she got whomped.

Jenelle Evans' attorney says the sentence was fair, given that "it came out that it wasn’t Janelle being the aggressor and Ms. Truett as the victim."

"It was presented as a bad decision on everybody’s part," the lawyer adds. "I don’t think that there was a single victim in the case.”

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Two powerful organizations are far from pleased about recent news that Mel Gibson was cast in a movie about biblical Jewish hero Judah Maccabee.

The Anti-Defamation League has demanded that the producers pull Gibson off the flick immediately, sending a statement directed at Warner Bros.

Why are they fired up? Probably this incident, among others.

"As a hero of the Jewish people and a universal hero in the struggle for religious liberty, Judah Maccabee deserves better," the group said of Mel.

Mel Gibson Smirks

"It would be a travesty to have the story of the Maccabees told by one who has no respect and sensitivity for other people’s religious views."

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, also had some harsh words about Gibson's role in the upcoming film.

The Jewish leader tells TMZ that casting Mel Gibson as a Jewish hero is "like having a white supremacist portray Martin Luther King Jr."

For those unaware, Judah, the brave warrior who drove enemies of Judaism out of Jerusalem, is a central figure in the story of Hannukah.

No comment yet from Mel's camp or WB.


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A coroner has ruled out foul play, but John Ann Hotchkiss - the mother of Russell Armstrong - has confirmed in a new interview: "We want a murder investigation. We will do whatever is necessary to proceed."

Russell Armstrong and Taylor Armstrong

Hotchkiss simply can't fathom that Russell would take his own life - she says he was "warm and personable" and "loved his children to a fault" - and believes his financial struggles left him open to a "set up."

"No one is accusing Bravo," Hotchkiss clarifies to Us Weekly. "We think someone conspired to have him murdered and it is open as to who did it."

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